February 23, 2020

Was the Moon Landing Faked? | This Morning with Martin Kenny and Owen Benjamin


Chains said...

Moon Art Project

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

FANTASTIC Video!!! Thank you.

Did you know that NASA means Deception in Hebrew?

(((They))) shove it in our faces and so many still can't see it.

Update: Israel and the jews did 911.

Update: The Hollow-Hoax is an Intellectual "HATE CRIME" and Extortion scheme against all Germans and all citizens on earth, perpetrated by the jews.

Update: If Not One jew warned One Gentile of the impending 911 attacks, doesn't that make All jews evil coward spineless murdering bastards?

What should their punishment be for 911 and the Hollow-Hoax?

GPz1100 said...

They faked it all those times and the Soviet N1 was a hoax prop too. GTFO

Chains said...

GPz1100 are your named after a rocket? or a "space age" cleaner? LOL. Its hard for most old men to part with their fantasies!! However we all have to put our "big boy Pants" on sooner or later.

Former Cosmonaut Igor Petrovich Volk Admits "We Have Not Been to Space"

Make sure you turn on CC so you can see the English translation.

GPz1100 said...

Buzz Aldren and Edgar Mitchell have said they saw alien craft. They making that up too?

GPz1100 said...

GPz1100 was a motorcycle I owned.

Chains said...

Yeah those guys are all liars GP. Sorry but its time to put this fantasy to bed. Have you watched "Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" ?


AngelEyes said...

To all those who believe in the moon landing hoax please watch these two videos.



Chains said...

LOL holy shit, are you kidding? AngelEyes you need to open your eyes!!!!
You picked 2 of the most ridiculous videos you possibly could have!!!

Nona said...

There's the troubling matter of the Van Allen Belt!

Nona said...

"Update: If Not One jew warned One Gentile of the impending 911 attacks, doesn't that make All jews evil coward spineless murdering bastards?"

Now that you mention it.....not one!

THat's why THEY'RE called "The Tribe".

AngelEyes said...

Chainsawmillerman, you say the videos are ridiculous but you say nothing to refute the specifics of what they present. You open your eyes.

Chains said...

Well It's just such an old, well known and proven hoax. There is a huge mountain of proof already been served up. Look into it. If you already have, I don't know what to tell you :)