March 26, 2020

5G has been deployed in the UK, Australia and USA etc

   I was talking to Chris in Australia last night and he told me that his daughter had turned on 5G on her mobile and had downloaded a file really fast.

  The last time that I checked for 5G was on February 18th 2020 and there was nothing in all the countries that I checked.

  So today I decided to look it up and it turns out that 2 of the 3 ISPs in Australia have deployed 5G in areas of major cities. In Canada there are only a few bubbles in Toronto and one in Ottawa. In the USA, T-Mobile is the one that deployed the most in many cities. In the UK, all four ISPs have deployed it too.

P.S. China is still at 4G if you believe that service. Israel is at 4G+ (No 5G)


Scorpio said...

5G is already in Las Vegas but few if any cases there.
How are 'the elite' going to protect themselves from 5G?

Jew_ ron_im-o said...

It doesent affect the living dead?

Chains said...

Tinfoil hats actually amplify mind-control beams :) so They are out LOL

Pick up one of these if you can

Or one like this

5G Spectrum and Frequencies: Everything You Need to Know

The elite live far from these communities so they will not be affected. Detectors are important because these will confirm that you’re not just being paranoid. Their frequency range must go up to 3 Ghz minimum, 6 Ghz ideal. Anything lower than that will not pick up on the higher frequency microwaves. Avoid the CellSensor detector and anything that’s a gauss meter, since these are only good for low frequency fields under 1000 Hz like from transformers, power lines, and household appliances, not cell tower radiation which is typically in the 900 Mhz to 4 Ghz range and on its way up to and over 6Ghz .
If you cannot obtain a signal detector, take your best guess at which windows or walls to cover. An ideal choice would be the corner or wall closest to your bed. Any protection is better than no protection. But without a device to measure what’s really there, your subjectivity/paranoia may get the better of you.Use the signal detector to record the relative signal strength from all windows in the room you wish to protect, preferably the office or bedroom. You can even move a metal pan held a foot away from the detector, around the detector in order to block the beam, thereby indicating what direction the beam is coming from. Depending on the type of detector, you may also notice peaks and troughs in the signal strength, as you move the detector in a linear direction. Space blankets grounded to house wiring work well and can be alligator clipped together to shield the radiation think Saul's brother in "Better call Saul" As ridiculous as that seemed. The key is grounding.You could likely make grounding plugs from plastic safety covers adding a ground terminal and drilling a hole for the terminal and using epoxy etc to keep it solid. Remember to solder your wire lead/alligator clip to the ground terminal first before the epoxy LOL. Have fun! :)

Chains said...

The elite could also have some kind of advanced Faraday cage technology protection, who knows?

Brizer said...

Just sayin'.

Voltman said...

The best metal for full spectrum shielding is zinc but it is not practical.