March 03, 2020

Don't panic. They've been planning for this...

11 comments: said...

Our (((savers))) have vaccine on horizon, so don't worry, just donate and pray for Israhell !!

jerry said...

Here's the real problem:

Remember that Lindsey jerk the other day? He went out and cleaned the shelves and then came crying back to the blog that he needed us to pay for his bullshit!! Big mouthed MFer.

The regular flu hits us hard every year ... do they hype that? Do people go on high alert and crazy behavior every year when somebody gets the flu? It's totally insane!!

Chains said...

Yeah and historically Jan and Feb are terrible months for retail. LOL

jerry said...

The last time I got the flu was the year Princess Diana was murdered ... 1997. It lasted for 2 days and completely better on day 3. Never took a flu vaccine that I can remember ... not before or since!

I'm really burning up at that Lindsey jerk ... going to the store and clearing out the shelves and then whining to everyone that he needs financial help. Says he is taking care of his mother and father. BFD nitwit. How many people are trying to care for their children ... they go to the store and the shelves are empty because of millions of idiots just like Lindsey. Go to hell you **cks!!!

jerry said...

Jim Rogers lives in Singapore and he says that with all the panic going on, there are some excellent buying opportunities: He isn't concerned about the so-called coronavirus AT ALL!!!

. said...

I have been warning EVERYONE I have been able, since around January, 15, 2020, that this was a bio-weapon-release, and that it IS--at-that-time--DEVASTATING China, and the situation is only, INEVITABLY, going to get much, much worse, and all-of-our-nations will be affected.

If any-of-you-fucking-degenerates and -flat-Earthers ever went to Mr. Whooli's site/chat-room, then, you would have read, DAILY, for nearly ONE-FUCKING-MONTH, what I was presenting to ANYONE and EVERYONE whom would see the chat-room, and my VOLUMINOUS information, including what SPECIFIC ITEMS I WAS ACQUIRING, WHY, AND FROM WHERE THEY COULD BE BOUGHT, AT-THE-CHEAPEST-PRICE.

"Jerry", you, LITERALLY, know fuck-all about me, especially the FACT that I was in-the-fucking-VAN-GUARD-of-the-fight-against-(((the malefactors))), back in 2005, working with then-Rep. McKinney, on NUMEROUS issues, for just one example.

I am not going to write my fucking resume, here, but, needless-to-write, you should be kissing-my-fucking-FEET for all that I have done, over-the-years, in MANY, MANY ways, to present critically-important information to the common-masses, in-stead-of-shit-writing about me, when, AGAIN, I ITERATE, that you, LITERALLY, know absolutely NOTHING about me, nor my efforts, going-back DECADES, now.

No, Man, FUCK YOU. You have NO right--NONE!!!--to get fucking pissed-off at me, simply, because you are/were TOO-FUCKING-STUPID/IGNORANT/COMPLACENT to heed the advice that I was giving to ANYONE and EVERYONE whom would read it, FOR, AGAIN, I ITERATE, ABOUT ONE-WHOLE-MONTH.

You wanted to provoke a response, Fucker?


Chains said...

@period It doesn't hurt to be prepared. At the same time you have been shouting at everyone for weeks that they are idiots. I personally believe the manipulation is real and is being used as a cattle prod. We need to slow down and not play into their hands so easily. There very likely will be a vaccine coming soon. Will you stand in line for that?

They say the symptoms are similar to common flu like symptoms and are saying already that annual vaccinations are likely going to be necessary. This kind of information needs to be viewed as suspicious.Furthermore, lets assume its real there may be many who have had this and have strong immune systems and got better without being hospitalized. So the mortality rates can be easily manipulated and this could easily be no different than the common flu that has fairly high mortality rates across the larger population in the vulnerable groupings. No?

I don't really think this site should be used as public platform to canvass people for your personal donations. LOL Zap puts out his shows day in day out for very little financial gain and could use some cash too Im sure in these potentially serious times. In my opinion "members" asking for money publicly, outside those that Zap has decided to highlight should be spam-boxed. There are other avenues open to you.

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

Lindsey you worked with Cynthia Mckinney? Like how closely? Just out of curiosity.

And when this whole thing passes, you can sit down and take another look at some "degenerate" topics that you now quickly dismiss, because you are so convinced that your particular flavor of alternative media sources have given you the absolute truth, which is "apocalypse".

jerry said...

Hey Lindsey ... 2,981 people in China have died from the flu so far ... out of a population of more than 1,435,000,000. That can hardly be called an epidemic. Check out the Spanish flu of 1918 to get an idea of what a true epidemic is.

Did you look at the Jim Rogers interview? He has a wife and two children living over there as well and he seems to be totally unconcerned about it. The Chinese were very concerned about a return of the SARS virus ... when they turned on the 5G rollout, the radiation caused some people to develop flu-like SYMPTOMS and some died. They didn't realize it was caused by 5G. They were concerned about a return of SARS.

Nona said...

But EVERY year there is a flu epidemic. Millions of people worldwide come down with it - 3 weeks of misery, and hundreds of thousands worldwide may have died from it, but they're NEVER tracked or counted, like now. Numbers have NEVER been recorded like now.

Now, one hears about this new virus in the MSM EVERY second. What's really going on?
THEY, (you knw who THEY are) want us to panic and run like herd animals.

I've heard it mentioned that, "all these school shootings and terrorist attacks done, haven't worked to panic the world populations, so next time, they will up the ante, and do a worse false flag /hoax, to accomplish their objective."

So, here it is, the ultimate hoax, and people ARE bid daddy government!

Nona said...

The cap epidemic in 2001..."65 million died worldwide"-
how do they know? I didn't hear about that number at the time. Did I miss something? Did they go into remote areas and count? Couldn't it have been, something else, like the U.S / israli genociding others? And NOW, THEY come back and rewrite the numbers...because people can't prove one way or the other?

How do we know there are so many billions of people worldwide? After so many genocides / civil wars, droughts, famines, floods? Do we accept the 7 billion total JUST because the UN has that clock? Or because some other "official" group says so?

Again, let me say that, the Elite/msm lie, time and time again.