March 20, 2020

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Amanda said...

Yes, as long as the slaves shut up and take it, and go along with bailing out every industry on the face of the planet. I feel like we are being held hostage. This all reminds me of TARP--the MSM created all this panic, and it felt like a gun to the head of the people, until the people were okay with bailing out all the freaking banks.

Also, check this video out at 1:21--seems very Hollywood like, with reporter all geared up like Bubonic plague is out there, while the camera guy has no protective gear. And that's how I feel about the announcement of triage tents outside of hospitals--more Hollywood staging for maximum drama.

There was really good comment over at Rappoport's site that makes a lot of sense to me. Something like:

they don't want us in sports arenas
they don't want us in theatres
they don't want us in bars
they don't want us in restaurants
they don't want us in schools

because we would all see each other and realize that nobody is sick

Red Orchid said...

This comment is just fine right here.
Excerpt from Joaquin Flores, Rage and Bloodshed ahead

Rather than demoralization in the sense of a resigned complacency, this dynamic will transform into something far more radical than ever seen before in the history of the United States. Complacency is a luxury for those for whom things can still get worse. The median balance in the bank of Americans is a meagre $2,900, but it’s worse: about 65% of Americans don’t have $500 to their name.

The luxury of complacency is a relic of bygone days. The US is no longer a powerful empire with a national oligarchy, rather its elites today are entirely transnational very much like semi-nomadic bankers have always been, as they have been for over a thousand years, as explained in the rich, detailed, documented history of Europe – a history where these bankers and usurers were kicked out of European states hundreds of times. If this or that society collapses as a result of these parasites finally killing the host, the parasites simply move on. That is why the nationalization of banker assets will be among the most prominent demands of the coming American insurrection. It will be chief among the demands of America’s coming social nationalist labor movement.

For millions of Americans, these are times of despair. And despair leads to radicalization where whole social movements are born.

This is not a time characterized by the kind of complacency that the baby boomer generation could, for their part, afford. These are not times characterized by some sense of middle-class charity towards the ‘down-trodden’ minority that fell through the cracks. These are times where most American people are themselves the down-trodden. The coming American labor movement is not based on lofty policy ideals and charity, but on life or death questions of survival for the majority.

Voltman said...

Dreams of a Buffalo Soldier

They Stampede Buffalo Herds Don't They?

The buffalo herd was being stampeded towards a cliff by the hunters. Suddenly, the leader of the buffalo herd realized that unless the herd turned to face the stampeders, they were dead meat...

So...knowing the terrain, the head buffalo determined the best route to take, in order to slowly turn the herd around and surprise the oncoming attackers.

They trampled the largest number of savage terrorists (in the eyes of the herd). Then they stampeded the survivors over the nearest cliff.

Many buffaloes died in The Great War for Buffalo Independence but it was better than having all of them turning into a mountain of hamburger.

A Buffalo Soldier

lemmings jumping off cliffs
OMNIA (Official) - Earth Warrior

Voltman said...

"they don't want us in sports arenas
they don't want us in theatres
they don't want us in bars
they don't want us in restaurants
they don't want us in schools"

What about "News" studios?
What about "TV" studios?
What about governments?
What about the military?

They should all be quarantined and we need not hear a peep from them...
Ever again.