March 28, 2020

Have a read through this. Corona virus patent.

ABSTRACT The present invention provides a live, attenuated coronavirus comprising a variant replicase gene encoding polyproteins comprising a mutation in one or more of non-structural protein(s) (nsp)-10, nsp-14, nsp-15 or nsp-16. The coronavirus may be used as a vaccine for treating and/or preventing a disease, such as infectious bronchitis, in a subject.

It seems to be used in birds but there is obviously cause for suspicion.


1776blues said...

Coronavirus is the name given for a family of viruses that are similar according to recent articles I've read.

Chains said...

Yeah its more the fact that a vaccine that uses live "virus" whatever that means that is interesting.

BillyBob said...

In the 2016/2017 flu season the CDC claims 80,000 Americans died - so divide that by 365 - and since the flu season is 6 months long - multiply by 2 - and the daily death toll was 438 Americans per day!  We didn't shut the economy down for that, no quarantine - somehow we survived!

Using the current CDC numbers from March 27, 73 Americans are dying daily from the Covid 911 pandemic.

So using the CDC’s own statistics, this Covid911 virus is 1/6th as potent as the normal flu! Even Dr. Fauci has admitted that now:

>>This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal inf luenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic inf luenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.2>>

Thank you Dr. Fauci for admitting we are being scammed.

BillyBob said...

Forgot the CDC link to 80,000 dead: