March 24, 2020

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2020.03.23

Jeff Rense is an American anti-New World Order activist. He hosts a website at and is the radio talk-show host of the Jeff Rense Program. His show broadcasts on internet radio. The website and show often discuss topics such as 9/11, World War II revisionism, Zionism, contemporary geopolitical developments, alternative medicines and some more eccentric aspects such as Ufology.

Download Hour 1 - Peter Rosenberger  - National Caregiver Spokesman Whose Wife Is Infected (Another celebrity?)

Download Hour 2 - David Icke  - ...Coronavirus And The BIG, Globalist Picture

Download Hour 3 - Dr. Henry Niman PhD  - Nightly Coronavirus Report

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Panzerfaust said...

Hour 2 first sentences
"Who made it (the virus) does not matter"
WTF kind of comment is that? That's like saying who pulled of 9/11 doesn't matter.
One thing this COVID-19 has done is pull the mask off the fake truther disinfo artist that have wormed their way in or sold out.

Forge The Bond said...

That Boeing made the planes that struck the towers does *not* matter. Who deployed them *does* matter. I don't care at all which lab in which country made this COVID-19.

Scorpio said...

^^ Great comments PF & FTB.
Look this guy's wife has it!! - This is all real!! Be scared!!
Guys, Tom Hanks and his wife have it! - that sells it for me. Case closed.

Meanwhile, the American economy is going down the tubes and we're
inching towards martial law.

DebbyAbqNM said...

It's okay with me if Mami and others think it's all a hoax, but on Thursday, 3/19's show, Dr. Niman managed to really scare me. His argument, in my mind, is helped by his very obvious disgust about and contempt for DJTrump's careless attitude and continuing inactions. What I find almost as interesting is that Rense, a rabid Trump supporter from way back (pre election), has suddenly realized how wrong he was about, at the very least, DJTrump's leadership [in]abilities. Rense seems to realize that DJT cares only about himself and he'll throw every supporter under the bus if it suits him. I recall emailing Rense (via his website), back in 2016 or 17, asking for a list of Trump's leadership successes; a few dozen examples would be enough to prove he might have some acumen to lead the country, but of course there was no reply. Rense still hates democrats and liberals, no surprise there, but the number of people he trusts seems to be dwindling rapidly. It's rather sad... but Niman is great!

Panzerfaust said...

"It's okay with me if Mami and others think it's all a hoax,"
Someone explain to me how and why China and Iran would hoax a deadly pandemic for the New World Order.

Liam said...

@ Panzerfaust Explain to me how this is a "deadly pandemic" anywhere. Admissible evidence, not hearsay, please.

Maasanova said...

All of this stuff about coronavirus is mind control fear propaganda. I was listening to some other podcasts, people who I thought were smarter than to get caught up in the corona hysteria and didn't get scared but I got really black pilled.

This shit is all fucked up. People are totally brainwashed and that's the scary part.

Panzerfaust said...

Answering a question with a question is not an answer.

China and Iran were hit first and hard. What motivation does either government have to fake a pandemic on behalf of the ZOGs?

Now I can point to the motivation on part of Trump and his US and Israeli puppetmasters who have been trying take down Iran and weaken China.

par said...

..o boy ..I made a new long one.. ..take cover!!


..Niman in my opinion is "top of the heap" in his little pond ..and might we guess that makes him (and Jeff for other reasons I can not imagine) to safe guard his statements with expression like "some/maybe not all" vaccines..

..well "nature" (and arts/technology) all needs to harden their systems from outer attacks* organism (life form) has his own internal/”sacred” cell/-s of “execution-controlling-code” (The Cells DNA/RNA/mtDNA/and more) protected by it own internal immune army!

*(..attacks as in: aims of directed harm towards “a unit/an organism”)

..from viewing Niman's Ninja grade level – but limited small pond perspective – we have to assume he more then “might” recommend “some vaccines”* “at some occasions” thus offering a rat poison (from one bit) leading to inevitable serum sickness**

*(reprogramming of your body/wrecking your “operating system”)
**(same symptoms of poisoning as after a wasp sting/a parasite wasps main strategy, that inserts foreign substances/DNA/RNA/mtDNA/more..)

I glean much from both my journey to “learn science” up till University level for teaching compulsory school science (way back) as best as we can* over an ever upgrading (if honest) scientific scene.. ..and I glean even more from the “behind the scenes” meta-research Patrick Jordan relentlessly perform in digging through a way to much weaponized science..
..*(today I am happy I am not in the Marxist indoctrination camps any more!)

A “S't Patrick's” thumb of rule is (regarding all injections) IF YOU DID NOT CREATE IT you have no idea what's in it!!! (..meaning watch out for that WASP-BITE!)

The itch from a (natural) wasp sting is due to the injection/sting invading “foreign executable programming code/DNA et al” into and PAST a victims natural barriers.. can if repeated badly from too many wasp stings turn you terminally “allergic”* from a fatal reprogramming of your immune system to mistake your internal natural histamine molecules for the same as the force intruded wasps foreign histamines/other fluids w DNA/RNA/mtDNA/.. ..welcome to a “wasp-histamine-IMMUNIZATION”
(equals a (naturally but) BRUTALLY force-injected wasp ALLERGY!)

A parasite wasp's whole life cycle is “drilled down” to perfection in this “vaccination style field” ..every bit of it build on the “injection needle method” to sucsed. Its life cycle lives on on one basis: “take over via force injection” (foreign intrusion ..almost always with an accompanied “behavior reprogramming set” described normally as virus..)


par said...


..normally the immune system will mercilessly attack and kill foreign tissue intruded within it system – as long as it is not directly into the blood stream the chances are better for a successful combat/limiting the harm.. ..averse “side effect” of “vaccines” are all attributed to the “chock terror” the body have to live through of the grave (and naturally unlikely) case of intrusion suffered past its natural barrier/defense systems.. ..the result is an overtake and reprogramming of your immune system into your own worst enemy (at best) and at worst a part structural reprogramming of your own DNA ..and wait for no open discussion on their already weaponized “switching on and off” parts of this “uploaded machenery” in all your body ..worse ..many metabolic full pattern restructure break down/build up/metabolic release/etc of energy/building protein cycles CAN be SYSTEMICALLY (meaning in every bodily cell) and TERMINALLY enforce suffer a PROGRAMMED break in the structure and a “body running some parts of metabolism/regeneration” might feel in FULL STARVATION or other panic level life threatening signals of full potential for complete collaps of life function.. ..when you put in what normally generates your myriad of bodily function needs but some cycles of metabolism/synthesis and after “REPROGRAMMING” suddenly can fell “in severe need to avoid full collaps” from something that has ben stopped “half way” with “half metabolites building up and a body in full panic “ODERING” the poor (most often very fat individual) to PANIC for “base material of source” to create the final result (now never completed due to a systematic attack (from medicine or vaccines) BREAKING the reaction chain TERMINALLY..

..back to the parasite wasp intrusion straight into an organism by a parasite-wasp of foreign DNA/RNA/et al for reprogramming and overtake of the organism to evade its immune response is the key and only success for the parasite-wasps whole “life style success”

..welcome to Planet Parasitoid! ..80 % of all different life forms is a frequent assumed number for “parasitoid organism life forms” ..every non wasp parasitoid insect species in the animal kingdom of insects (in the Arthropod phylum) as a thumb of rule have one or more predating wasp parasite in the ecosystem chains.. ..on top of that parasite wasps prey on Plants and Fungus meaning all higher life forms large enough to package “an organism of more then ten times the biomass then the wasp parasite biomass of “baby parasite wasps” likely have a wasp parasite already “evilly” assigned to it..)

..more over WELCOME to PLANET inter-species-parasitoids! (..what are Jew talking about?? ..I don't follow..) ..their favorite method eerie similar to anything “behavior modifying” and “past natural barriers” ..of course champs of promoting vaccines for “dumb farm animals”!


par said...


..on top of that we have what normally is referred to as viruses whom breaks the logic of normal biomass of the ecological (mass distribution) pyramid outnumbers all other organism forms combined more then tenfold (reverse linear proportion compared to the biomass laws of “life forms”) ..most parasites comes with “a virus package” specifically modified to gain the success for the parasite life cycle ..making Patrick Jordan theorize really ..”evil” (dead/non-life Biology has it anyho) viruses guides and guards their sicko machines of inter-species parasitoid men of the “deceivers” ..and in a sense they are the “zombies” and under “remote control” from inside via their “viruses” managing creation of more evil and matter for evil production..

..the natural barriers are the means of how “creation/God” handles “poison/anti-life-forces” by..

..take a Jeff Rense Radio Show and mix it with randomly bits and parts of an Ellen DeGeneres Show and watch the “immunizing effect” – and trust in that those broken (reprogrammed) intrusions (of dear ELLEN) past Rense immunity/power to steer his own creations creates a remaining sane safe condition only just an upgraded “immuno-reoptimized Jeff Rense Show”

Equally: “vaccines” would be the SAME as a forceful intrusion of an intact operable Microsoft Operating Systems and mixing it with random bits and parts of a Mac OS X and some random Linux OS ditto just while we're at it..voilà ..”IMMUNIZATION” or evolution as they like to hide it as “under our noses”.. ..”such a computer vaccination” will be in need of a clean slate refresh all over to even work ..they sure will add in a hardened “virus/fire wall” before done ..go figure!

..we creations/life forms/organisms who live (and are opposite of evil) have our hardware “as is” and pure blood (immune defense) will remain pure only by firing back with natural barriers un-intruded.. (..or reboot in your next life, kinda..) comes with one guaranty is lethal

Jeff starts to push the limits of ridiculousness in his own manners ..he is mostly quite good ..but as in all rat poison it is meant to kill from “small lethal bits over time” in order for the unsuspecting “rat” to die from it via repeated intake without suspicion..

..welcome to Rense-Rat-Lab! ..actually I listen in on many of his shows ..cuz' ..”you can study rat poison without biting into it” ..know thyself, sorts of..

par said...

..well ..well

Scorpio said...

Just for the record, I don't think it's a hoax but it's been greatly exxagirated.
This is an excuse to shut down society as we know it and re-wire it on the other end.
Rense has been pushing fear and not questioning a damn thing about this 'pandemic'.

...and for those of you who may of forgot, Dr. Niman predicted millions of death with
the H1N1 thing and SARS too...

Does anybody here really believe that things will 'go back to normal' after this is over ?

par said...

..nothing will be as before.. ..expect new bad ..or new better (or good) times..

If Fulford "is rat poison too" it might be really depressing to learn about how bad things can become..