March 09, 2020

The Alan Buttle Radio Show 2020.03.09

Episode 35 - The Coronavirus hoax and the virus myth, with special guest Northern Tracey.



GPz1100 said...

MI5 or MI6?

Zeebra said...

I'm only ~25m into this atm; so far so good -- funny how "coronavirus: real threat or hoax/psyop", has been turning into a wedge even among the nominally woke/truther community -- seems like an obv false dichotomy.

No easy answers here, except that: there's a psyop, prob-reaction-solution angle in play no matter what we think of the true origin/nature of coronavirus!

Brizer said...

Dr. Stefan Lanka wins in court proving the measles virus and by extension any virus does not exist.

Website for German New Medicine. Check this out folks! Dis-eases are caused by by worry, panic, trauma, stress and fear! We live in a world full of fear so no wonder there are so many people are sick!

wwood14 said...

Didn't Dr. Crookshank debunk vaccines back in the 1800's??

Chainsawmillerman said...

Indeed it was Peter Duesberg's work that first alerted me to just how psychopathic the "Healthcare" industry is. The initiation process for people employed in this industry is intense indoctrination for the most part.