April 14, 2020

Lockdown madness

Published by John Kaminski: Tuesday, 14 April 2020 05:16

Let’s return to sanity now: 
End the world quarantine

If we are in the middle of an epidemic, why are all the hospitals empty?

The lockdown is treason, a deliberate plan to destroy liberty and institute a police state run by medical tyrants who cannot be trusted. The hysterical claims of an epidemic contrasted with empty hospitals around the world prove that.

End the quarantine. Let’s start living again. Open the businesses. Yes, there is a flu epidemic. Everyone seems to have a low grade illness that is most definitely not life threatening.

The leaders who have foisted this sick trick upon the world should all be run out of town, if not this life.
I don’t know anyone who is really sick. Neither do any of my friends. Do you know anyone who is sick? Do you know anyone who has died from this so called plague which appears far less fearsome than any of a dozen engineered pandemics attempted by the government in the recent past. If any, how many? Your answer is “not many”. Certainly not enough to justify the total lockdown of the world.

The media constantly stirs fears by publishing a death toll that is not supported by the facts. Hospitals are given large bonuses for declaring people are being treated for COVID-19 and putting people on dangerous ventilators.

Numerous trustworthy doctors refute the claims of the president’s hand picked medical flunkies who have created this diabolical plan of social distancing, which prevents people from getting together and concluding that the government actually created the disease that it now claims is threatening the world.


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you miss the point

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What, that truth-seeking should be framed as a scatological experience?