April 10, 2020

This Will Be The New Normal



Noor al Haqiqa said...

Very sobering video. So bang on. What a depressing way to start my day! TBH I am not on line much cos I am so tired of this thing banging me in the face every ten seconds.

Watch a show and if it is old you find yourself thinking about social distancing; it is like before and after 9/11 or before and after the invasion of cell phones. It dates everything and you cannot escape it.

As for JT, he will do anything to get into the NWO. Now he is making his move. Giving away our money as bribes is not enough; he wants that seat and how better than to formally make Canada a "post national state" as he once stated.

I don't dare do my dishes right now. That vid made me ticked; might break stuff with unintentional force.

ruxpert said...

US Ticked Need To Focus/Unite! ;-)

Voltman said...

Look Who's Coming to the Rescue!
Truthstream Media - Melissa & Aaron Dykes

There is hope yet!

I'm putting together an army to go after Bill Gates and the rest of these mother truckers.

Check out the abilities of my recruits:



I'm stockpiling ammunition at the moment.
On Sunday, I'm gonna sneak past the sleeping cops, cross the bridge over to Ottawa, and present my gift to Rapapompom Justin Trudope for Easter.

It won't be whipped cream... Yippie yie yo... Cow Pattie!

Jim Stafford Sings Cow Patti Branson, MO

My accompanying card will read:
"I hope you're living as high on the hog as the pig you turned out to be."

ruxpert said...

Remember, we must be careful not to be misdirected / marginalized.
Focusing precisely Unites The Accountability Efficaciously ;-)

Captain Ahab said...


The black kid that gets the pie in the face while he's on the stationary bicycle is classic!

Voltman said...

O’Kanabec’s National Anthem (same melody as Oh! Canada)

Heel me of the virus
I’m mad as hell, I’ve had enough of this

When I see Trudope and his silly grin
I wish I had a bat
I would swim across
And hold up a cross
To see him squirm and dwindle

I would give him
A nice surprise
I guess you know what’s next
Oh can you guess?
Ohhh Canabis
We stand in line
For…. Theeeeeeeeeeeee!

Voltman Plutonymus Rex

How to make Canada great again