May 20, 2020

Free Occupied Deutschland Ep 39 With Monika Schaefer

I'm sorry but...What a dumbass production.


Albert said...

I really Enjoyed This Talk! :-)

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...
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Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

This video is GOLD! Thanks very much for posting it Zapoper

I love Monika so dearly and can't grasp why the whole world hasn't weeded through this bad ass jew lie yet, and exposed it and (((them))) for their "true nature". Pure Evil! - As a Gentile, I can see where it's very difficult "for normal loving Gentile people" to believe that there's a group so very evil as to incarcerate, murder, and lie to innocent people at this level. The main reason I believe is the jewish media has never stopped for a second promoting the hollow-hoax, and their blaming of Germans for their own Bolshevik murdering deeds, 2 decades earlier. It also connects to 911, as the jews blamed innocent Muslims for their own jewish murderous crimes. Monika is right. It's the "Lynch Pin". If only we can all concentrate on blitzing this type of video everywhere possible. The world needs to wake up and eradicate this cancer, before it annihilates all of us.... and it better be soon.

Please also see: - This should be shown in every private and puplic school, and college around the world.

Thank you again,