May 30, 2020

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2020.05.30

Powers & Principalities Episode 153

Mask Mania and More COVID Follies

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Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

You guys are Great!

You both bring so much truth too light as to what this whole world is now "facing" (with a mask of course - lol). "The Group" you speak of, the "Secret Society" you speak of, those controlling the gov. you speak of, are ALL the same group at the top. The (((PARASITE))) has to be exposed by name if there is any hope of escape for mankind. If you wish to know who (((They))) are and who the (((PARASITES))) are, it's all there my friends. It's all there for all to read and learn about. Right before our eyes.

Please read the jooowish Talmud.
Please read the gheauwisch Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
Please read the jeawish Torah (old testament in the Christian bible).
The sickness these demons are infested/infected with is all there. No question about it... Slam Dunk - There (((they))) are...

All the answers, and who (((They))) are, is there, in black and white.

All my best, and please keep up the great work. Thanx 6mil x's over.


Zeebra said...

I was wondering how one would contact Tim Kelly, or Joe Atwill, with show feedback?

The only route I can see is, comment at his YT ch, which he has cautiously made into an empty storefront to redirect people to the podomatic & spreaker audios of his shows:

Prussian Revivalist said...

Indeed... The thing is the Liberals are trying to downplay the "big deal" about wearing the mask, but they have made it much more obvious about how the mask has a whole political agenda to it, and even to the extremes where they are putting masks on statues, making memes and all kinds of programming agendas based on "masks" and "social distancing". Uber and Lyft modified their apps to make it so that the drivers have to take selfies or verify if they are wearing a mask and that the riders are also wearing masks. The mask is a constant obsession. And it is dehumanizing personal relations on all levels.

The average person has no idea how sinister the mask wearing and other social programming to go along with this is... Everything is about pushing more for virtual reality and less physical or real-time interaction with humans, and they also are using the mannequins in bars to get people more used to robots as replacement humans. This whole hoax will also allow them to even further ramp up the AI / Robot replacement of Human workers.

The worst part of this psyop is that it's all a complete waste and has sucked so much energy from all of us and wasted our time and people's preoccupation with something that is so obviously a hoax.

The fact that even Banks are willing to accept people to walk in and mandating they wear a mask... It means all these businesses are prioritizing and in many cases trading one form of safety for another form of safety all over an invisible "boogeyman". They are willing to take on business failures and other hardships as a result of playing into an agenda.

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Hi Zeebra,

I found a spot to leave comments through a link that Zap posted here.
Here's the link to TK comments on his audio blogspot.
I reposted my comment there too. Thanks for the idea.

Best Wishes,