May 05, 2020

Radio Free South Africa with host Schalk van der Merwe 2020.05.05

Updates On The South Africa Situation

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Radio Free South Africa

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Albert said...

Maybe I'm RETARDED !!!

... But ...

One of my relaxation YT Subscriptions: is a young Family with 3 Children in West-Virginia, and THEY have been LIVING for TWO years in a really-CHEAP-run-down RV ... to PUT: All their MONEY and EFFORTs into Building an A-Frame House, into which, (because It became Totally-WET-inside-their-crappy-RV), they just moved-IN, even though it STILL Needs a LOT of Inside-FINISHING-Work!

Anyway, especially in Nicer-Weather: WHY NOT:

BUY a REALLY-Cheap RV ...

Your Woman: Drop you OFF, and DRIVE: 5-10 Miles AHEAD, PARK and on a Propane-Tank-with-Burner-Top: Heat-Up: Canned-Beans etc, or COOK something FRESH and Nutritious!?
And IF 30+ Miles-WALKING makes YOU too-depleted for such NORMAL-FOOD!
-- Why NOT just Walk 20 miles each Day ... and SAVE soo much Money! ;-)

-- Like I SAID: Maybe I'm RETARDED !!!

-- but WHY BEG for Sooooo Much MONEY ...... and THEN so Foolishly-WASTE it !!!?

-- WHEN there are Beautiful White-Folks STARVING in South-Africa!?

September? -- President-Drump has BEEN Really Really "Busy" Heading-Up:

The Biggest "Bailout" ...
(10s of $Trillions Heist, and "Buying-Up": The REAL-Assets of the WORLD ... so that Everyone Else will Be: Perpetually "Renting"!)

I strongly DOUBT that With "Elections" coming-up in November ...
-- He will "Have Time" for YOU, or even South-Africa, at-all!

Anyway, ... since I'm RETARDED ... maybe I SHOULDN'T be even TRYING to THINK about these Things! ;-)

Albert said...

The Brian Ruhe Second Half was GREAT! :-)