May 27, 2020

The devil's dance troupe

Molded into perverted puppets,
America’s manic marionettes
cringe in numb acquiescence
inside our squeaky clean rooms


So you asked how early did I know the great COVID-19 epidemic was a demonic fraud aimed at further robotizing the people of the world, and I bellowed “HOAX!” instantaneously from the very beginning. Because it reminded me of too many things I had seen before for which I had experienced the same reaction. After 15 minutes of good thought and listening to officialdom’s false explanations, I surmised that all these things had to be hoaxes — and they were.

That’s why they want to get rid of old people. They know too much. They’ve seen too many things. You can’t use the same scam more than five or six times and still get away with it.

Why? Because I had the same reaction to this latest fake epidemic merely 15 minutes in as I did after that second plane supposedly hit the south tower on 9/11. The same feeling when Sandy Hook was staged but prepared the night before. When the Tsarnaev brothers were so savagely snared in the modern teleplay known as the Boston Marathon Massacre. I had seen it all before. I had seen it all before in Oklahoma City, at Ruby Ridge and in Waco — all of them mass murder against our fellow American citizens perpetrated by America’s foreign-controlled government.



Voltman said...

"On and on it goes. The parasites of society continue to feast on those who refuse to pay attention to what is really happening because they believe the lies of their leaders who are chosen for them by extraordinarily evil men."

- John Kaminsky

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coincidenceskeptic said...

I boast that I knew it was a fraud before it hit our shores. Spraying people with squirt bottles as they exited an airplane on a Chinese runway?! If you fell for that, I do not have time for you.
But, I "cower in place" at the thought that so few questioned that.
Or, didn't they?
I only know one person who wears a mask without being forced. Sadly, a relative. Hope persists that I was actually adopted. Enough said.
But, "The Terrorist Known as Media" insists that I want to kill my grandparents...or your's, since mine are already gone. Guilt? Shame? What's the diff? Who cares? Doesn't work on me.
Because, I'm just like THEM. With one exception. THEY want most of the 99.9999% dead.
I only want to convert the 0.00001%. Render them into something useful. THEY are not starving. Imagine all the soap we could make. Multicultural, of course. No one I have ever met. None the less, inflicters of suffering beyond the limits of imagination, for most of us.
We imprison those brought to depths (of questionable depravity) through wealth imbalance caused by those who get a bailout and a bonus, no matter what.
Surrounded by Moral Hazards against my self and those I know...
I had no idea that this would take on the proportion that it has.
I never had any idea that THEY would take it this far.
Surprised, yes. Shocked, no.
Just based on the past alone, why wouldn't THEY?

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...
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Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Medical school text books
Medical school professors
Mass media
Gentile economy shut down
Pharmaceutical co.'s
Money printing
Vaccine producers
Vaccine pushers/sellers
The Jews. (not all the jews of course, just the jews)

One day the whole world will see, and certainly smell the huge elephant taking a whopping shit right in the middle of the "living" room floor.

Prussian Revivalist said...

Day by day, it just keeps getting worse... People where I live are now wearing GLOVES with their masks like crazy, even on a 90 degree day! LATEX GLOVES LOVES OUT! WHAT GIVES!?!?

What the hell possesses people to just suddenly start doing it!? Other than the obvious reason. It's making me so sick, there's a rage that is building up more and more in me which is causing me to become extremely irritable over this nonsense even more than before, it keeps growing by the day with this insanity!

Voltman said...

While I was waiting in line outside a store, I told the mask wearing couple next in line that masks don't work and that the media and politicians were all lying. A guy parked in a car about 10 feet away opens his door and tells me he's going to call the nearby "security" guys if I don't maintain the 6 foot spacing... I didn't budge and just told him he was a dummy for believing this COVID nonsense. So one of the 2 "security" guys comes by and tells me to back off and move away from in front of another store's door where someone had just entered. So I say there's nobody here at the moment, what's the problem?

He says you have to stay out of the box drawn on the sidewalk. I told him I'm not going to pretend I'm an idiot just for you and I didn't budge. The second "security" guy comes along and tells me to leave. I didn't move. Then they made it clear I would not be allowed in. So I say: on what basis am I not allowed in? He didn't say but it had to do with tempers flaring... As I was talking to the guy, I was moving towards him, like you normally do when you're talking to someone, so he backs away from me as if I was a lepper. Once again I couldn't stop from calling him a dummy and I moved in even closer to him and called him an imbecile to his face and left.

If these dummies want to act like sheep, they will be addressed as such and treated as such. End of story.

Prussian Revivalist said...

@Voltman, truly unbelievable. What's disturbing about this whole thing is notice how in general they have been able to promote and support people to shame others who aren't wearing masks, while it is less likely to find people who shame others for wearing the mask!? The Shamers for not wearing a mask are completely protected and not considered as "harassment" if they make public comments or hysteria, while the opposite is not promoted or protected by anyone. The fact that they have programmed this into people in such a short period of time and so pervasively, just imagine what else they can be programmed to carry out onto innocent people!?

At this point we all need to invest in Bluetooth Speakers that we place in discreet areas, and we should use an app on our phones which can speak a voice like Donald Duck or something very obnoxious to repeat phrases in public to shame the Mask Wearers, saying things like "You look like an idiot with that mask on!" "Yeah, I'm talking to you!".

This way it's much more possible to make a statement and humiliate these mask wearing morons!

Voltman said...

Jeff Berwick's bitch Lucy pisses on mask wearing idiots and bites their ankles!