May 15, 2020

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2020.05.11

Brizer's guest: Fiona Marie Flanagan.

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Captain Ahab said...

I posted a comment here a couple of days ago about a video from Richie From Boston where he speculated that this 'Kawasaki-syndrome,' that has all of a sudden sprouted-up in children, would be the focal point of their 'second wave' or 'plandemic 2' that they want to impose on us.

Well, here is Dr. Fauci, in a conference call with Senator Rand Paul, laying out his oh so humanitarian concern about the connection between the two diseases. They have this all planned out. It occurs at the very end of the video.

Zeebra said...

Terrific show yawl, wide ranging & ur expressed opinions were on the bullseye IMHO. Fiona's a treasure.

Also noticed what WASN'T there again this week: no J-bombs (same as with N.Griffin 2 weeks ago; & I didn't get through last week's show with Felderhof). Not sure how household-namey Fiona is in Ireland or UK, the way Griffin is. But I can imagine where with some higher profile guests whose overall work product favors all of our anti-JWO interests, and they've gotten there while also dodging the anti-Shlomo label, how you'd strategically NOT publicly seek to corner them re the JP/JWO root of it all.

Here's an interesting question: would you have "Tommy Robinson" come on, whose underlying pro-zionism is no secret to anyone in this fight?

Zeebra said...

@Ahab, well spied, thx for that!

Here's the Richie/Boston vid,
The SECOND Wave of Covid is Here

many articles:

Captain Ahab said...

TM Films is also on top of this 'new children's disease' that is slowly being roll-out into the public consciousness. Remember the days when we just had to lock-down for two weeks or so to 'flatten the curve?' Of course it was never about that, but those of us who maintain a memory in this planetary hoax can't help but notice the ever changing rationalizations of their cybernetic totalitarian narrative.

Holly Woodrow said...

I believe that the Catholic church in Ireland has caused the devastation and look at it. This is the planned aftermath of the result of believing such horse crap it's all judaic communist horse crap so reap the whirlwind Ireland. I happened to be cut irish-catholic by the way

KnownUnknown said...

Great interview and great find brizer! Cheers mate.

Voltman said...

Fiona Marie has a very good grasp of the overall situation. Very good dialog!
Good show!

Brizer said...

Thank folks. Much appreciated. Fiona is aware of the JQ but only started looking into it about 6 months ago so give her time. It took us all a while to get where we are now. I found her on Twitter and I was astounded on her knowledge on lots of other stuff she was putting out there so that's why I asked her on the show.

Once folks realise they are covered up to their waists with bullshit and then can find a hose or a river and wash it off, it all becomes clear. First it starts off with stepping into a pile of bullshit, then it gets up to our knees, then our waist and then our chins and before we know it we are talking bullshit! So the simple solution is to wash it off with good clean water. Very easy. All alleged viruses, parasites and shit washed away.

A hard road lies ahead for us all full of brambles,potholes and more bullshit and we may stumble over and fall but we pick ourselves up and carry on. The destination is the top of the mountain where the view is amazing and all encompassing.

Then we descend that mountain and climb another. Life was always meant to be challenging. Are we all ready for the challenge?

The time is NOW!! It's up to YOU!

Captain Ahab said...

The main problem for those of us who are aware of the JQ and its centrality in our history is how do we get those who are unaware-aware! I've found that one of the main issues(as it was with me)is UNLEARNING what you've been taught. Removing all of the clutter of information; peeling back certain 'knowledge' and 'facts' that have built up and entrenched themselves over time, so that the world lies naked before us in what Heidegger would call the 'region of the openness of Being.'

This 'open region' is for Heidegger where the 'hidden essence of truth' occurs. Gelassenheit or releasement! Allowing truth to 'enter into oneself,'... passively, rather than being confrontational with truth, as is Ahab in Melville's 'Moby Dick,' where Ahab DEMANDS to know what lies behind the Great White Whale. And the prize of the doubloon is nailed to the mast of the ship by Ahab, and is the reward for the first of the Pequod's crew to solve mystery of the White Whale!