May 21, 2020

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2020.05.18

Brizer's guest: John Kaminski.

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WWS said...

He says it's this. She says it's that.
They say it's something else.

It's all of those things, and more.

Media masters spin many diseases
into one great big Virus Scam.

Captain Ahab said...

Kaminski is a stud and I love his essays, however, I have to disagree with one point brought up between him and Brizer during the disussion. They are going to see to it that everyone gets the vaccine; they have to for their cybernetic surveillance tracking system to work. The vaccine has nothing to do with 'the virus'- there is no virus! It has everything to do with the 5G network and internet of things being set up.

And no matter what ding-dong Trump says, it doesn't matter. They won't necessarily legislate that everyone receives the vaccine, they will just make grocery stores, hospitals, sports stadiums, etc. make it so that you cannot enter their property without your 'vaccine certification.' Maybe I'm wrong and they will legislate it in and they will go home-to-home, neighborhood-to-neighborhood, and all apartment complexes will mandate that in order to live on their property, you will need your certification. We'll see!

Prussian Revivalist said...

@WWS, exactly. You would think people would be bored to tears of this charade and psyop by now. All people have been doing for months now is making up hypothetical scenarios of what if, he said, she said, etc, etc. They are ignoring everything else in life, including what comes after this, all for the sake of the virus hoax. It's very clear that the people who bought into this hoax, are nothing but demonic zombies who are possessed. The more someone believes in the hoax, the more worthless they are as a person and deserve to be dispatched.

zapoper said...

"demonic zombies" ... "deserve to be dispatched."

You created an account in May 2020 and your first comment is that?

I guess that's one way of getting to population down to 500 million.

zapoper said...

Not your first comment but...

Asskickfilms said...

LOL Zap!

I'm not interested in the Demonic zombies. The fact that people are waking up in their 100's of thousands is very encouraging.

Liam said...

Speaking of demons - Demons - The Presence of Other Worlds

Good show, thanks Brizer and Graham. John Kaminski is always a good guest

Voltman said...

Good show. Thanks to Brizer and John Kaminsky.

Here's an excerpt from John's latest writings:

The Misunderstandings of Belief

Religious particularism is a particular practice that fragments the opposition to the forces of evil.

My god is better than your god, and I’ll kill you to prove it. That sort of thing. It is demonstrable proof of the sociopathic nature of regional religious beliefs all claiming to be the one true creed and ready to fight to prove it.

Differences in dogma are deliberately installed in these rituals to create friction and kindle strife. These are the poisoned fruits of someone’s ego and need to be filtered out of religious practices.

These gods are regional powers, and none of them are environmentally sound. In fact one of them, the g-d of the Jews, is downright harmful to everyone, especially to its own adherents, because in their pursuit of vengeance for their own mistakes they choose not to see the beauty of life in everyone.

The turning of everyone else into prey instead of neighbors is the chief and very likely the only cause of warfare in the world. And we can see this most clearly in the behavior of the United States, chief soloist in the world choir of the synagogue, which has conducted these phony wars of so-called justice for nearly 250 years.

Humanity losing consciousness
Protest now — or never!

Awash in false narratives

"So now "mainstream intellectuals" are saying paranoia of government intention is justified. Paranoia was always justified by anyone who actually knew what government was doing all along, but most people ignored the rants of conspiracy “nutcases” because it wasn’t affecting them personally. Only now that their lives are disrupted and threatened are they allowing their minds to think in terms of the real politik which is our extermination.

If you understand how the herd thinks, it always tries to center itself. The safe place is never to be the little fish outside the bait ball, never be the conspiracy theorist, the nail that sticks out and gets hammered down. Thus people herd as a matter of survival instinct which is a poor strategy once the herd is panicked and stampeded into the gallows, or in the case of the school of fish which forms a bait ball in which none survive the feeding frenzy."

- Yukon Jack

It is governments not the coronavirus which threaten our lives.
By wmw_admin on May 15, 2020
Vernon Coleman – YouTube May 9, 2020

I have adopted new messages, thanks to JP!

"It's not safe to make your own choices"
"The news is here to help you."
"You should do as you're told"
"Thank you for taking my livelihood for my own good."
"Thank you for censoring my speech"
"The death count is the highest yet"
"Wear a mask. It's the law!
"Trust your leaders because they say all the right things"
"The death count will soon be 100%"
"You are free to do as we tell you."
Are you dead yet?
Not a problem! Resurrect with JP!

Blue Pill People
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Voltman said...

Did you know that The Illuminati was founded in 1776, the exact year the USA was founded?

JP is keeping an eye on THEM.
Trump and The Illuminati Rising

Good comment section there:


About 90% of this is TRUE
The 10% that isn't? That's probably true too!

rick baird

rick baird
I agree with you �� everything he said is so very true. what's sad is when you try and tell ppl what’s happening and going to come, they think we are the crazy ones. Happy too see you are awake ��

Javier Vanegas
True... he did exaggerate, perhaps... or maybe he said it exactly as it is.... I don't know which situation worries me the most

Björn Follin
@Bobbi jo - Took the red pill Indeed. I've seen how my iguana looks at me, as if I didn't know the truth! I know what he is up to though and he will never get out of his terrarium again. I wish more people could contribute to keep the illuminati locked up.

Just Mee
He does a great job of mixing comedy and sarcasm with drops of truth, educating people who came for the entertainment. Most his videos are full of wisdom disguised as comedy

He says facts sarcastically which in itself is an additional layer of sarcasm... like sarcasm inception

deanna smith
you tube had a problem with people watching videos to see if they should be censored. The people assigned to scrutinize the videos began to believe them and woke up. Love it.

walter costello
Before you judge a man or woman or horse, walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you do judge them, you are a mile away and you have their shoes. ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

JP is part of da Illuminati - this video proves it, he is trying to cover up with satire.

Ty T
Is it bad that I believe everything he said?

Elizabeth Freeh
But everything he said is mostly true. His delivery is hilarious. ��

Trump and The Illuminati Rising - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 51
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