June 26, 2020

Black Lies Matter In the War on Truth

"Did George Soros fund Black Lives Matter?
 Yes, he absolutely did and Spiro shares the details in this report.

But George Soros is not the only source of funding for Black Lives Matter, in fact, Soros and his funding, is just another spoke in the wheel of a massive, well financed and politically motivated campaign with the desired goal of transforming the world by destroying the current system of control in, order to roll out a new system of control.

This certainly seems like a reoccurring theme right now, as the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the Central Banks and Governments around the world are preparing for the ‘Great Reset’ and a global paradigm shift.

So let's examine who exactly is funding Black Lives Matter and why?
 Communitarianism - Let Not Truth Darken Your Soul - Kevin Boyle
The Center for American Progress & The Kellogg Foundation
 What About ActBlue and BLM? - Billy Bob
Green Houses & Country Roads

Who Is Funding Black Lives Matter And Why?
Will The Answer Shock You? Not Really.
Spiro Skouras - Jun 25, 2020

 BLM was founded in 2013 with riots used as an excuse.
 "Soros is just another spoke in the wheel who stepped in, through The Center for American Progress. He "donated" $33 million dollars. So, who else? There's The Kellogg Foundation.
Spiro Skouras says he saved the best for last: who else he asks? ActBlue? No.
! YOU !
"You, the consumer, who pays the corporations we buy from, one way or another."

(((Who))) else? 
He wouldn't say...

According to Billy Bob, Spiro Skouras should be made aware of ActBlue if he's to be thorough in his research.

"Who are BLM? They are not a charity, they do not legally exist. Funds for them are raised through a 501C3 charity called ActBlue! ActBlue claims to be the largest donor to democrats like Biden, Sanders, and AOC! " - Billy Bob

You the consumer? What if you hardly consume anything already?
What if you have no money to consume anything beyond the basics?

I'm not financing anything worth noting that's related to the establishment of liars and thieves who pose as leaders of the people. I DO NOT CONSENT to any of their actions, statutory laws, mandates, orders! They are illegitimate in every sense of the word and in every way you want to look at it. 

 WHO is going to put THEM in jail?! 
 White lies might not matter much but...
Black Lies Matter In the War on Truth

Iconic rap star Lord Jamar has slammed the Black Lives Matter movement and its ideology, saying he doesn’t support them because it “isn’t our movement… it was given to us by… George Soros” in order to control the African American population. 

George Soros Is Using Black Lives Matter To ‘Control’ African Americans In Election Year


The COVID exercise will shortly (when the SECOND WAVE hits) be going from an "exercise" (practice) to the real thing ... i.e. a murderous life-and-death struggle."
Communitarianism is of Satan but Let Not Truth Darken Your Soul
Kevin Boyle

"The COVID19 "live exercise" has been stage 1 of herding us all into the world system to which ALL OUR POLITICAL CLASSES have already signed up.
This system is called "COMMUNITARIANISM".

It is a new Soviet-style Communism enforced not by violence and terror (yet) but by social pressure manufactured in tandem with fake concern for the health of all humans. It is a system that EVERYBODY MUST CHOOSE TO BE INSIDE. Those who "care" for us will not take NO for an answer.


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Albert said...

"clever" tricks ... while you SLEEP :-(

There are Stories of people doing "clever" things to Folks When-They-are-ASLEEP ...
(A sign saying "kick me" put on Their-Back, Eric-Cartman putting Poo under-someone's Nose, etc ...)

In a "Cock-Fight" BOTH Roosters "cleverly" Have: Sharp-KNIVES attached to their Feet!
-- Before "Duking-it-Out" ... NOW: "cleverly": To the DEATH !!!

The (((rothschilds))) "cleverly" Over more-than-a-Century: ((("let's YOU and HIM Fight!"))) -- OUR FELLOW-EUROPEANS ...
-- When, instead of SWORDS ... the "Warfare" was "Freemason"-"Officers": COMMANDING the Troops to CHARGE: Machine-Gun-Emplacements ...
-- And CONSTANT-"SHELLING": for FOUR-YEARS ... When the "War" Should-NOT: Have even BEGAN !!!
(And "clever" "vaccinations" ... Before even Entering: The "Theatre"-of-"War" !!! ... )

--> Thus, One can UNDERSTAND "Why" the (((rats))) ... are NOW: "cleverly" Releasing (((their))) "cleverly" Amassed:
-in ALL of Our-WHITE-Nations-
(((their))) "Refugee" Invading-"Armies" of "Young-Buck"-SCUM .........

--> (((they))) KNOW-full-well: WHAT the AWAKENING-White-Giants ... Would DO to (((them))) ...
-- IF NOT "cleverly" ("Let's YOU and HIM Fight!) "Distracted" ...
WHILE (((they))) "cleverly" "Consolidate": (((their))): Ill-gotten: "Wealth" and "Power" !!!

A SANE Normal Balanced Internally-STRONG Person (could NOT even Imagine Doing such and) ASKS:
WHY would ANYONE Think / PLAN to Somehow "BENEFIT": FROM DESTROYING: Civilisation Itself !!!
(The SOURCE of ALL: True WEALTH, and STRENGTH, and Growing-HAPPINESS !!!)

--> Hey, it's WHAT (((they))) DO !!! ;-)
-- Welcome to (((bolshevism))) 2.0 !!! :-(