Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Scorpio's Conspiracy Show 2020.06.27

Scorpio Show # 20 on Revolution.radio

Hour 1: Scorpio and Giuseppe interview  Dr. Judy Mikovits 

Hour 2: Paul in SoCal calls and uses the word kike. Judy is not impressed and goes on lol. William Grant calls in as well

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zapoper said...


"Swung on and there it goes! That ball is high! It is far! It is........GONE!"

I'm nicknaming this show: "The Babe Ruth Special" LOL

Prussian Revivalist said...

Well, Judy Anne Mikovits, is afterall a Jewess. So that's why she didn't like the "kike" comment. Almost all workers in the Medical Industry are Jewish or Crypto-Jews...

zapoper said...

She completely ignored it. So...

zapoper said...

BTW. DebbyS should listen to this and discard that POS liar Niman on Rense.

Scorpio said...

Yeah, she ignored it...I'm not even sure if she heard it - Paul kind of just snuck it in - lol

Panzerfaust said...

Good show Scorp, I listened to the first hour live will catch the second tonight.

KnownUnknown said...

I'm looking forward to the 20 million dead. Its not even 10% of US population..

KnownUnknown said...

WTF was Paul talking about? Viruses don't exist and nobody understands biology of any kind but instincts can see through walls so that means he's always right about everything?? OK Paul keep smoking that good stuff.

BTW here's real simple analogy, can you kill the lights even its not alive? The analogy means that biology that makes the virus capable of replication is very unfavourable under certain conditions - ie light - because of effect it has on biochemistry. But of course everything I just said is made up and nobody understands anything. Except Paul, he understands everything...

Panzerfaust said...

Months ago Paul called Fetzer's show to state the Moon is fake and flat erf or some shit because "the phases don't show the curvature of the Earth", not understanding you're looking at a ball being shined upon by a light source from different angles of observation.

Panzerfaust said...

I've concluded Paul is a plant. If he isn't he should be paid by someone for discrediting and disrupting.

zapoper said...


Paul was simply describing intuition but as usual, he had to do the whole rigmarole that he does constantly.


Disrupting is what he is good at the most.

Other than that, the only thing that I'm sure of is that the flat bullshit is a psyop and has now been eclipsed by the COVID-19 one by far.

Panzerfaust said...

Zap I can tell you about COVID-19, I'm about fully recovered from it.
Headache 10/10
Loss of taste and appetite
Cough with green sputum

I survived Swine Flu/H1N1 2009 and now COVID-19.

zapoper said...

Hell. I survived a heart attack and a big bunch of blue meanies. You ain't got nothin on me boy. ROFL.

Panzerfaust said...

Forgot the alternating constipation and diarrhea.
I had to constantly change my clothes and bedding due to soakings of sweat.
I had a really weird dream of coming upon a pool of water on a volcano. In it were malformed humans and goblins tethered to large tumorous growths attached to the rocks. I got too close, slipped in, and immediately sank about 20 feet despite my best efforts. I hit bottom, pushed my way back to the surface, and climbed out clawing at the volcanic rock with my fingers (this was a replay of a real life near-drowning at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego back in 1985).
I looked around and the creatures were now ordinary people who were overjoyed with happiness. One told me my DNA provided missing information. This tall blonde in a cowboy hat and halter top with 44DDs popping out gave me a gift box.
Before I finished opening it I shook awake. Bummer

zapoper said...

Seriously though. When I got the flu this year, I used Lugol's iodine 7% and forgot about the dropper. I was pouring it in my one liter copper jug and it killed everything in sight. I'd like to know what Mikovits would have said about that if I had called in.

Panzerfaust said...

I'll see your blue meanies with high strength blotter LSD, a couple hits of Purple Microdot, the brown meth, and quantities of cocaine lol also some hydro

zapoper said...

Oh fuck! I've seen that tall blonde in a cowboy hat too. LOL

zapoper said...

I'll raise you with a couple of quarantined pussies. lol

You're move.

zapoper said...

I'll even put a Glock 19 on the table. LOL

Panzerfaust said...

Age quod agis

Albert said...

Wow !!! -- MASTERFUL: Talk-Show Conversation-HELPING Scorpio !!! :-)

--> Your Show is REALLY Advancing !!! :-) :-) :-)

PAUL was GREAT !!!!!!

--> And I am Very GRATEFUL that YOU, Scorpio ENABLED: The Conversation to CONTINUE ...

WITHOUT any "Hurt Feelings" !!!!!!!!! :-)

THESE are Very Very IMPORTANT Topics: Which DESPERATELY-NEED: A Continued and "Brutally"-HONEST: CONVERSATION !!! :-)

DO "Viruses" Even-EXIST !!! ???

Yes: We Have a LOT: Of POISONS ...

And INJECTING 70 "Mandated": Packed With POISONOUS-Shit "Vaccines" Directly-INTO Our-Bodies ...
-- Is CERTAINLY: "NOT-Helping" ANYTHING, nor ANYONE !!! :-o

"A Foolish 'Consistency ... is the Hobgoblin of SMALL-Minds!"

It is CERTAINLY "NEAT and Tidy" to be able to SIMPLY SAY:
"There IS No such Thing as a 'Virus'!"

-- But, as Paul KINDLY-EMPHASISED: We DON'T YET Really-KNOW for Certain!

WE CAN, however UNDERSTAND: What a TERRIFYINGLY-"Powerful": "Clever"-TRICK it IS:

--> To DIVERT attention AWAY-FROM: Environmental-POISONS (and 5G!)

TOWARDS: (Imaginary???) "INVISIBLE" "DEADLY"-"Viruses" ...
--> Which, "Thus" "REQUIRE": Draconian-END-of-HUMAN-Interactions / FREEDOM / LIFE ...
-- Which MAKE "1984" Look-Like: Child's-Play !!! in-comparison !!! :-o

Brizer said...

Can anyone please tell me what viruses are because Judy didn't explain it too well. Viruses are allegedly dead matter but somehow come alive out of the blue and "live" within a cell and then go crazy and infect everyone. She thinks. How does that happen? Yes she said that..she thinks! Ok thanks Judy...hearsay information but I ain't falling for that. I'm totally on board with everything else Judy said re vaccines etc but she evaded that one and once Stefan Lanka was mentioned I could tell she was on the back foot.

Big hint...FEAR is the biggest fucking virus out there. No fear.. no sickness, simple as that


Panzerfaust said...

Well I wasn't afraid of it before and still aren't nor do I support vaccines, shutdowns, or universal mask orders. They gave me IV antibiotics x2 and a Z-pack to knock down and prevent any secondary infection. It didn't touch the virus. It is a real viral pathogen but survivable by healthy individuals.

Scorpio said...

@Panzer - I lived at Sunset Cliffs and OB for 20+ years - I wonder if we ever met irl. Both of those communities are pretty small considering they are part of San Diego. I also almost drowned at Sunset Cliffs back during the 20+ foot waves of the El Niño back in 1997....small world....

BTW antibiotics make viral infections worse...strange they prescribed that to you while sick. It almost seems like the medical community is doing all they can to make Covid appear as deadly as possibly....going so far as to prescribe dangerous measures such as antibiotics and putting people on ventilators and moving sick people into nursing homes. IF I didn't know better I'd think there was a conspiracy! - lol

From what I gathered, Dr. Mikovits was saying that viruses alone do not cause disease - they have to accompanied by other co-factors to induce illness. She also went on to state that science really doesn't know all that much about the human immune system. I'm not a scientist and I'm not going to pretend to be one on the internut.

I'm up for a vigorous discussion about health, viruses etc but I am not going to state that I unequivocally know that there's no such thing as viruses. I do know that there are indeed communicable diseases. I've been around people sick with the flu and then a few days later I was sick too....but conversely, that doesn't mean I'm buying into this Operation Corona hysteria.

I've spoken to Paul privately several times recently and I can assure you he's not a 'plant'. He's actually a highly articulate and well researched individual, not that I agree with all of his theories... those are my observations anyway.

Prussian Revivalist said...

@Panzerfaust, you are definitely lying about all this. For one, COVID-19 does not exist, and secondly you just had a flu, if you are telling the truth about having had the flu. Antibiotics do not work on viral infections, because viruses are not bacteria. You did not have COVID-19, nor did you have Swine Flu. Nobody with a sound mind will take you seriously in anything you say.

Steve said...

I fail to see what all the confusion surrounding this covid 19 is all about. There is a scientific method to establish whether a virus exists and if a virus causes a said disease - Koch's Postulates. I find it hard to get to grips with how confusing all this has become - follow Koch's Postulates according to science, repeat the procedure and hey presto we either have proven the existence of the virus and cause of disease or fuck it we haven't so we better consider a different cause if in fact there is one - surely to God in the 21st Century this shouldn't be rocket science ! The fact it hasn't been done, won't be done or has been done and the results kept quiet speaks volumes. Prove it according to science or it's BS and we need to think about what is causing genuine sickness. This is what we have science for.

Panzerfaust said...

I got the fucking Swine Flu working security for downtown San Antonio, Texas hotel due to the many guest from Mexico arriving during Fiesta Week April 2009 eat a dick

Panzerfaust said...

Yeah was cliff diving in the evening, the waves came up with seaweed and I got careless and nearly drowned in front of my wife and best friend in the Marines. There was quite a crowd watching.

I agree Paul is articulate and intelligent but he assumes his every deduction is correct without fact checking. Worse, and this is where I get the plant suspicion, he charges at guest of Fetzer etc with the JQ. He pushes and pushes without pause irregardless of the wishes of the show host or guest.

zapoper said...

Science has become a religion Steve. Did you not notice that "scientists" lie about global warming, 9/11 etc. And now a world wide bullshit pandemic?

Scientists on TV have told me that this is true. Amen.

@ Brizer. I hope that your not trying to wake up the retards with: "This pandemic is a scam because viruses don't exist". LOL

zapoper said...

Forget about what I just wrote Steve. I'm an illiterate French Canadian who doesn't know how to write.

Steve said...

Yes zap I totally agree. It's all fake science and bullshit.

Liam said...

@ Scorpio - "I do know that there are indeed communicable diseases. I've been around people sick with the flu and then a few days later I was sick too..."

What does that prove?
Were you breathing the same air as the sick people?
Consuming the same food or drink as the sick people?
Could you not have been exposed to the same toxins/pathogens as the sick people, from the environment?

What you have stated here is not admissible evidence of that there are indeed communicable diseases.
Why do you blame the sick people for making you sick?
Could it be programming from the germ theory?
Perhaps your immune system was weak, at the time.

The American army repeatedly attempted to infect a control group with "the Spanish flu" and were unsuccessful.
Possibly the only real test ever conducted, as the military have "no rights" and can be treated, legally, as lab rats. As can citizens, as mask wearing and vaccinations are tests, are they not?

"There is no better slave than one who believes he is free", and
"There are none so blind as those who refuse to see."

Scorpio said...

Yeah, it's just a coincidence that I was in close proximity of sick people and then caught the same cold a few days later with the same symptoms. It happened more than once. Anything is possible but I'm not going to pretend that I know for a fact that there's no such things as viruses or communicable diseases. There's simply too much evidence to the contrary based on personal experience and observations.

KnownUnknown said...

I'm a software engineer and I can tell you what software viruses are. They are pieces of code either compiled into a binary or serialised in some form. They cant do anything by themselves - they don't have a cpu, don't have memory, don't have a network card. But if youre stupid enough to download onto your device it has all those things and the code magically comes alive, starts replicating and fucking your machine and others.

Is it so hard to think biology can be explained the same way given the biochemistry we understand?

Steve said...

I can run antivirus software on my pc to detect if it is infected by a virus. is it too much to expect virologists/scientists to 'run' the scientific procedure known as Koch's postulates to detect a virus and whether or not it causes disease ? That is after all what they are paid good money to do - their fucking job. If it can't be done or is done and found to be negative then end of story, is it really that hard ? This whole fucking shit show we are witnessing should never be happening if so called scientists did their fucking job which they obviously haven't else we wouldn't be in this mess. The world and humanity is on the verge of collapse and why ? The obvious question everyone should be asking is ' have we done the science ' - pretty simple really.

Captain Ahab said...

I typed up a comment here about 10 days ago that talked about the problem of understanding 'the phenomena' that takes place at the level of microbiology. The 'entities' that have been given the names of 'rhizosome,' 'virus,' or 'Golgi body' are so far removed from the level of experience that it has to be made intelligible vis-a-vis analogy just like the workings of an atom are made intelligible to us by the analogy of the motions of the planets.

Do we really believe that an 'electron' revolves around the 'nucleus' of an 'atom' or does that just serve the function of creating clarity for something that is really unknown. These things cannot be known in themselves because they are too far removed from our levels of experience. How is an 'eye' going to 'see' an 'electron' when it is composed of millions of those same entities?

These same problems of scale apply at the level of the human cell; though not as small as the atomic level. These are enormously small entities that can only be made intelligible by creating some 'explanatory model'(cell function) from which to work with. So when it comes to understanding what a 'virus' is, we can never "know' completely. Go to Google Images and type in virus- it's all CGI created! And as Heisenberg's Law explains, your interference through experimentation and observation has a direct effect of the outcome of what your looking for!

Now here are a couple of good videos about how they are coming for your kids!


Here's how they'll do it!


Liam said...

@ Scorpio - Are you not pretending that you know for a fact that there is such a thing as communicable disease?
Did I suggest a coincidence?
No! I suggested environment that you did not mention or rebut.
If you know, for a fact, that there's such a thing as communicable disease, please provide the admissible evidence.
Please consider how admissible is evidence from a Medical Complex that kills more Americans every 2 years than Americans have died in all wars for near 250 years.
Should quotes from a New York Times best-selling author be considered as admissible evidence?
Should quotes from a Nobel prize winner be considered as admissible evidence?

KnownUnknown said...

I agree Ahab. As for Steve and his anti virus - that's nonsense. Anti virus looks for known viruses it can't detect novel viruses. Get it?

KnownUnknown said...

And I'll second Als comment, Scorpio does a great job interviewing/arbitring. I've caught him holding a few late night round tables regarding the constitution etc and they're great too.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

OK, Zap, I read through the comments, but only yours because they were short, sweet, funny. "only an illiterate French Canadian' made me belly laugh.

As IF.

By your estimation, that makes me "only a really illiterate West Coaster of French Canadian origins".

Brizer said...

I sent the link of the show to Ilsedora Laker from German New Medicine to have a listen and give her observations on what Judy Mikovitz talked about. Here is her response:

"She's doing some serious back peddling to save herself. She's so full of RNA double talk that none of it makes sense. The PCR test wasn't ever used to detect measles nor was there ever a "particle" detected that was "related to AIDs". That's just her covering herself because she said "we isolated HIV and Ebola"...so now they're particles huh?...then when she talks about exosomes....they're a "reaction" to an infection or inflammation? WOW, who knew? =-O

She goes on to contradict herself several times....and what's this bullshit that a woman that had measles doesn't get breast cancer? Hmmm I had breast cancer...and I apparently had measles as a child.

Methinks Andrew Kaufman has "unmasked" her with all the information he gave in his interviews and now she has to change her tune from CV being a bio engineered virus to "a natural immune response".

I am glad Stefan Lanka is making headway in the English speaking world!....but why was she muted when the question was asked? It sounds like she needed a minute to regroup. I'll bet she never heard of him until recent history."

In my opinion, all these doctors calling out the scamdemic need to come together on this topic. If it is indeed true that there is no proof viruses do not exist the walls of Big Pharma with their toxic vaccines and pills will come crumbling down with Gates, Fauci and their minions in the WHO buried in the rubble for ever.