June 18, 2020

Second Wave of Media Lies Explodes Across the Universe

 Forever Befuddled by The Media
The Corbett Report & New World Next Week
With James Evan Pilato
  The Duran: Serbia-Kosovo Summit with
Soros and His Color Revolutions Now in The US
 Coronavirus Lockdown As Fresh Outbreak Worsens
  The Corbett Report & New World Next Week 

Millions In Beijing Living Under An Expanded Second Wave

James Evan Pilato of Media Monarchy

The Duran Presents:
Soros And Color Revolutions
Color revolution in the US
Serbia-Kosovo Summit

"The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the scheduled White House meeting between Serbian leaders and leaders from the breakaway province of Kosovo."

"The US wants to weaken Serbia which is opposed by the US because of Serbian independence and its links with Russia."


Captain Ahab said...

I've always said that Corbett does some great work on the Net, however, notice everyone how he doesn't even touch the Floyd and Brooks shootings because he would have to analyze the racial aspect of the media's narratives with these two events and he doesn't want to do that because it would make him very uncomfortable and it's an area that he is out of his league on.

I'm sure his excuse for not addressing the events would be that he wouldn't want all the racists and Nazi's coming out of the woodwork and sending him racist comments. The charging of officer Rolfe in Atlanta with a felony murder is a watershed event for whites moving foward in the U.S. and Corbett will say nothing (at least of substance) like the coward he is!

Captain Ahab said...

Hope you enjoy your next visit to the dentist!


Voltman said...

Captain Ahab said...

" it would make him very uncomfortable and it's an area that he is out of his league on."

Best he leave these subjects to others then. Why should Corbett be expected to cover the subjects you mention?

Captain Ahab said...


"Best he leaves these subjects to others then"

Oh! Ok! Weak reply Voltman! Corbett has a huge audience and he doesn't EVER cover issues of race and the Jewish subversion of whites by blacks because he's intellectually dishonest and a coward; NOT because he going to 'leave it to others.' Child please!

Also, he covers every other social and political event that is shoved down our throats by the media on such a scale. He doesn't touch it because he's afraid to. Second, because the whole Covid-19 scam that he has put in countless hours into is psychologically and politically connected and overlaps with the Floyd/Brooks psy-op events that we are being subjected to in order to achieve full global control.

Does this mean I dismiss Corbett outright? No! I watch all of his videos and link to his material constantly, but you'll never see James using the #whitestrike hashtag. I make no excuses for him though when it comes to race!

Voltman said...

Pierre June 18, 2020:

"To get a second wave of a Corona Pandemic, it would have been necessary to have had a first wave of it and not a first wave of exercise of a Corona Pandemic."