June 21, 2020

Who do you think you are and what planet are you on?

Includes means only it is not expansive. Now that you know this read these definitions from the Canadian interpretations act.
The youtube video has been posted before but includes must be understood by all.

Canada, for greater certainty, includes the internal waters of Canada and the territorial sea of Canada; (Canada)

Canadian waters includes the territorial sea of Canada and the internal waters of Canada; (eaux canadiennes)

internal waters, (a) in relation to Canada, means the internal waters of Canada as determined under the Oceans Act and includes the airspace above and the bed and subsoil below those waters, and (b) in relation to any other state, means the waters on the landward side of the baselines of the territorial sea of the other state; (eaux intérieures)

person, or any word or expression descriptive of a person, includes a corporation; (personne)

province means a province of Canada, and includes Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut; (province)

territorial sea, (a) in relation to Canada, means the territorial sea of Canada as determined under the Oceans Act and includes the airspace above and the seabed and subsoil below that sea

Most people do not realize there are capital P provinces and lower case p provinces in CANADA


slurp said...

OK, professor, so what's the difference between low and upper case provinces? And if it really matters why not tell us rather than just point out our ignorance? Why not just make the one (non-insulting, inducing calls for help) post?

What's wrong with you and why do we have to deal with it?

slurp said...

"Includes means only it is not expansive", so what does that mean - 'includes but does not go beyond'? Obviously, so the fuck what? Speak up or fuck off, you clown!

Chains said...

Slurp, fuck off!

Chains said...

First off from the federal interpretations act we can see an interesting definition for Canada no? Apparently Canada for greater certainty, is only the internal waters of Canada and the territorial sea of Canada. Unless of course the use of the word includes was intended to be expansive, but if that was the case then why did'nt the draftsperson use the word including? That would have been less ambiguous. No? We also see that in federal statutes whenever we see the word "province",with a lower case "p", it is only a reference to yukon territory, the Northwest territoriesand Nunavut.

As for the Britich Columbian interpretation Act we see the exact same definition for the word "province" with the lower case "p" However, what's more interesting is that in the BC Act we see two definitions for the word "Province", with the upper-case "P" and one for a lower case "p". I guess when we hear a federal or provincial bureaucrat say the word province we now have to figure out which one they are referring to. What do you think slurp you old cocksucker?

from the BC interpretations act [rsbc1996] chap 238

definitions section

"Province" means the Province of British Columbia or Her Majesty in right of British Columbia as the context requires;

"province", when used as meaning a part of Canada, includes the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut;

It is possible this is how the federal government has been able to enter into agreements with the "provinces". Knowing they can't enter into agreemenys with the "Provinces"because their jurisdictions are like water tight compartments they simply enter into agreements with the "province" which in all reality are just the Yukon NWT and nunavut.

It's an interesting theory if nothing else ans this would keep everything "legal" Further, considering that the vast majority of would never even think of questioning such an illusory concept, who would be the wiser. I guess the down side of the federal government use these illusory provinces to invade provincial jurisdiction is that the real provinces and and it's people would be nothing more than slaves willing to live under the authority of a central government controlled by the same old scumbag bankers.

Seems like something funny going on here and statutes are always full of scumbagery to expose.

Captain Ahab said...

Commerce: Law of the Sea


Chains said...

From our current Interpretations Act

Legislature means the Lieutenant Governor acting by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly;

From the Interpretations Act from 1952 that i have in my library.

Legislature "Legislature", "legislative council" or legislative assembly" includes the Lieutenant Governor in Council and also the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories,as constituted previously to the 1st day of September, 1905,the Commisisioner in Council of the Northwest Territories, and the Commissioner in Council of the Yukon Territory;

It seems to me there is a shell corporation or something similar operating to fleece the slaves. The way the RCMP was set up tend to make me think they are being paid by the same gangsters running the above possible scam.

Liam said...

@ Chainsawmillerman "possible scam" I suggest unconditionally definitely a scam.
Perhaps the parallel in Canada is Victoria Island of Queen Charlotte Island or countless others on offer. lol. Interesting info provided by these guys, but they lack 'remedy'.
Statutes of value to folk for one; Law and Equity Act
Extensively explained in your previous post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCeIy0T8M64&feature=youtu.be which provides 'remedy' providing one knows who one is and how to 'act', namely ask the right questions

Chains said...

Agreed Liam, this post was more about peeking into Canada and it's structure. It's a fascinating study into the realization that only a fool flies a flag and gets up for the "national anthem" the whole thing is such a truly amazing feat of legal draftsmanship. This whole covid thing has taught me that something like this will never be revealed.
The way this corporation has been set up was brilliant and I'm sure every other "commonwealth" country has some equivalent fraudulent mechanism that fools the slaves.
Also in my opinion, includes has to be one of best words ever crafted by the legal snakes. We are fucked and the sun is slowly setting on the whole movement as the UN slowly moves in to rewrite the whole mess into a new and improved slave state.