June 13, 2020


  MUST SEE: It’s Not About RACE, or LEFT or RIGHT! 
It’s About YOU And ME VS THE STATE!!!
Press For Truth with Dan Dicks

These fake demonstrations are
A BIG FAT Nothing Burger
  • Why You Should Put All of Your Money in Bitcoin 
  • By The Bitcoin Vigilante
The death of George Floyd has sparked widespread anger all over the world and this has caused a number of Black Lives Matter and Anti Police Brutality rallies to form and fight for injustice. Over time, the rallying calls of the protesters quickly turned to violence as rioters and looters coerced their worthy cause (that was about the citizens vs the state) into a fight between each other. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shares an important message about how we’ve gotten to this point, what we need to do to come together and most importantly who the real enemy is!
The Bitcoin Vigilante
 Why You Should Put All of Your Money in Bitcoin 

In this video, The Bitcoin Vigilante tells you all about Bitcoin, how it works, and why it's guaranteed to be the best investment of your life. 

Manifest Yourself says:
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Voltman said...

Olive Farmer has left a new comment on the post "The enemy is organized. WE must organize.":

If an agency "starts" a digital currency then that agency immediately controls its issuance behind the scenes. "Gold" backed currencies give all power to the dragons that sit on hoards of gold. The Roths control the gold markets. The Royals took gold for centuries and no doubt have huge secret hoards.The Roths have been in China for ages building Chinese gold reserves. There is a clear INTENT to collapse the current debt system and replace it with what many truthers have been encouraged to think is the answer: Digital Gold backed world currency.....ie just what our masters have been planning and urging through their fake alternative media from Alex Jones onwards. First they will engineer the chaos we can all see coming. Then the "saviour" will appear to create the new currency and restore stability. You'll need to be tagged to use it. It will be issued to everyone and therefore every human will be enslaved by it. WE will beg for it, they think, ordo ab chao as it goes. Otherwise, we humans can just keep calm and carry on and NOTHING will collapse if we organise and are vigilant. That's evolution, not tweaking what we are given as a form of fake "revolution". Be wise as the sly serpents are, friend."

The enemy is organised. WE must organise.

C.B.S. said...

he way overstates the problems the right are causing but other than that, good job.

Voltman said...

C.B.S: Who are you talking about? What problems?

BillyBob said...

Who are BLM? They are not a charity, they do not legally exist. Funds for them are raised through a 501C3 charity called ActBlue! ActBlue claims to be the largest donor to democrats like Biden, Sanders, and AOC!

In order to maintain tax-exempt status,
501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations cannot engage in political
campaigning. Nonprofits with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status should be ever
vigilant about this prohibition -- a violation could result in severe

The federal tax law is very strict on the issue of political
campaigning: A 501(c)(3) organization is absolutely forbidden to
directly or indirectly participate in any political campaign on behalf
of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.
Violation of this prohibition could lead the IRS to completely revoke your organization's tax-exempt status or impose excise taxes on your organization.

It's obvious that ActBlue is acting totally in defiance of charity law!   Charles Ortel has perused the tax records and ActBlue is in violation of it's charity charter, they didn't file on time in November of 2019!

So ActBlue can't legally collect a penny, and also legally they can't donate a penny to political candidates!