July 17, 2020

David Goldberg's Final Words


jerry said...

Does anyone have proof that this guys name is David Goldberg and that he has actually died shortly after recording these files? Is it possible that he might be an anti-Trumper ahead of the coming elections?

zapoper said...

It could all be bullshit for sure. It sounded true to me though. Rense played a part of it in the first hour of his broadcast last night.

BREW said...

This video was surfaced last year -- last summer, if not earlier.
So, it has been circulating.
Same questions of verification arose then, as do now.
Rense playing it in recent, is not new - simply a reminder.

BREW said...

I wrote video -- audio would be more accurate.

blackbird9 said...

Greetings all!

Mr. Andrew Carrington Hitchcock & I did a show a while back on this:

Very curious indeed. Organic or Synthetic?

Whoever it is behind the mic, he does THE BEST "Bibi Nutty-Yahoo" impersonation EVER! lol

Flashback March 2020 -

The Final Words Of David Goldberg And Their Relevance Today - EP1193 - Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

- bb9

Albert said...


zapoper said...

Thanks BB9

Anonymous said...

Tis BS.
Bono hailed the bloke on his death for God's sake.
Fraud !

Anonymous said...

He was on terms with Gates, Bono et al.
Its a blatant fraud.
Compare the voice with the many Goldberg video clips .
Different chap.

BREW said...

I have not listened to BB9 link shared, though as I revisit here and read the comments, I am reminded that a Secretary, or someone of some sort, that worked in "Rhe White Housw", was the verifier for the audio.

If I recall, it also talks about DJT conversion to being a Yew.

I haven't bothered listening to any if the audio posted -- I am attempting to recollect.