July 08, 2020

Pornhub Exposed As #traffickinghub


BillyBob said...

Porn Hub located in Calgary, owned by the Tribe. Most of the world's pedophiles live here including our prime minister - due to the lax laws on pedophilia.

Canada is a cesspool.

BREW said...

Is the video and research (?) thorough and legitimate?

I intend to view, although some input from the those here may be helpful.

Thank You.

Albert said...

"Removed" by jewTube:

"Oy vey !!! -- Shut it Down !!! -- The TRUTH is 'Hate-Speech'!"

"this TRUTH 'violates' (((our))) 'community guidelines'!
[but porn Doesn't, of course!] ..."

"Paauuwn is 'wonderful' Goyim!"

Harry Mack said...

wow, 6 million user generated videos per year - better not have any porn in hidden files on your systems or you are going down like so many other enemies of the state - weapons of mass deception - don't forget any VHS recordings in storage of the '6 million dollar man', jeopardy, 'wheel of fortune' or long lost episodes of the 'love boat' - interpol is watching everyone - we must comply - resistance is futile