July 31, 2020

POS Dr. Anthony Fauci's heated exchange with Jim Jordan over protests during coronavirus

Thanks Captain Ahab


Chains said...

Human garbage!

Captain Ahab said...

Yes indeed! He's not quite as repulsive as Dershowitz, but he is close!

I don't know who is speaking here in this video, but he goes into detail about Oklahoma's forced vaccination scenario that is coming. This apparently was passed last week in Oklahoma's House of Rep's.


Amanda said...

CaptAhab- OMG!!! I can't believe this is happening!!

And I was going to come here w/good news that at least they aren't going to kill that kid for the Boston Marathon bombing hoax https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/07/31/boston-marathon-bombing-death-sentence-vacated-by-federal-court-of-appeals/

But now I just feel sick about what's coming.

Chains said...

This needs to be confirmed

Captain Ahab said...

Agreed! We just see someone talking in the video without any additional information.

Tim Truth, who does some fabulous work, goes into the 'Hero's Act' below; and just like the World Bank's funding for the pandemic for other nations, there is funding in the bill that is set for everything under the sun until late 2024. Billions in handouts!

That tells us that this whole scam is going to be continually maintained with pre-planned adjustments in the pandemic narrative as time goes on in order to maintain its plausibility. Billions to be made off of PPE, testing, countless devices such as thermometers, ventilators,etc., screening equipment, housing for quarantining individuals, funding hospitals, treatment centers, and other health care providers, and on and on. They are going to milk this like there is no tomorrow!


Captain Ahab said...

There is a hidden escalation that is taking place deep within peoples psyche; the strife that is being forced into the whole social fabric through this divide and conquer technique with the mask issue is causing the dregs of society to step forward in all their smallness. Look at this loser!


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