August 31, 2020

Hello happy campers

I'm still breathing. Tell Zapoper to stop eating bagels and drinkin Manischewitz wine! He's gonna die in the wrong hell!


blackbird9 said...

Greetings, Good Sir!

Glad to hear you are still "Alive & Kicking"!

Despite the odds, Mr. Zapoper & krew are keeping this
ship afloat . . .

. . . and more or less ON COURSE!!! lol

A Big ol' North Cackilacki Salute to Mami's!!!

- bb9

Harry McFudd said...

At this rate this place is dead. Zapper has finally had a complete meltdown. Somebody needs to organize an AA intervention before he drinks himself to death.

Og said...

another cunt harry

Erik Paul said...


Panzerfaust said...

"He's gonna die in the wrong hell!"