August 14, 2020




Captain Ahab said...

One of my favorite sayings is actually from a good ol' liberal named John Lennon: "Life is something that happens to you while making other plans!" It's as if there is an invisible thread of order that runs through our lives, but that we only become aware of long after it has captured us in its grasp and then let us go. What Nietzsche would call the always 'too late!' We can never completely realize how important certain events are in our lives until they have perished and finally left there permanent impression and impact.

Two of my favorite content creators are Devin Stack and Paul Romano. Both have intentionally placed themselves into the position of self-sufficiency through homesteading; both have a highly developed practical wisdom,...what the Greeks would call 'phronesis!' Phronesis is the full development of the highest wisdom because it represents what is proper action and judgement which expresses itself in the excellence of high character and indomitable habits.

Romano lost his dog a couple of days ago, and he gives a solid analysis of how these wonderful and soulful little creatures have been given to us to help us along the way in this fascinating and terrible journey that is life. So that, when they exit this world, it is quite the painful experience and adjustment. Paul and Devin just get it!

Amanda said...

fwiw- apparently, infowars' Millie Weaver was arrested on the day she was supposed to release her documentary Shadow Gate. More info here:

One of the whistleblowers in the documentary apparently uploaded it to her channel:

Captain Ahab said...

Sometimes only one of Brian's videos are necessary!

BREW said...

Yes, Amanda -- Toee Says (show) channel @ YouTube uploaded, Shadow Gate - it is under the title, What they dont want you to know. [info wars] has also uploaded the Deposition Documentary.

I have shared the links with Zap and asked if he would please make posts with these items, plus some extras.

Tore Says does a radio show, M-F @ 12pm-1pm Est, at Red State Talk Radio

Also, Tore Says @
[live stream + extra reports]