August 19, 2020



Captain Ahab said...

I've always enjoyed Richie From Boston's no nonsense, suffer-no-fools approach over the years and in his recent video below he talks about how every primary agenda is dove-tailed into the fake Covid narrative. This medical tyranny, if allowed to go forward as it is doing now, will be the coup de grace for all of humanity! As Yuri Bezmenov said, "if America goes, there will be nowhere to defect to!"

Albert said...

That was Pretty INTENSE stuff !!! Captain Ahab !!! :-o

coincidenceskeptic said...

At 104 degrees while walking into Home Depot in the Capitol of Porn - The San Fernando Valley, I had to wonder where the intelligence of my fellow Fernandos had gone. We used to build rockets that were used to fake the moon landing, here.
Now, we are just a sea of masked morons in late stage pussification.