August 01, 2020

Powers & Principalities: Episode 162 - Hating Whitey


Albert said...

"You're a 'Racist'!"

Trick Question: What is the Very Epitome of "Racism"?!

A: WHITE-FAMILIES .... and Their Ancestors !!! ;-)

Hence the Backboned-Humorously-Disarming-Retort:

"You SAY that, as-if it's a BAD-Thing !!!" :-)

Albert said...

I Still have-to Read-Up about: "Simulacrum"s !!!

But, perhaps it includes the DIFFERENCE aspect, Like TWO completely-"Identical" Twins ... except ONE is a Murderer! 😮

In Terms of Light: a Mirror "Reflects": an "Identical" (except-Flipped) 3D World ...

--> Except one can NEVER: Reach-Out and TOUCH it !!!

Our "NEW" "Screens" are very-much Like: "Mirrors"-(to-the-World!) (but there is the added-"realism" of no flipping) ...

-- But, of course: When Someone / complete-strangers: "flip-you-Off" ... you Can't PUNCH Them!

ADD to the Light / Visual: The SOUND "Reflection" ...

--> And You Have: Folks "Interacting" Through-SCREENS ...

Where there is sadly: Not much REAL "Interaction" at All !!! 😮

--> We have been (((indoctrinated))) that maybe the Worst thing: is to Physically-HIT someone!

I was "locked in a Toilet" for 6-months ... where No-one COULD: HIT me!

"Reduce to Absurdity" ... "Be CAREFUL What You 'Wish' For! ..."

Having EXPERIENCED: An "innocuous" small-"world" ... where NO-one "Hurts your FEELINGS..."

--> The Realm: Of REAL Friends and FAMILY becomes OBVIOUSLY: VITALLY-Important !!! 🙂

Yes! -- With "Friends" ... You can always TRY to FIND Better ones! ... (THIS Freedom Obviously Gives us "Choice"!)

But, with-IN: FAMILY ... There is the Reciprocal: "Lower-rung": Appeal to FAIRNESS ...

-- and the "Higher-Rung" OPTION of: "Giving"-You a SLAP! ... or: "Sending You to-Bed, WITHOUT Supper!" 😮

(The SLAP instantly-Highlights-SUPERIOR-Strength! [WHO you are Talking-back to!] -- And NO-Supper SHOWS us: WHERE Dinner Actually COMES-FROM! 😉 )

Albert said...

A SLAP on the Face (too mild for: "concussion") or "Bottom" / across-the-Hand ... DOESN'T:

Break-the-Skin, or even cause Any-Bruising ... -- But it: "Stings" "Tingles" "Smarts" ...

-- And "Jars" -- NEGATIVE-Entities / Cyclic-Routines / Habits / "Possessions" ...

To "Shock" us OUT of: BAD-Influences ... "Going-DOWN BAD-Paths" ...

(Parents: "It HURTS-ME: More than it Does You! -- But, it is FOR: Your-Own-GOOD !!!")
("Spare" the Rod .... SPOIL the Child !!!)
(Friends: "Toughening us Up" ... Enables us to FAIR-BETTER in the Tough-"Grown-Up" Greater-World!)

--> The VERY TOP-MOST Agenda: of EVIL-jews
("Frankfurt-School" [cultural-marxism], and Theodor W. Adorno ["Critical theory" "Authoritarian-Personality" ie: FATHERS are "Bad"!] et al!)
----> Was DESTRUCTION of the Intact-and-"Extended"-STRONG-LOVING-FAMILY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😮
(And, Yes! -- FAMILIES and Ancestry are INTRINSICALLY: "Racist" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 )

NOW: We "Have": "Friends" and "Family" [Movie-Characters we 'Emote'-with?]

--> "Around the World" !!! ----> "Through" SCREENS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😮

* Just Like One CANNOT: "Enter" / "Grab" / "TOUCH" the: (FAKE!) "World"-BEHIND: The Mirror ...

--> It is Quite-CERTAIN: That: The REAL HUMAN-Feedback: Of the LIGHT from Our Friends and Families' EYES ...

and the LIFE GIVING ENERGY of Such REAL Company ... IS NOT in any-way: TRANSMITTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--> and "Cell-Phones" Not-"ONLY" Have: MANY BAD-Deleterious-Electromagnetic-Frequency Health-Effects ...

BUT the Frequencies and "HABITS" "Associated with such: FAKE-"Connections" ...

--> Has, Now OBVIOUSLY: MADE: Folks LITERALLY Become-Brain-Dead-Stark-Raving-Mad-CRAZY !!!

(Yes! "Cellphones" etc... are OBVIOUSLY-Transmitting:
"Alien"-Soul-Destroying-Blocking-to-TRUTH/True-Connection-BLINDING-"Hypnotic": "Frequencies" / "Vibrations"!)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

* The Above "Mirror" Concepts ...

are SIMILAR to the:

"Legal-Fiction"-(actually-DEAD)-"PERSON" (which was INITIALLY-Created to PROTECT us: whilst Engaging-in-Commerce!),

and (Debt-Based)-"Money" "Representing"-WORK! -- Concepts !!! ....

...... ALL CONCEPTS ... which have, of course, "NOT-Been-(((taught)))-to-us"-EVER !!!

--- IMAGINE: Children Growing-Up in America ...

Where at-Dinner, while their Mother: Serves-out Portions-of-Lovingly-Home-Cooked-Food: Onto their Plates ...

There is a CARDBOARD-Cut-Out: Of Their REAL-Father !!!

(Who is sadly: Off ((("Fighting for FREEDOM"))) Overseas !!! 😞

Yes! -- In a "Sense" THAT IS: Their-FATHER !!!

--> But, Obviously, some Very Very VITAL-Aspects: are Terribly-"Missing" (WRONG!) 😮

The proverbial: "Foot in the Door"! .........

--> The "cleverness" of EVIL: Is to Step-by-Step ("Slippery-Slope") IMPLEMENT:

A ("Revolution") TWISTING and eventually Total-INVERSION: Of ALL that is GOOD !!! 😮

"God" Wonderfully-MADE-US: With GOODNESS-BUILT-INTO-Our-HEARTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

--> THIS is Our: Consciousness / Conscience / "HEART" / "Holy-Ghost/Spirit" / "Logos"

-- Empathy-Compassion-for-Others--TEMPERED-With-the-Logical-Vision-of-LONG-TERM-GOOD !!!

----> And THIS (the UNIQUE-"HEARTS"-within-WHITE-Folks!!!):

is WHAT (((they))) consumed-by-Dark-Festering-Rotting-Corrosive-Burning-ENVY: "cleverly" Seek:

--> To Totally / Utterly: DESTROY / "Eradicate"-Off-the-Face-of-the-EARTH !!! 😮

(To "Usher-in" a NEW (World Order) ((("Paradise"))) where jews: Sit-and-Eat-and-RULE-like-Effendi ...

and garner NO-"Opposition" [even in terms of Objective-TRUTH!) Whatsoever !!! 😮 )

--> "Feelings" WITHOUT "Logic" ("logos") ... "creates" / results in: a "Living"-HELL-on-Earth !!!

Albert said...

It is practically-Impossible for: Truth-within-Their-Hearts Good-White-Folk:

To even Comprehend: How jews "cleverly" Espouse: "Racism" Strong-Families and Traditions ... For-(((themselves))) !!!

--> Whilst SIMULTANEOUSLY: Very Very AGGRESSIVELY-"Pushing":

"Diversity" and Sexual-"Freedoms" for the (((HATED))): White-"Goyim" !!!

Thus: One can HEAR: All over the Internet: "Commentators": "DESCRIBING" Our:

Right-Before-of-FACES: Current-Great-(((WOES))) ... as Being "Exactly" Like:

"Fascists" "Naaatseees" "Gestapo" "Holocaust-Death-Camps" etc etc etc ad-nauseum

When In-FACT: NOOO! -- It is Indeed: (((bolshevism)))-2.0: EXACTLY Like: the Brutal-Torturous-(((MURDERS))):

Of: 66-100,000,000 White-Christians in Russia, 10,000,000 in Ukraine (by STARVATION ... a TERRIBLE most-PAINFUL Death!),

Millions and Millions in Europe BY-the-(((allies))) (especially AFTER "WWII"-"ENDED"!),

2-Million Armenians (by the (((young-turks)))!) etc. etc. etc ...

AGAIN it is practically-Impossible for Honest Truth-Based WHITES to even Begin to Conceive:

How Totally-OPPOSITE is the jews' TRUE: "Thinking" / INTENTIONS: From WHAT (((they))) oh sooo "cleverly":

NON-STOP: (((media)))-"Present" to US !!! 😮

(As a "side note": Saul-Alinsky in his "Rules for Radicals" Handbook:

Emphasised: "Make your Enemy 'Live-up-to' / Follow: ALL of THEIR-Principles to-the-tiniest-detail!"

--> The Christian Natural: Honesty / Fairness / Self-Examination ...

Should-NOT: Be "APPLIED" towards Our OWN Wonderful-Families ...

[as "cleverly"-advised: By Our (Self)-Sworn-(((enemies)))!]

... to the POINT: Of TOTALLY DESTROYING: Everything GOOD About Our-Families / US !!!

Hence the WISE saying: "A Foolish-"Consistency" ... is the Hobgoblin of Small-Minds !!!" 😮 )

🌝 🌚 🌞