August 04, 2020

Scorpio's Conspiracy Show 2020.07.25

Scorpio Show # 23 on

Guest: Jim Rizoli

Topics Include:

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Revolution.Radio Studio A

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Albert said...

"Epic-Sellouts": Cathartic Commentary ... with "Indian-Robo-Cop" cherry-on-the-Top Ending !!! ;-)

Albert said...

Wow! Scorpio and Giuseppe What a GREAT Show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

You Got a really GREAT Interview out of Jim Too !!!

-- You Guys are Really GREAT together !!! :-)

Scorpio: Your Introduction-Piece was indeed Your Finest Yet !!!

-- I LAUGHED soooo Cathartically when I Envisioned:

the Old-Lady SPRAYING EVERYTHING with Disinfectant before Touching it !!! :-o

-- In the EARLY-Stage of the Hoax: I was washing-My-Hands under: just plain-tap-water, at HOME, more Frequently ...

-- as I was Handling: NEW "made in China" Plastic-Stuff!

--- This HOAX has Really MADE EVERYONE CRAZY !!!

--> It is GREAT: that More and MORE Good-Folks are NOW Fully-WAKING-UP to this:

WORLD "TRANS"-forming: SUPER-Virulent-BIG-LIE-HOAX: of All Hoaxes !!!

(We would Need to: WWF-Wrestling style: Duke-it-Out between: "C0v|d" vs "6-Gorillion" ...
... to SEE (((which))) is indeed: the "GREATEST"-HOAX ... of ALL Time !!! :-o

It is Ridiculous to SEE the "Walking-Dead" ("Mask-Wearers"!) ... who STILL: "Buy"-this-Hoax: "Hook-Line-and-Sinker !!!

-- If you Don't LAUGH! ......................... you WILL Cry !!! ;-)

Archie Titus said...

15 minutes in and you're going well.

For those who haven't been able to connect any dots and there have been hundreds over the years, it's time for me to connect the dots as to why they are unable.

I'm developing a few theories but it's still a bit of a mystery.

Prussian Revivalist said...

One thing people have to keep in mind though with both Jim Rizoli and Diane King is they are also gatekeepers in the "movement". I wouldn't trust either of them with a ten foot pole. They are heavily connected with Jews around them, all while presenting all articulate information about them and the Third Reich. But they aren't the real deal.