August 16, 2020

The Perfect Triangle with Giuseppe Episode #6 2020.08.14

Giuseppe and Scorpio discuss multiple topics with guest: James Fetzer (Callers in hour two)


Albert said...

"Perfect Triangle"

Yes! -- THREE-Aspects Allows a much much BETTER Analysis and Understanding! :-)

Sun-RISE (Hor(us)-Rizon) : Sun-NOON : Sun-SET (Seth)


G-enerator : O-perator : D-estroyer

Brahma (Sun) : Vishnu (Black-Sun Swastika) : Mahesh (Moon?)

WE ... Taking-BIRTH on EARTH ... are Somehow IN-BETWEEN:

The Animals ......................... and the Angels !!! :-)

(The PURPOSE of Human-Life is to BECOME: MORE God-LIKE!)

There are THREE "MODES" / "Gunas":

Tamas ("Ignorance") : Rajas ("Passion") : Satva ("Goodness")

Tamas (Drugs* / Gambling / Envy -- Actually-Miserable in the Beginning ... leads to DESTRUCTION!) Leads "DOWN"! (*Demon-Possession!)

Rajas (Eating-Meat / Sex-outside-of-Marriage [ie Not for having GREAT-Children! -- SEEMS "Vital" in the Beginning ... turns to Bitter-Poison!)] "Worldly" of-the-Physical-Body!

Satva (Its OWN-Reward! -- Leads to EN-LIGHTENMENT*!) leads "UP"! (*Channelling-Angels!)

LOOKING at Our PRESENT: Human-Body Life-Time ...

We Might Tent to "Ass-u-me" That:

Birth-Childhood was: Creation / Passion
Youth was: Maintenance / Having-Children, and
Old-Age-Death was: Dwindling-Destruction ;-)

BUT: (As YOU mention in Your-Intro ...) There IS: "MIND" : "Body" : "Spirit" !!!

"MIND" is a Cold-Calculating-"PRESERVATION-Machine" (A bit like the: Amygdala-stuff)
-- FEAR, "Selfishness" ... ("Zero-sum")-"TAKE-to-HAVE"! (Like "Moon") (ONE!) (Information)

"EMOTIONS" is HOT-(Up-and-Down!) -- PAIN !!! (Like "Venus") (TWO!) (Knowledge)

"INTELLIGENCE"/"Logic"-"Logos"is "Moderate"/"Temperate" -- a CONSTANT-Higher-Level-Consciousness (Like "Mercury"?) (THREE?) (Understanding/Wisdom)

Having-a-"SOUL" ... SEEMS to Be: A COMBINATION of:
Feelings-Emotions-EMPATHY ... TEMPERED-BY: The Intellect-SEEING-What-is-the-LONG-TERM-GOOD! :-)

Mind (What is GOOD) : Emotions/Feelings (What is BEAUTIFUL) : Intellect (What is TRUE)
--> The TRUTH is the BEST: Path-to-"God" !!! :-)

OK ... so MY "Strangely" SIMPLE "Conclusion":

EXACTLY LIKE: As CHILDREN: The Substance of LIFE is:
"Friends" (One can Always TRY to Find: "Better"!) ... and
"Family" (Children can always APEAL-to "Fairness" ... Elders: "I will SLAP-You / 'BEAT the HELL OUT' of You!")

--> Childhood (MIND): TAKING: Food, Hugs/Affection, Knowledge ...
-- To Step-by-Step Build-UP: A Strong Body, Emotional-Resilience, Intelligence!

--> Youth (Feelings/Emotions/"HEART)(LIKE the "Y" Cross-Roads!): GIVE-and-TAKE: Marriage Raising-Up Your-OWN-Children ... (Women SEE: "Give-and-Take" as: "Reward-Punish"! :-o )

--> Old-Age (INTELLECT): ("Desperately")-GENEROUSLY-(Santa-Like)-GIVING: Birthday, Christmas-Presents ... and STORIES / WIS-DOM ... to Children and Grand-Children! :-)

"MIND"/"Selfishness" ... TAKING-to-HAVE ... is "Zero-Sum" or WORSE !!!

"EMOTIONS" is CERTAINLY: of-the-Flesh/Body, and Reciprocal/"Creative"/Energetic!

"Intellect" is (Like "Uploading-to-the-Internet") "Un-ERASABLE"-(ETERNAL/of-the-Ether) ("Desperately")-GENEROUS: UN-LIMITEDLY: Shareable-PRODUCTIVE!
(GIVE a Man a Fish ... versus: TEACH a Man HOW-to: "Fish"!)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...


Albert said...

A ("PERFECT"? -- at-least the beginning-bit is punny!) Triangle JOKE:

Singing Hairy-Triangle:

"I'm PROUD to BE: A-merkin ... Because

Now that the ((("NWO"))) "tomorrow" has COME: and all the things ARE gone I'd worked for all my life ... and sooon to Be "Homeless" ...

I can Still TRY to Have: "FREE-Sex*" (and Drugs) though !!! :-o

I'd thank my lucky stars to be living here today ...

'Cause the flag still stands for "freedom" and (((they))) can't take that away ..."


--> NOOOOO !!!!!! "America" WASN'T: "clever" BS-((("ideas"))) of "Freedom" ...

NOR "Written-on-PAPER" "Guarantees" of "RIGHTS" ...

(Like the ("Goyim")-Cow-ID MEME: "A virus so DEVASTATING ... You NEED to TEST to KNOW IF you even HAVE it!")
... Soooo "Obvious" ... So "REAL" ... that You NEED to be From-Childhood: (Indoctrination-BLINDED)-"TOLD" that: (because 'Merica!) You "HAVE" Them!

----> America, and ALL WHITE-Nations were:

HAPPY WHITE-Folk: With the TRUTH-WRITTEN-IN-THEIR-HEARTS ... Going About THEIR business of Wonderfully-HAVING:

"Simply": (Reciprocal) FRIENDS and FAMILY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(UNTIL (((they))) "pooped in the Punch-Bowl!" :-o )

NO: -- NOT the HAPPY-WHITE-"Jetsons" ... (((TV)))-("Bait-an'-Switch")-"Future" ...

-- "THANKS"... (((edward bernays))) :-(

Albert said...

*IF you "Don't "GET" it!" ...

Look-UP: WHAT it Actually MEANS: to BE: "A-merkin" ... ;-)

-- Yes! a "Hairy-Triangle" ;-)

Albert said...

(I've "picked-Up" some of Radio-Albion's: "Grampa-Lampshade's": BITING-"Humour"!

Mah-Freedoms ... Mah-Democracy !!! ;-) -- The Hatreds! ;-)

Doesn't this "Patriotic"-Song ... and ALL of the TOTAL-BS:

"WWI"-"WWII" ["KILL the BEST of the "Goyim"-{White-Race}!"] ad-nauseum (((Wars)))...

"Push YOUR-'Buttons'" too !!!? :-o )

"I'm Proud to Be American" Lyrics:

If tomorrow all the things were gone I'd worked for all my life
And I had to start again with just my children and my wife
I'd thank my lucky stars to be living here today
'Cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can't take that away

And I'm proud to be an American where as least I know I'm free
And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me
And I'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today
'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land, God bless the U.S.A

From the lakes of Minnesota to the hills of Tennessee
Across the plains of Texas from sea to shining sea
From Detroit down to Houston and New York to L.A
Well, there's pride in every American heart and it's time to stand and say

I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free
And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me
And I'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today
'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land, God bless the U.S.A

Albert said...

I LIKE what PAUL has to SAY !!! ;-)

-- Yes! -- (((they))) MUST ... FINALLY come to FEAR us all ...

......... GREATLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like: The story of the TWO Women SAYING the SAME Thing ...

No the Baby is MINE ... Her Baby DIED, and She TOOK Mine !!!

Sol-Om-On -- BY Proposing "FAIRLY" "Dividing the-Baby-in-TWO" ...

SHOWED that ... though BOTH were SAYING: the SAME Words ...

--> The REAL Mother ... ACTUALLY LOVED Her Baby !!!

--> It is NOT about: "Words" ...

--> It is About: WHAT is WRITTEN-in-OUR-HEARTS !!!

--> WE: "Have-the-TRUTH-WRITTEN-in-OUR-HEARTS" !!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

It would BE: "Un-Forgivable" ...

To "ALLOW": (((LIARS))) to DESTROY* the WORLD !!!

(*And I DON'T BeLIEve in "Nukes"!)

Giuseppe from the District of Criminals said...

Wow Albert! Impressive tour de force on the perfect triangle concept. Quite brilliant actually. Love the dark humor. I've known for decades what a merkin is. You should call the show some time.

Scorpio said...

Yeah, those were some damn insightful comments by Albert.

Albert said...

Wow Guys ... It might: "Go to My Head" !!! ;-)

NO-ONE, for My Entire-Life ... has Really even LIKED Me ...

--> I Think that it would Probably be WISE: to Respect THEIR more-Informed-Appraisals !!! ;-)

My stuff about Friends and Family ...

-- IF someone is "Grumbling" about THEIR-Friends ...

The "POINTED"-Question should Be:

"Well, in a World of 7+ Billion People ...

--> How come: YOU CAN'T FIND any "Better" Then !!!?" ;-)

Similarly, with FAMILY ...

As Ignorant CHILDREN ... we would sometimes Foolishly / Un-Gratefully Criticize "things" ...

And a very DEEP and Profound Retort was:

"We'll SEE How-WELL, YOU DO ... When YOU Have-Your-OWN-Children!"

(It's Not sooo Easy as it "Looks" [Especially after "Watching" (((TV)))-"Brainwashing"-MIND-POISON!] !!! ;-)

-- It is EASY to "Criticize" !!! ;-)

--> I could NOT DO ANYWHERE NEAR as GREAT as YOU Guys DO !!! :-o

-- But I WOULD Recommend: MORE Caller-PAUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- I find EVERYTHING that: He SAYS GREAT !!! ...
and VERY ENLIVENING ... Even IF one "Disagrees*" sometimes! ;-)

* I can't really even FIND much, if anything that I "disagree" with in Paul's Great-Comments!
-- I simply "Prefer" to SEE, as MY Number-One-FOCUS: That even WHITE-("Mask-Wearing")-"Normies" ...
ARE the POINT of MY Concerns and "Evangelism" ... for a BETTER-Future! :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

By the Way ... the THREE "Emojis" ... are MY Attempt to Represent:

Moon : Black-Sun : Sun

THIS Present-World of "Duality" Has:

"Moon Evil-Darkness" vs Sun Goodness-Light ...

BUT: In the Higher Un-Erasable REALM:

There is "ONLY": Transcendent-PURE-GOODNESS !!! :-)

As the Encapsulation Goes: The TRUE-TRUTH ... is WITHOUT-"Contradictions" !!! :-)

(I didn't "Go": the "Osha" Route ... But, instead: NEVER Took-Drugs etc !!!
-- Hence, if I SEEM: "F**king-RETARDED" ... it's Because I [literally!] AM! ;-)

There is "Learning" BY:

(And NEVER ever Learning at all!)

-- Obviously, it is conceptualised that the Top-Ones are "Better" ...

-- But, in some Definite Ways (Unless it KILLS or Permanently Destroys You!) ...

Learning by Personal-Experience ... Teaches VERY "Unforgettable" "Lessons"! ;-)

and, Yes! Due to MY "Extreme-Retardation" ... I have Indeed "Learnt":
Some Very Very: Indelible "Lessons" ...
--> In the "School-of-HARD-Knocks" !!!

Indeed, I Opine: That is is THESE VERY-COSTLY and HARD-"Won" "Lessons" ...

Which, as WE Grow-OLDER "Motivates" us to "Share":

And to "Desperately"-TRY: to HELP Others who we CARE-About (ie ALL of Our WHITE Brothers!)

--> To Happily AVOID !!! :-)

(I, like too-Many ... Never Managed to Have any Beautiful-White-Children !!! :-(

I can Personally TELL You ...

WHEN: Everything is "Gone" ...

"ONLY" Friends, and Family "matter" at All! :-o

(It is "just" that MAYBE the more "eccentric" of US ...
Took-Birth HERE as "Special-Forces" ...
... and thus COULD NOT Have: The HAPPINESS of such!)

Anyway ... it is certainly NICER to BE: Who I have BECOME! ...
-- I wouldn't be Able to "Stand" the: "Old-ME" Now !!! ;-)
-- Which, I Think, is a GOOD Thing!

Being a: "Robot" "Zombie" "Soulless"-"Consumer ... etc,
-- The "Un-Examined"-"Life" ... "Living" such ... is indeed a Living-HELL!
And I would-NOT "wish" THAT upon ANYONE !!!

A little "encouragement" goes .... a Loooong-Way !!!
--> Be "Careful" Guys !!! ;-)

Albert said...

* "Moon Evil-Darkness"

The Moon ... is a HARSH Mistress!

... IF Children are Too Naughty ...

Parents PUT Them in the "Care" of a HARSH Nanny to:

"Whip Them into Shape!" :-o

It is BETTER for ALL concerned !!!

and WHEN (Hopefully!) -- You Go-BACK to BE WITH:

Your Truly-LOVING-Father ...

You DON'T have to Remember: HIM "Beating the HELL, OUT of You!" ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...


There is an Interesting small-YT-channel guy "Stargods"

He says some bible terms have been MIS-Translated ...

one of which is:

"Unless you have been 'born-from-Above*' you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

*Not: 'Born-Again'

--> THIS Realm is Described as a MIDDLE-Realm !!!

What IF a Number of Folks Have Become: MIXED-UP !!!? :-o

WE cannot "Infiltrate" (((secret-societies))) for to TRY to Do-so ...
-- Would be to BECOME Despicably-EVIL !!!

And it would be Terrible IF (((demons))) were to Enter-into HEAVEN !!! :-o

PERHAPS: THIS Present Computer-Virtual-Reality-Simulation-LIKE "Environment"

--> Is the FAIREST-WAY ...

To SORT-OUT the MIXED-Creatures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

--> Where, without the Ability to CHEAT ... we "SELF-Sort" Ourselves !!! :-o

🌝 🌚 🌞

THINK about THIS scenario Guys !!! :-)

-- This is One of the MOST Asked / Questioned Aspects of "God" and Heaven !!!

ie: WHY / HOW: Does / Can a LOVING "God" "Allow" us to "Experience" ...

... Such TERRIBLE-Conditions HERE !!!?