August 13, 2020

The Prime Suspect Does it Again - Yukon Jack

Who Gets Away With This?

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Israel’s Arsenal of Stolen W-54 Warheads
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!! Who Gets Away With This? !!

Yukon Jack
 On August 13, 2020 By jackyukon

Shortened & Abridged by Voltman

I am telling you Israel just nuked Beirut and got away with it because the Jews control the media and are experts at running psyops to take heat off the real perps – which is them and their Khazarian crime spree. Jews did 911 and successfully convinced the world that Muslims did it. And no matter the mountain of evidence that counters the official story, the world is full of idiots that still believe the false narrative. 

If you don’t think most people are totally retarded then just go outside and look at all the mask wearing sheeple – many who have them on in their car with the windows rolled up! Covid is a hoax just like the Holocaust – and look at all the idiots that still buy the 6 million ruse. The fact is people are easy to fool so long as the authority tells them what to believe, they simply will not challenge the power, they lack the will and the intellect to do so.

So why don’t you all consider the real game here, a multiyear setup of a sophisticated psychological operations by the experts in deception. You have to admit they are damn good at what they do, they even have trolls on all the message boards casting fear and doubt to any alternative narrative that exposes Israel as the doer of the deed.

Bibi holds up a poster board of Beirut – he talks of Hizbollah having bases and operations – that is the setup. Then later Beirut goes up in smoke. Cohencidence or coincidence? If you can’t see this ploy then God help you. He is telling you straight up that Israel is targeting Hizbollah in Beirut, but part of the ruse is to point to fake targets that they have no plan on striking. They are not going to give the actual target list away are they? If he pointed to an actual target and then it was taken out then that would give them away, wouldn’t it. So the ploy is to point to fake targets and maintain plausible deniability.



Israel excels in this technique of blaming the victim for what they do. They do not want the world to turn against them, or wake up that the Zionist thugs are the ones responsible for nearly all the terrorism in the world. So what they do is manage public perception of Israel. Israel, they say, is the world’s most moral army. Israel is the apple of god’s eye. They even have this huge evangelical lobby praising Israel in megachurches while Israel does all the terror

The evil genius at work here, everyone is arguing about the fertilizer not Israel. This is exactly like 911, how did the towers collapse not who was the instigator of the crime. Make no mistake, Bibi is the prime suspect here. Now look at what is going on in Iran, a sabotage war. It was Bibi who also held up a poster of Iran targets. People went to those places, they were empty. Obviously the target announced to the world was not the real target, Iran is. So when all these accidental explosions and fires go off in Iran, who do you suspect? Iran is being attacked by Israel on the orders of Netanyahu.

Next time you see Bibi say ISIS is going to attack Amerika, know what the game is, he is telling you Israel is going to attack Amerika. Israel IS ISis. Bibi is planning on destroying Amerika, and with his track record you ought to believe him. He is damn serious about destroying anyone he hates, and he hates Amerika more than any other nation.

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 Russia will perceive any ballistic missile launched at its territory as a nuclear attack that warrants a nuclear retaliation, the military warned in an article published Friday.

Listen to the Beirut Jet Attack

 The No Fertilizer Theory
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Shortened & Abridged by Voltman

Well what evidence do you have that some ship was sinking and the Ammonium Nitrate was seized then stored in the warehouse?  None?  Yep, you ain’t got one shred of evidence that any of it is true.

Now that the Beirut port has been vaporized, solid rock turned in dust, I bet there ain’t one shred of evidence on even one gram of fertilizer still exists.  It’s gone you say ’cause it blew up.  Really?  Got any proof it was there and blew up?  I bet you don’t and neither does anyone else because it is a 100% fabricated story parroted by the MSM to convince you that this false flag was an “accident”.

Trump says he wants an impartial investigation. Don’t worry there won’t be. Trump has not started any impartial investigation into 911 even though he said it was a demoltion.  Trump is a big grand stander bullshitter extrodinaire that talks a lot and never follows through. Trump even did a “9-11” television commercial mocking you sheeple, so rest assured, there will be no 911 investigation and no nuked Beirut investigation.

A commenter at Unz pegged him with this comment:
Harold Smith comment (Who Profits from the Beirut Blast?):
"The other possibility – to which I subscribe – is that those “off the cuff remarks” are an important part of the semi-sophisticated psyop that is the Trump presidency.

Trump makes frank statements that resonate with the target audience (as far as they go), but then he stops or backs off and never follows through on anything, regardless of merit or public opinion.

He’s done this regarding Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate; Obama’s illegal Syrian adventure; 9/11; Epstein’s mysterious “death”; pulling out of Afghanistan; pulling out of Syria; the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19; etc.

One of my recent favorites was Trump’s retweeting and subsequent deletion of a video in which one of his apparent supporters yells “white power” during a verbal confrontation between BLM protesters and Trump supporters at a retirement community in Florida.

IOW Trump calculatingly postures, sometimes quite convincingly doing something or making some non-PC statement or suggesting that some conspiracy is afoot somewhere, and the people that want to believe “he’s one of us” eat it up and demand more. Then, like clockwork, the media and the others around him publicly criticize and/or correct him (and depending on circumstance congress may do something to provide political cover or some kind of excuse why he can’t follow through or be blamed for anything, etc.), Trump promptly backs off, and the cycle repeats ad nauseam."

What you are supposed to believe is that Lebanon is corrupt and inefficient and they just let thousands of tons of fertilizer sit for years unattended in prime water front real estate storage shed.  Sure they did, no one thought of moving it to the desert? 

Christians in Beirut: "We witnessed jets planes and a missile flying overhead just moments before the explosion."

 The No Fertilizer Theory
Yukon Jack's Discoveries
 Israel’s Arsenal of Stolen W-54 Warheads
On August 13, 2020 By jackyukon


Captain Ahab said...

I'm as furious as this young Australian lad, but I'm just afraid that most people are just too dumbed down, indifferent, and apathetic!

Captain Ahab said...

More madness and blind compliance!

Captain Ahab said...

Quarantine Camps in New Zealand, Etc.

Archie Titus said...

Thanks to Yukon and Voltman.
The Devil is very proud of this incredibly powerful, perfect detonation and he's also very proud of his children.

Will return to these comments later and add a bit more.

Archie Titus said...

Twas a perfect detonation. Many bags, 2750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate not prepared for detonation, stacked randomly in a hangar suddenly and all at once exploded with a ferocity of intense force you would swear the devil was in it and had just been let loose.

If there really was 2750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate in a hangar it was in the building where there is now a visible crater filled with water. Convenient, it was directly opposite the wheat silos and which was Lebanon's food supply.

Ammonium nitrate 2750 metric tons of the stuff in a hangar occupying Beirut's prime storage space for 7 years. How can that be?

It really is sad to witness what these apartheid Jews are really doing to our world.

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