September 08, 2020

Operation Scorpio 2020.09.05

Scorpio Show # 29 on

Guest: Vince Edwards

Topics Include:

1)  That Magic Number: 6 million
2) Strategy of Confusion
3) Engineering of Consent
4) The MSM News as a Comedy Act

Clips from Century of the Self Part II are played and discussed

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Albert said...


I am the First Hour in so far ... with the Hour ending with: A "New" way of interacting! :-o

--> THAT is the "Beauty" / "Genius" of WHAT I have Musingly-"Discovered" !!!

OUR way of interacting ... is indeed: Friends and FAMILY !!!

--> The (((Alien)))-Invaders ... can Not Only: NOT EVER BE: OUR Friends or FAMILY ...

But, indeed [(((they))) are a 'Hive-Mind'!] cannot HAVE: Friends and FAMILY at-all -- as WE "Value"-Them !!! :-o

Thus (((they))) have oh sooo "cleverly" "created" via the "Black-Magic" of: FAKE-Debt-Based-"Money" ...

A "New" "Replacement" (FORCED!): (((master))) SLAVE System !!! :-o

Exactly Like: The "Invasion of the Body-Snatchers" Movie ... Where Step-by-Step:

The "OLD" Real-People System ... is "Replaced" with: "Pod-People" !!! :-o

WHEN one has a "SOUL" being effectively-FORCED: To "Dig Your Own GRAVE" ... "BUILD Your Own Prison" ...

Is the very Epitome of a "SOUL-DESTROYING" "LIVING"-HELL !!! :-o

We ALL "Know" how (((they))) are "cleverly" Hell-Bent: Upon DESTROYING: Our wonderful FAMILIES !!!

(Another way to look-at this is to "Make" US ALL powerless: "Renters" rather than Strong independent OWNERS!)

--> Thus the STRONG and "Hands-On"-LOVING FATHER / Patriarch is Con-stantly Harangued as "Fascist" !!!

OUR Very Very NATURAL Structures of: Friends and FAMILIES are easily UNDERSTOOD: by even / ESPECIALLY a CHILD !!!

--> You can Always TRY to Find "BETTER" Friends ... and if you TREAT Your Friends BETTER ... More and BETTER will Gravitate Towards You !!! :-)
(THIS is the NATURAL "Feed-Back" "Reciprocal" aspect of: Friends !!!)

--> Within FAMILY -- The Children can Always Appeal to Their Elders, on the BASIS of: "FAIRNESS" !!!

The Elders Naturally (Like a Relay Race!) Step-by-Step: "Pass-On" / "Hand-Down" the Ancestral-Great-LEGACY ...
And WHEN: we Actually Examine: the Parent-Child Relationship ... it CANNOT be SAID: That the PARENTS are "exploiting" the Children !!!
-- As indeed the PARENTS are actually DOING the VAST-Majority: Of the FAMILY-Sustaining-WORK ...

and OUR, as Their-CHILDREN: "Debt" to THEM and Our-Ancestors ... in NOT: to "DIRECTLY"-"REPAY"-("with-interest")-THEM !!!
... But, indeed: To OURSELVES Cherish Protect Preserve Build-Up and in-Our-Turn: DO-the-SAME: in OUR-Turn: for OUR Precious-Children, and thus: PASS-it-On !!!

WHEN Children (still yet "ignorant" of what it IS to Actually BE a "Hands-On"-LOVING-Parent!) Foolishly WEAKLY "Criticize" the "Un-Fairness" of Their-LOVING-Parents ...
The Astoundingly-WISE Retort was "simply":

"Well, we will SEE just How-WELL: YOU do at Parenting ... WHEN YOU have Your-OWN Children !!!" ;-)

And, of course: "WHILE You're 'Under MY Roof' ... You are UNDER MY 'Rules'!"

Albert said...


And, indeed, Elders have the RIGHT to: Spank You, to: "Beat some Sense INTO ..." and "Beat the HELL Out-of ..." You!
-- Rather than to Always (somewhat fruitlessly!) TRY to "Reason" with such: a Weak-"Misled"-and--if-not-curbed-EVIL Position!

(And, Yes! -- A WEAK-Bodied, and Emotional WIFE, is ALSO: "Jarred into-SENSE": By a "Slap" from Her:
"Hands-On"-Truly-LOVING Husband !!! ...
SHOWING Not-Only: His EASY always-Present-Ability [Which due to LOVE He is RESTRAINING! -- But ANOTHER Strange-[Invading]-Man MAY NOT !!!] to "Settle an Argument / Dispute" with Superior-FORCE! -- But that They are Obviously NOT: "Equal" and Have DIFFERENT 'Roles' to Play, in the Marriage, and FAMILY!)
("Men LOVE Women, Women LOVE Children, Children LOVE Hamsters ... There is NO 'Reciprocation'!" -- "LOVE" "Hands-On" is also Equivalent to "Boss" !!!)

"Just WHO do You THINK that You are Talking-TO ???!!!"

🌝 🌚 🌞

We are somehow Inbetween: The Animals ............ and the Angels!

-- The PHYSICAL "Reality" is "Might is Right!"
Yet, BUILT-into-OUR-"Hearts" is the VOLUNTARY: LOVING-Reciprocation: Where we TOGETHER Step-by-Step: Build-UP: A Wonderful Reciprocal "Merit"-Based: Paradise / Heaven !!!
("High-Trust" Society -- Where "Demon-Possessed"-Fiends ... CANNOT be "Allowed" to ENTER at All! :-o )

Albert said...

Wow !!! Scorpio and Giuseppe, Wow !!! --- What an Intense Show !!! :-o

(It is incredible How: (((they))) "Project" ... and "Spin-things" !!!)

"What Group of "people" are soooo Disgusting ... that (((they))) need to Pass "Laws" against HATING (((them))) !!!"

Visualise: a Hand "Bitten-by-a-Spider" ...

The POISON Spreading-Outwards ...

Trans-forming the Healthy LIVING-Flesh ...

into Swollen Deformed Dead-BLACK Horror !!! :-o

(BB9 uses the analogy of ((("Slime-Mould"))) !!!)

(((their))) MIND-POISONS ... "cleverly" injected into Our MINDS ... by "clever" (((media))) manipulation / "Entrainment" !!!

and NOW: via ((("smart-phones"))) ... Folks are LITERALLY becoming CRAZY - MAD* - INSANE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

* Heaping-Up Their OWN Funeral-Pyre ... by "simply"-Acquiescing-to-"Wearing-Masks" !!! :-o

John Miller said...

yes yes, Albert ..
But (((they))) , the "MIND POISONERS",laughing (((their))) asses off, doing a lot of "LOL"
Just look at those videos (((they) post below !!
WHY are (((they))) so "happy" ?? Because NOTHING is happening to (((them))) !!!

John Miller said...

And (((Their))) Rabbis are doing fancy dances and ROFL wonder....
These rabbis are charging 98% of the non-jewish american population a KOSHER TAX on any food item those non-jews are buying at the super markets!!!!!

And all of those 98% non-jews agree with that and say : Shalom, we love our jews !!!!

Chains said...

LOL Just the way you say "yes yes" invokes the grabbler image manipulating with every fiber of your being. It's you that says over and over everyone here a jew. So, zap is a jew, I'm a jew and just the other day you called Mami a jew?

Things are pretty grim man, sometimes humor is a good thing. Now fuck off and go play somewhere else. I think it's time for your mothers back rub JM, no? JM... Hmm, Any idea what JM stands for? Seems to me john miller is not what your initials stand for.More like Jew Mate or something similar LOL...idiot.

John Miller said...

apropos Rabbis...

Just ask the next rabbi you meet in your local hollocaust museum :
" many of your brethren were murdered, gassed by those evil Germans in Auschwitz?"
You will notice undisguised hate in his eyes towards you and he will ignore your question!!

Because the answer has to be:
Not one of the "holy men" was in a concentration camp, had to work or was "gassed", "killed and made into soap" !!!
Question " How come ???
Answer : Because they were all 'over there in the US of A' !!!

John Miller said...

Btw Albert,
great comments, as always !
Continue !!

John Miller said...

And Shallomm

John Miller said...

I am looking forward to Brizer's show...beside Scorpio's the best this web has to offer !!!!!!

John Miller said...

Hello friends, check out Bitchute interview :
'The Fetz Presents Lorraine Day'MD' !!!
Thank you

Albert said...

Yes! That Talk was GREAT !!!

The Fetz Presents (3 September 2020): Lorraine Day, M.D

Mami said...

I smell bagels dipped in matzaball soup? What the fuck has happened to this site since I died and went to Jew hell, (South Florida)

Scorpio said...

I've been wondering the same thing, Grizz.

Chains said...

You wonder? LOL, it's not surprising you wonder. Do you ever post anything here? Or have you moved to the next level as a content creator? What a joke!

John Miller said...

Hey Scorpio...
and what about gefiilte fish ??