Saturday, September 12, 2020

Scorpio Show ---- LIVE TODAY

 The Scorpio Show is LIVE TODAY

 From 1pm eastern time to 4 pm eastern time

On Revolution Radio - Studio A

Revolution Radio

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Taking calls  during the last hour

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Sean said...

Haha- tried to call in like 10 times to a “call in” show, hung up on every time before or after the first ring, apparently only “Paul from California “ is the only allowed caller. The total glitch meltdown at the end really proves how fake it all is. Donate to revolution radio now!!

Scorpio said...

Did you call in via a cell phone or magic jack? - magic jack and voip's don't work
The calls go directly to our individual call number.
Theere might be a problem with the call in #
also, you can come on the show via skype: dolphin_dave
It has nothing to do with RR - lol
I want more callers so let's figure out what happened.

Sean said...

I like the reyvolt (rtr) model for caller control better- just make it almost impossible to figure out how to call in, but if you do figure it out, they will take your call. Less obvious, yet still effective.

Sean said...

Or the renegade radio model- just insult and attack your callers (or guests) until they are unwilling to have anything to do with you.

Sean said...

Called via cellphone

Scorpio said...

There might be something wrong with the call in #. I'm gonna check into it further. I want callers and I'm not afraid of anything someone might say. Unless you're rude or disrespectful, it's an open playing field as far as I'm concerned.

BillyBob said...

No idea where to post this question - is Mami's done posting Timothy Kelly's podcasts?

Scorpio said...

Billy - I don't think so. Zap is taking an extended rest from this place ....but he will be a bad case of...... lol

BillyBob said...

Thanks, if I lived in Quebec (I live in ontario not much better ) I'd be in hiding too!

Original Larry said...

BillyBob: Tim posts a link on YT. No content, just follow the link.

Original Larry said...

Scorpio, where can I find your latest show? It is not yet on Revolution radio's archive.
Sorry I missed the live show, I was on the road all day, no "smartphone" or onboard computer on my space....I mean SUV.

Zeebra said...

Guess we're @ zap's mercy again as to when this show is posted - zap last seen Mon 9/7 night 12:30 AM ET (technically Tue AM) when he put up Brizer's show.

Rev Radio archives seems to take ~1 day to post shows, WITH all the breaks... though yest 9/11's Perfect Triangle show not up yet; can keep checking:
name: revradio
password: rocks!

& with any luck Triangle & Scorpio's shows will be up today/tomorrow sometime.

JACK said...

How can I join caht without registering my name/email? Faux email? Im curious what town your ranch was located in NorCal? I heard from a local in CarsonCity... NV is trying to put a meter on waterwells.

Zeebra said...

Triangle & Scorp shows up @ revradio now:



name: revradio
password: rocks!

Eric said...

Did the guest really say he's not worried about who is behind all of this? Maybe thats why hes allowed to continue on youtube hes not really a threat

Eric said...

Did the guest really say he's not worried about who is behind all of this? Maybe thats why hes allowed to continue on youtube hes not really a threat

Zeebra said...

So many great shows lately!

today's tim kelly,
Powers & Principalities: Episode 168
Critical Race Theory & COVID-911

Corbett yest, 34m:
Episode 383 – COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity

Grand Torino / Fiona yest, 64m:

"Computing Forever" Dave Cullen yest, 30m:
It's Time To Wake Up

Max Igan's been completely shoah'ed off jootube; pub'd this yest @ BChute & a couple other platforms - 49m but only the first ~30m is Max, then he tacked on a 3rd party vid which I didn't find worth the time, but apparently Max loved it,

Withdraw Your Service and Dissolve Your Government

Zeebra said...

DOH! I knew I was forgetting at least one must-listen jobee. Sarah Westall Sep 9th with Patrick Wood, 52 & 47 mins:

Tyrannical Takeover by Technocrats, Thought Patterns Behind This Agenda w/ Patrick Wood (1 of 2)

Tyrannical Takeover by Technocrats, Thought Patterns Behind This Agenda w/ Patrick Wood (2 of 2)

Patrick's site to get U some to those NO FILTHY FACE DIAPER card/placards to where around ur neck in mask-mandating biz's - claims ur health condition prohibits u from safely wearing a mask - scroll down for images of it:

Albert said...

I Listened to the Giuseppe show ...

Im the Last half-hour ...

Joe Olson mentioned reading: a 450 page book on:

"Spanish-Flu" / "Woodrow Wilson Flu" ...

and then: went on and on and on ...

--> Was the 1918 Flu CAUSED by: "Vaccines"?!

-- It would have NICE or Him to: Summarise / SAY !!! ;-)

Zeebra said...

That bit @ 2:40:05 when caller Paul from CA was speaking, & guest Jimmy Gene, obviously thinking he was on mute, blurted out,

"Oh God I can't take it man! This guy's dragging the whole conversation down the shit hole!
They can't hear me."

^ reminded me of this <1 min clip, guy @ top left, lolz

Scorpio said...

Zebra - that was hilarious!....but Jimmy actually apologized off air and even gave props to Paul. They are both brilliant thinkers but come at things from very different angles. The sparks were flying with that call - lol

Albert - I'm gonna have Joe Olson on my show in the next couple of weeks - I plan on talking about that as well as his research on the climate change hoax. There wasn't time to go into it with all of the other people on the call + the fact that it was the big anniversary of 911 on that day.

Eric - I think Jimmy was saying that since his channel has never been monetized, that's the reason he's never been censored...probably the same reason this site has managed to stay unscathed and under the radar.

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Youtube and the Truth movement are on fire since last Friday, September 11th with the now WORLD WIDE TRUTH CONFERENCE. The content from researchers is excellent, and now the movement is not only linking anthrax to 911, but outright saying that covid 19 is a product of the (((SAME PEOPLE))) that did 911!!! The world is really waking up. I'm surprised that this platform has MISSED IT ALL, but instead continually posts on top, a very nice man and his two dogs from Europe. SMFH.

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

My bad. The conference is called "JUSTICE RISING" - It should be called Truth and Justice Rising. :)

Holly Woodrow said...

Exactly I feel that he doesn't touch on the Hitler may remember an essay by John kaminski. Although it is true that we are suffering from the repercussions of banker war two and where in the Jews pulled the wool over our eyes. so it is necessary to touch on the Hitler test, but people don't want to go there. Joseph Goebbels said it was necessary to point out the Jew everyday or you're not doing your job

Zeebra said...

Judy A. Mikovits PhD

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