Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Fundraiser For Dr. James Fetzer


Tonight there will be a fundraiser for Dr. Fetzer's legal bills. He's trying to appeal his case so any donations will go to help pay his new lawyer, not for the judgement against him. So be there 8:00 pm eastern time, 7:00 pm central,  5:00 pm pacific. 

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RickB said...

You and Guiseppe should first hit up Dave Gahary, who was pitched to be a regular guest Guiseppe's "Perfect Triangle" show. Then encourage Gahary to hit up on Deanna Spingola for a contribution.

jerry said...

Fetzer was warned that the courtrooms in the U.S.A. are corrupt ... he chose to do battle with a corrupt judge and lost. Now he wants us to pay for a lawyer so he can appeal to an equally corrupt appeals court. All you have to do is go to and read all about corrupt courtrooms and corrupt appellate courts and the corrupt supreme court. Fetzer is naive and hard-headed. It doesn't matter if he's right ... this is what corrupt government looks like! And what a stupid, dumbed down, propagandized populace (comprising the jury) thinks ... to hell with what's right and wrong.

Fetzer: "But what about the Constitution?" Me: What about it? Fetzer: I thought ... Me: Your thinking got you in a lot of shit, didn't it? Limited government? Explain how the Constitution needed to be Amended (18th Amendment) to outlaw alcohol and then Amended again (21st Amendment) to make it ok for alcohol to be consumed by Americans again. Yet the government has since outlawed heroin, cocaine, marijuana and a whole slew of other substances without a Constitutional Amendment. How did the "limited" government manage to do that? Do you suppose we have a fraudulent government ... original Constitutional Republic was flushed down the toilet when Lincoln invaded the South and FORCED the southern states and their people to return to the Union ... so much for "consent of the governed". The South no longer consented ... they were forced to accept!!!!! Get that thru Fetzer's thick head, would ya?

jerry said...

And the lawyers that are letting Fetzer run up a bill that large know goddamned well that Fetzer has assets stashed away somewhere that they can lay claim to. He must own his own house by now ... lawyers wouldn't go along with this bullshit if they didn't know for certain that they would be paid.

For you two to have the audacity to try to get everyone else to pay for shit that Fetzer instigated and got HIMSELF INTO is laughable. I want both of you to go to the blackboard and write: "I am a stupid fuck who thinks other people should pay Dr. James Fetzer's (a former Marine Corps officer) legal bills" a thousand times. 1,000 times ... got it?

And tell Fetzer for me that his "nukes took down the twin towers" bullshit is more shit that comes out of his mouth. He's trying to say that the Geological Survey detected all the "tell-tale" signs that a "nuclear event" occurred ... if this were true, why didn't the Nuclear Regulatory Commission get involved to corroborate this "evidence"? That's there job. And did it ever occur to Fetzer that maybe the Geological Survey lied? Hard-headed and naive ... he can shove a bayonet up his "former Marine Corp officer's" ass!! FOLLA?

jerry said...

@RickB ... Dave Gahary ducked out of all this early on when he said that he spoke to and observed "Lenny" Posner for several hours and determined that Posner was telling the truth afterall. To hell with all the evidence Gahary relied on to form his original opinion ... several hours face-to-face (and knowing that the lawyers are going to cost a fortune) was enough for Gahary to decide to flush all of this stuff right on down the toilet!

Spingola? In my opinion, she's a nutcase. and buy her book if you want to challenge my assessment. Look at the evidence as it was reported by the MSM and her case falls apart quite dramatically. She owes Wolfgang Halbig a major apology and the proceeds from any money she made off her book. (O yeah ... she wrote a book. LOL)

Liam said...
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Liam said...

Charity begins at home for me and I will give my sweat equity to European Canadian beggars light years before a BAR lawyer.

RickB said...


Dave Gahary should easily be able to afford to make a contribution as he ceased publication of Fetzer's book on Sandy Hook, demonstrating the income for that was an easy cut.

Since Gahary is chummy with Spingola, and Guiseppe has an in with him, since he was pitched as a future regular guest on his show, Guiseppe perhaps could get a contribution from Spingola.

Contributions from both might help the credibility of each... lmao... excluding myself.

RickB said...

That is Guiseppe might get Gahary to get a contribution from Spingola since Guiseppe has an in with Gahary and Gahary is chummy with Spingola.

Papa Doc John said...

Shills need to pay bills as well... Pay up, schmucks!

Original Larry said...

If I had any money, I'd rather give it to Zap, or one of you guys. But I don't so we are all S.O.L.
P.S. Whatever happened to Wolfgang Halbig? John B. Wells financed him for a planned documentary, had a donation button on his website, but when Wolf got arrested, Wells read it like it was some street bum, took the donation button off his website, and never mentioned it again. That's when I unsubscribed from his stupid program. And he calls himself a "Christian".

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...


Spingola won't give up any money to Fetz. She knows that he's completely off his rocker when it comes to so so many false flags, while parents still morn the loss of their young children in many of the "false flags". Halby, Small-strum, Gay-hariy, are worthless wanna be journalists. Even on the edge of committing fraud to continue the perpetuation of their delusions.

I remember it well, when Fetz said that it was the israeli mossad that murdered all the children at Sandy's Hook. - Ask him. He sure had it figured out then.... too.