October 26, 2020

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The US Is Running Out of These 9 Foods
New World Next Week in Tyranny
James Corbett & James Evan Pilato
London Anti-Lockdown Protest
Deception and Tyranny
Gary D. Barnett
What's Going On?
Charlie Freak
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There Is no Covid and There Is no Pandemic:    There Is Only Deception and Tyranny

Gary D. Barnett – Lew Rockwell.com Oct 24, 2020

“All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.”

~ George Orwell

The Virus is Still a Tyrannical Hoax


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New World Next Week
James Corbett & James Evan Pilato

Story #1: Ireland To Impose 6-Week National Lockdown, Estimates 150,000 Job Losses

Episode 328 – The Bitcoin Psyop

Who’s Afraid of Decentralized Currency?

PDF: “The Future of Money and Payments”

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Charlie Freak

 The US Is Running Out of These 9 Foods FAST

Posted on October 24, 2020

Items consumers may see less of in the coming months

An article published on Business Insider offers some insight into the possible shortages we may be facing, as well as explanations for why this may be happening. Here are 9 of those items:

Beef – The National Cattleman’s Beef Association has stated that cattle ranchers face over $13 billion in losses that will continue through 2021. The Food and Environment Reporting Network has claimed over 11,496 factory workers in the meatpacking industry, and food plants have contracted COVID.

Those claims are significant not because of the virus itself but because of the shutdowns and strain it puts on the individual factories, consumers, and industry as a whole.

Pork – NPR has reported that a Smithfield pork processing plant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, recently shut down after around 300 employees tested positive for COVID. The facility did reopen, but other facilities are at risk of experiencing the same thing. Keep in mind that the factory supplies between 4 and 5% of the US pork supply.

Chicken – Chicken plants are also in danger due to the “close quarters” of the facilities.

Whole Deli Sections – Gomez also pointed out that deli sections, in general, are in danger because they “typically need more employees and preparation in-store.”

Imported foods – “Many countries that export commodities are worried about food security. In response, some are restricting exports of certain commodities to ensure enough availability in the countries,” said Gomez.

Highly Perishable Foods – As the food supply begins to show signs of weakening, consumers are likely to pass over foods with a short shelf life in favor of more easily stored products. Lockdowns and shutdowns will likely create the same reaction.

“In terms of what we see consumers buying more of, we see things they can store for a long time,” Gomez said. “For example, they prefer to buy apples because they last longer in the refrigerator than broccoli or things that are very perishable.”

Think about what happens when the tide begins to turn, and consumers start buying more storable goods. How long do you think those storable goods are going to last on the shelves? What will the next empty shelf syndrome be?

“Fancy” perishables and berries – The shift from buying fancy foods to basics has already begun. Instead of buying more expensive fruits, consumers are buying basic, cheaper fruits like bananas and oranges.

With consumers being thrifty with their food budgets by not buying expensive products, the supply chain will be further affected. Those less expensive items will eventually become hard to get as well.

Lettuce – There is already a lettuce shortage happening right now. Due to extreme heat, fires, and a virus attacking lettuce plants in California, lettuce is currently in short supply, with major chains like Wendy’s already limiting the vegetable on their sandwiches.

Seasonable fruits and vegetables – According to Dimitri, these items are already experiencing a “change” in supply.

“We are heading into the US domestic production season, and we tend to supply most of the produce until the early winter, so I don’t anticipate seeing a huge effect at the grocery store until we have a change in season,” she said.

Dimitri explained that labor shortage in other countries and the slow down in the supply chain would result in spoiled produce before reaching the United States.
Prepare now.

Food shortage is no longer a conspiracy theory. These experts are advising us to take action now. Keep in mind we may soon be facing another round of lockdowns, which will strain the supply chain even further.

    Here’s what to buy to prepare for a lockdown.
    Here’s what to buy when the things you want are out of stock.
    Here are 9 things to buy every time you go to the store.

While there’s still some time to prepare, events are unfolding quickly. We’ve watched a similar scenario unfold in Venezuela. Let that be a cautionary tale and purchase while you can. After that, focus on what you can produce or acquire locally – the global supply chain is no longer a reliable source of food.

Have you seen any difference in the quantity or quality of these foods at your local stores? Let us know in the comments and please give us a general idea of where you are (just the state is fine.)

The US Is Running Out of These 9 Foods FAST
Posted on October 24, 2020


They Call Her Mitsu Peachy


Hugo Talks – Oct 24, 2020

 Some Comments

  1. It was a wonderful demo, completely and totally peaceful, except for the police harassing people.

  2. Bankster jews planned the covid scam, funded the riots, hyped covid through their jews media and puppet politicians, and incited the rest of the terror.

    Banksters are getting their desired reaction from the sheeple. The covid planners knew well that people would become disgusted with lockdowns, masks, economic meltdown, and the rest of the covid madness.

    Now the stage is set for a hero to come to the rescue and save us from this terror. WHO could it be ? WHO will save us? Will it be the zionist creation known as the UN with its WHO child ?

  3. if it takes 5 police to manhandle a slight 30 year old women how many would it take to manhandle 40,000 demonstrators. folks we are many they are few. time to take back control even if it means a overturning this government and parliament

  4. If the police help the elite get their NWO they may soon find that in a techno-fascist regime not so many of them will be needed. Many will become surplus to requirement just as many of us are. So many can be replaced by other security measures like electronic turnstiles, or CCTV on every corner, or replaced by kiss-ass security quislings paid half their wage.

    They will help to introduce a system which will treat them as badly as they treat us. They will find their subservience to the elite is long forgotten, when they’ll be called feckless and workshy bums just like everybody else is.

  5. Racism is Race loyalty, or Racial self-defence. Until it is embraced we lose a percentage of our people every single year. Moslems do not. They expand, having shunned freedom, alcohol, and most of the temptations that Westerners call life.

  6. It wasa real pleasure to walk with and chat with others who feel the same way, we do not want Bill gates the Rothschlds or whoever taking away our freedoms
    they can get stuffed


    ​Synagogues have always been places of intelligence collection, insider dealing anything to make money at others expense, and this was very evident in the build up to W W 2 and into the war.

    Head office was in Hampstead London where Lord Rothchild held sway having all the info and intelligence radioed to Moscow. Jewish Prostitutes like Flora Solomons slept with lonely senior Military men for their pillow talk.

    The success of all this was that the Rothschild protege Winston Churchill took us into the war, that Neville Chamberlian kept us out of, and in support of our enemy Soviet Russia.
    Britain emerged damaged beyond repair, but the jewish communities who largely avoided military service came out much richer, so much so that almost all moved out of East London to Essex Gants Hill Barkingside Redbridge and Chigwell all the better areas.
    One of the pies duped into spying for Rothschild and Russia was a man named George Blake, George spoke all that time back of a plan to use germ warfare to close down the UK, and rob it totally.

    Was it guess work as many experts claim ? I dont think so, i think George knew about the Covid plan even then

  8. Notice the Orwell police do nothing when BLM (Bipedalape Lives Matter) & CIAntifa scum protest & riot…


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Johnny Draco said...

Who are these "experts" advising us to take action now on the coming 'food shortage"?
Who is "Dimitri"?
Who is "Gomez"?
*** Juda is the embodiment of Phobia with clay feet.

Voltman said...

Who is "Dimitri"?
Who is "Gomez"?
Who is Johnny Draco?
Who is this nitpicking cry baby yelling "give me! Give me!".
Is he too lazy and spoiled to do his own bit of research?

If Draconian Johnny, can't find anything in this post that is of value to him, and if he can't contribute anything of value, I suggest he take a long walk off a short pier. I also recommend that he NOT TAKE ACTION and prepare for food shortages because it's just another conspiracy theory and we all know these conspiracy theorists are always out to lunch.

Johnny Craco's contribution to this forum will not be missed since his contribution, so far, is less than nothing.

*** Johnny Craco is the embodiment of entitlement without merit.



John Miller said...

Hello Johnny Draco

start researching by reading Dr. Martin Luther's " The Jews and Their Lies"

This treatise by the Great European Reformer of the Jewish problems has been virtually hidden
from the American people.

Continue researching by reading the book, written by a man of the people in 1921, just a few years after the end of the war brother against brother, WW I, Henry Ford's " The International Jew "
It will help understand what's going on in this word