October 30, 2020

Yukon Jack On Saving The Planet With George Carlin

Does Yukon Jack Have a Thinkin' Problem ?
Special Relativistic Holocaust Mathematics
Yukon Jack
"The planet's not going anywhere - we are."
George Carlin
Saving The Planet & Keeping Us Safe
The Promise of Lying Mass Murderers

 The Grinch Who Stole Thanksgiving
Del Bigtree 
 LARGE-MOUTH Pike Pompedo:
America Is Keeping the World Safe

"Maybe the planet made humans because it wanted plastics and it didn't know how to make them." Maybe the planet knew Big Oil's Greedy Salesmen would figure it out? 


A mind is a terrible thing, dangerous thoughts may infect it, like how is it exactly 6,000,000 million holy chosen ones died? Who counted up all them dead Jews and doesn’t it seem odd that it is exactly 6,000,000. Why not 6.000,033?

So I went a lookin’ on how Abe Foxman was so sure it was exactly 6 million, not one more, not one less. I mean, good ole Abe would get mightily upset if you question the 6 million number, it is exactly 6 million and if you question it, then Abe says you are a dangerous anti-Semite, but I wonder about that because Abe Foxman doesn’t look like a Semite, he looks like he is a white Polish fat assed prick, but I digress.

I found a good honest Jewish website, the Jewish World Almanac

Jewish world population 1933: 15,315,859
Jewish world population 1938: 15,748,091
Jewish world population 1948: 15,753,638

Wow, that is some new math. This discovery worried me so I asked my friend, a black Jew from NYC about it. He never heard about any corrections to the 6 million number and so I asked him how can Jews be a race when he was blacker than black. Well he said, it is a race sometimes and a religion other times, and I was asking to many questions and I was being unsensitive to the plight of the Jews. I said, well all the Jews in this town are quite well off, and none are homeless.

So once again my mind, it kept thinking, and I said to myself it is dangerous to think new thoughts, as the world makes no sense when I think. So then I said to myself, I should not think about them Jews, as they are good neighbors, I will now concentrate on global warming and saving the planet. We should save the planet, what a noble Ideal I said to myself, so proud that now I was thinking big and not being a dirty racist who questioned Jewish numbers.

First I watched a George Carlin video on save the planet, I think it was this one:


So that got me thinking, but I didn’t tell anyone I was doin’ some thinkin’. How could a trace gas control the weather? So I studied how temperature and CO2 were related, and I found out something shocking: CO2 always followed temperatures up and when the ice ages happen, CO2 followed temperatures down. That really confused me because Al Gore said in his movie that CO2 going up was going to fry us all like sausages in a skillet.

Well time passed and we never got fried except from smokin’ that wacky tobacco, and I started doubting Al Gore and his crusade; I said to myself: is Al Gore a lying politician? So I studied them types and found out that nearly all of them lie their damn asses off about everything, and the ones that are truthful like Cynthia McKinney are soon looking for a new job outside of Congress.

I could go on an on why thinking has made my life miserable, because every time I think some new thoughts, I make this terrible mistake of telling someone and they either get white as a sheet from fear or they get really mad at me. Just the other day I told a nice older lady that the corona virus was a hoax; she got really mad, all red in the face, and stormed off all mad and shit. That sure didn’t make me feel good, so I told myself I should never tell anyone of my thinkins.

So now I just write blogs using a pseudoname as I wouldn’t want that fat pig Foxman to know who I is, which is just a thinkin old redneck cowboy who keeps to himself.


 Yippie Yie Yo! Cow Patty!


"Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo know how to make other countries feel safe — and will punish them if they don’t agree."

Time to call in Gina The Hyena Haspel!

 The Body As A Torture Chamber - Polly

Gina The Hyena's Torture Chamber - Amazing Polly

 Is This Torture? - Amazing Polly

 Hey "teacher"! Leave these kids alone!!
Del Bigtree

 Gavin Gruesome was found to be infected with Hemorrhagic Stupiditas after taking the vaccine to protect against the disease of Intelligence! He also tested positive for Sadistic Fibrosis AND Porkinson's Disease. Many specialists believe Gruesome Nuisance to be severely afflicted with The Disease of Conceit which has been ravaging the Fakestream Media, the lying politicians and their Bankster Enablers.

Could This Me Mr. Grinch?

Pompeo Won't Answer Question !

But he's keeping Americans SAFE!!!

America Is Keeping the World Safe - Mike Pimpeo

Del Bigtree

Del Bigtree's Son
 Del Bigtree's Grandson

Giant Galloping Peacocks from the Galapagos
The Hidden Hand
The Broken Ship of State
Up The Creek Without a Paddle
Without a Prayer in Hell


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