November 03, 2020

Full Movie: The Irish Pub

    •                    This wonderful Irish institution is on it's last legs folks. This doc was made a few years ago but it's so relevant now because ALL of these fine pubs are closed due to bullshit!! The stories, the songs, the craic, characters galore, and good decent people's livelihoods have now been consigned to the rubbish heap. Generations of history gone! Because of what?? Bullshit!! Time to reclaim what is ours folks no matter where you are!!


Unknown said...

so f......g sad. And I am German, who would have thought.....lets fight these f....s !

Harry McFudd said...

As an Irish American I shed a tear for the pubs. I just looked at the election in the states here. That f'ing Biden and that pos scumbag Harris are in the lead at 5am. Great... we are going to have in the oval office a senile fool retard kid porn salesman and a libtard freak claiming she will go after anyone who voted for Trump. This is the end of the world. I hope all the demonrats in California starve to death first... slowly and painfully. Take your vaccines you fools. Take 3 or 4 to make sure. Take them right in the vein.

Anyone want to take bets that Biden will die in office? For real or for fake take your pick.

I was looking forward to watching them burn California to the ground. Now I can save the popcorn for the up and coming famine.

Harry McFudd said...

Fingers crossed that Trump might still get in. I mean he is a bought piece of shit but our march into hell might be a little slower.

Harry McFudd said...

We lost Wisconsin and Michigan. It's official. We're fucked. Good bye cruel world. Harry McFudd put's gun in mouth and pulls trigger. KERRRRRRSPLATTTTTT... with shit all over the monitor.