November 10, 2020

Joe Bidem Loves The Dead & Max Igan on *Electoral* Fraud

The Masked Bandit on His Victory Tour

"We Built An Extensive
*Electoral* Fraud Organisation"
- Groper Joe Buydem
 The Most Blatant and Obvious *Electoral* Fraud in History
Max Igan
 Overview of massive *Electoral* FRAUD
The ADL Was Instrumental in Defaming 
The People Once Again
FoxMen in The White Hen House
Covid Coup - Pantodemic Season
 Windows On The World
Calling Out For Perry Mason
Is Joe "I am a Zionist" Bidem Sniffing Ape Foxman of
The Handi Defamation League?
Fox Apeman 
Ex-President of The Handi Defamation League
Here's the cretin who's the successor to Ape FoxMan
Jonathin Greenbatt
President of The Handi Defamation League
Greenblatt is a hippopotacrite who goes around accusing all good people of antisemitism and hate speech...!!! The ADL works with Big Tech to censor the truth. The pathological liars have declared this era, the "post-truth era". What could go wrong?!
Defamation - ADL bullying Ukraine into downplaying the Holodomor as serious as the Holocaust 
ADL’s Hate Symbols In Reverse
Brother Nathanael 

ralph c trefry commented:

Isn’t "Talmudian "more to the point? Not all Talmudians are Jews and not all Jews are Talmudians. If we aim our rhetoric at the Jews we will miss the gentiles and if we aim our rhetoric at the gentiles we might miss the Jews. Aim our rhetoric at the Talmudians and no innocents’ is hurt. I consider the Talmud the scriptures of Satan and those [Talmudians] who follow his directives are the trouble makers of the human race.

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What happened to Perry Mason?
What happened to the Truth, the Whole Truth
and nothing BUT The TRUTH?
Raymond Burr spoofing Perry Mason on The Jack Benny Show, 1961

Interview with Source on Electronic Vote Fraud | CDMedia

Banned Youtube Videos – BitChute Nov 8, 2020

US Election 2020 The Most Blatant and Obvious Electoral Fraud in History
Max Igan – The Crowhouse Nov 9, 2020

 Out of the blue, suddenly almost a million votes for Biden had been added, causing Biden to be the winner. 

How did that happen? Find the answer on the following overview of evidence that the 2020 election is rampant with unprecedented voter fraud...  

* Suggested by Amanda *
 Windows On The World

*Suggested by Albert *

  Heads Are Gonna Rock'n'Roll!
"The Nightmare Returns"

Dedicated to Groper Joe Buydem, the Vote Grabbler
The Vote Grabbler

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Zeebra said...

2 awesome new vids just pub'd today; voltman? :~)

ReallyGraceful: "The Show Must Go On..." (9 mins)

Cynthia McKinney / Robert D Steele:
"Dr. (PhD) Cynthia McKinney On Electronic Election Fraud by Diebold & Dominion - STAY THE COURSE!" (20 mins)

Zeebra said...

forgot about Max Igan's most excellent new one today, asking... 34 mins:

"US Election Bait and Switch?"

he makes a good case the current #StopTheSteal is all scripted - glaring question is: WHY did they make the FRAUD so FREEKING OBVIOUS?

he also bangs on the zio-jooz a bit, as does Grace's new vid above