November 09, 2020

Operation Scorpio 2020.11.07

Scorpio Show # 37 on
Guests: John Friend And Steve from the UK

BREAKING NEWS: BIDEN (S)ELECTED AS PRESIDENT! What is next and what are its implications?

Topics include:

   1) Groper Joe For The 'Win'
   2) Fake Pandemic, Fake Election, Fake Everything
   3) Trust The Plan - The Last Gasp Of Q
   4) Storm Trooper Boogie

 Steve from The UK is an old friend from the Information Underground days. In 2010, Steve published the names and addresses of every international banker of any significance. He shares his insights and possible ways forward outside of the current paradigm.

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Amanda said...

Looks like Q-tards are still hooked on the hopium:
This needed to happen for the offensive to begin. [Their] criminal acts will now be revealed. Hold steady Patriots! The movie will be getting good! #HoldSteady #GodWon

And then I stumbled onto a tweet from Linn Wood who seemed hopeful and said the coup will fail (he's the lawyer who defended that Sandman kid against the media). So I was thinking that maybe as a lawyer, he saw some lawyerly way out of this, but then I scrolled through his twitter and was surprised to see WWG1WWGA and tweets to Dr. Steve Pieczenik on the "trap." Pretty shocking to see a lawyer hooked on this Q crap.

And I'm not saying this as a fan of Trump, it's just that Trump wants to open up and has been openly mocking the "cases, cases, cases" BS narrative from the MSM, so there seemed more of a chance of fighting the hoax with him, especially since he also has Dr. Atlas on board. But with Senile Joe and Ho Harris, it's pretty much guaranteed that there's going to be a national lockdown and national mask mandate (since traitorous Dems are 100% on board with the Covid HOAX and tyranny).

And look at what absolute psychopaths Senile Joe and Ho Harris are--they know they just committed the biggest fraud on the American people and they don't give a crap. They obviously have contempt for the American people, which apparently means they're perfect for the job.

KnownUnknown said...

If you still had hope for Trump how are you any different from the q morons? Scorpio and Triangle sure aren't.

BTW how's the 5G story going?

Amanda said...

I had hope that Trump and Republicans wanted to open up and were NOT onboard with the hoax. A national lockdown and mask mandate are guaranteed now with the Democrats. I certainly didn't have hope that the central banker would let him stay in power--I knew the agenda, so it was obvious where this was going.

KnownUnknown said...

You sound like you still think Trump was independent as opposed to a bafoon.

Is the 5G responsible for the second wave or is the masks?

John Miller said...

I have been told by 'American insiders' : Doesn't matter who wins...all of them are Israel firsters, they ALL are in the pockets of International Jewry, the ALL love to suck jewdicks.

I personally believe that too.


Amanda said...

Well, Trump and the GOP (who I know are dirty too) don't support the global warming/climate change HOAX, but now that we have Senile Joe and Ho Harris, they are going to force the Green New Deal on us, especially after they finish the steal and claim the Senate too. And then they are going to claim a fake mandate and force all of this crap on us:
Dems already have "Banking for All" bills in the House and Senate, which is a step in the transition from cash to digital. So, obviously, the central bankers are advancing their Great Reset from the left.

inthemix16 said...

and for those of you all that are a bit shocked at the brazen , in your face happenings of this week, just ponder events of the past. Think JFK, and the brutal murders of Tsar Nicholas and his family. Both, intentionally done as "slaying of the king" rituals . Its to let you know whos boss, and whos calling the shots. Now.... Can someone tell me if im suppose to be Thanking my troops for my freedoms ???? If i hear one more yell of "Semper Fi" im going to puke . I mean, come on, at least the Turkish Military gave it a shot in 2016, but till this day i cant figure out who was on the right side of that one

Amanda said...

@inthemix16- Oh, I totally hear you- not shocked at all. I think we all saw this coming. The WHORE media was laying out the propaganda groundwork for the coup with all their BS questions of "are you going to cooperative with the peaceful transition of power when you lose" crap. Yes, JFK getting his head blown off- brazen in-your-face show of power (this is what happens to Presidents who don't follow orders). IMO this brazen theft of the election (when Trump was having rallies in the tens of thousands and senile Joe could get 40 on a good day) is a FUCK YOU to the American people--basically telling us, to sit down, shut up, pay your taxes, and don't even think of telling us how to run the country.

We Call Bullshit!! Joe Biden Couldn’t Get 10 People at a Campaign Rally But He Somehow Breaks the Record for the Most Candidate Votes in US History? No Way *** Chart with crowd size for Trump vs Biden (give me a freaking break, of course they STOLE IT!!!)

Harry McFudd said...

Here is the backup link from Russ Winter's site.

John Miller said...

bla bla bla...

Biden 'President'....So what ? Doesn't matter WHO is 'President'.

The Jewnited States were always part of the "Globalist's" Jew Bolshevik Communist Empire- their battle ship !!

Are you too stupid to understand that, you dumbed down/brainwashed knuckle heads ?

The last true US President was the Anti-Communist J.F. Kennedy...That's why he was assassinated !!


John Miller said...

apropos 'Jew Bolshevik Communist Global Empire'
Ask yourselves:

How come this greasy slimy clique of top @&%$#$ Hassidic Lubavitcher Rabbis in Russia, can show up at the Kremlin to see Mr. Putin, any time they want ??

Same as here in the White House of Jewnited States !!

BillyBob said...

I'd like to thank Me. Reyvolt who for years had Jeff from Idaho, and many other quidiots on his show who kept on urging us to trust " the plan "!

Want some proof that Trump was just acting:. When Slick Willie became prez - he fired every single federal prosecutor (93 of them) - because of all his criminal activities! Trump more than any other president in history needed to have his own federal prosecutors - but Trump only fired 37 federal prosecutors - and figured that would be sufficient!

Trump served his purpose - keeping patriotards quiet for 4 years! Quidiots and Reyvolt did their jobs well too!

John Miller said...

apropos... " Storm Troopers boogie"

Yes, these brave young German PATRIOTS, known as Brown Shirts, " took care" of the hordes of Jew Bolshevik Communist Red Rats, the Antifa, that murdered thousands of innocent Germans, just because they were voting for the National Social German Workers Party, to end the misery of the Weimar Jew Republic, 1918-1933.

Have a great Sunday

Albert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Albert said...

Communitarianism: The RIGHTS-of-the-Community ("Greater Good") OVER-RIDE the "Rights"-of-the-Individual !!!

The "Good-of-the-Community" ALWAYS coincides with the WISHES of the ((("elites"))) !!!

Once Charged (with endangering the Community!) YOU are "Guilty" ... until YOU PROVE Your-Innocence !!!

In "Local" "Community Meetings" ... the back-and-forth "Discussion" ...

BY "Delphi-Technique"* MAGIC ... always Results in a "Consensus" for the "Greater-Good-of-the-Community"

Which EXACTLY coincides-WITH: The Brochures and Pamphlets in the Hallway AFTERWARDS !!!

--> Which were Mysteriously PRINTED Far-away, Months / Years ago! ;-)

* Delphi was the Place of the "Oracles" -- Women who could Mysteriously in-vague-wording:

"Predict the Future" by inspiration from the "gods" !!! :-o

British-Law, and to some-extent American-Law (most "Modern"-"Laws" are Actually "ACTS"!) ...

Is supposed to be BASED upon "Common-Law" !!!

European Law is Said to be BASED upon: "Roman Law" (CLEAR Written far-off Descriptions)

But for many Decades has Been Effectively: "Communitarian-Law" concocted in-Brussels by unelected: "Law Makers"!

-- Thus, in Europe, when Charged, you are Effectively-"Guilty" !!!

And, in Germany, in the Case of: "Paragraph-130" ("Holocaust Denial") ...

Even / ESPECIALLY: The Act-of-DEFENDING-Yourself-with-the-TRUTH-of-the-so-called-"Holocaust"

... BECAUSE the (Monkey-Court) "Trial" is in-PUBLIC (ie a few Public-Observers sitting watching from the back seats)


... Would BE: To Create NEW: "Crimes" !!!

(In the LAND-of-LIES ... it is an "OFFENCE" [and THREAT!] to TELL-the-TRUTH!)

The "Euro" SYMBOL is a "C" = 3

with an 11 ... ie: the (((popular)))-33 !!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Albert said...

I Listened to THIS:

(Which has a LOT about Legal-Appeals / Common-Law etc.)

Covid Coup - Pantodemic Season - "Windows on the World" YT-Channel

and it SEEMED pretty HONEST ...

And THEN: I clicked on David-Icke's BitChute channel and HE had THIS:

(Which it seems is WHAT the "Windows on the World" channel was somewhat-"Debunking" as "Effective"!)

Law Of The Land? No, The Corporate Law Of Contracts - David Icke

--> Which, IF a LOT of People BEGIN to Comprehend it ...
COULD indeed MAKE a VERY BIG Good-Difference in the World ...
And the UNDERSTANDING of WHAT: Being-FREE, as opposed to "Corporate"-SLAVES ... TRULY MEANS !!! :-o

KnownUnknown said...

Hey Bart. You promised to jump off the Trump train if no indictments were made.

Have we seen any? It's all garbage, it was always garbage!

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Hello KnowNothing,

I didn't think that you actually read what I've written. The last I heard, no decision has been made as to the next President, or if Trump will be staying put. Oh, unless you've been feeding from the JMSM tit, which you obviously always do. Furthermore, there have been indictments you retard. You just don't pay attention very well. Too bad. You should look for other news sources rather than just the JMSM news, and Rachel MadCow, telling you what to think. I'm starting to feel sorry for you, and for what's about to go down in the "real world". Please write back when you KnowSomething, or whenever you get your head out of your ass, whichever comes first.

John Miller said...

Hello everybody...

Oh yes, says the Jew media.

A law called 'The Presidential Transition Act' of 1963 (!!) makes civil servants vital to the transfer of power !

1963 ??, interesting, very interesting....

Wasn't THAT the year in which the only true AMERICAN President in modern American history, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated by Communist government insiders because he was a steadfast Anti-Communist ?

Tony Baloney said...

Breaking News - HUD Secretary Ben Carson tested positive for coronavirus. In a related story, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tested positive for Trump Derangement Syndrome.
- Tony Baloney

John Miller said...

Hey Tony Baloney..

at least 99.9 % of todays US 'Democrats' are testing positive for Jew Bolshevik Communist Globalism !!


Tony Baloney said...

In other news, Larsa Pippen claims Kanye West ‘brainwashed’ the Kardashians against her... and when she was asked, "How do you know that?" Larsa said, "The Main Stream Media told me."
- Tony Baloney

Tony Baloney said...

Science News: The Closest Black Hole to Earth May Not Actually Be a Black Hole After All. When he heard this Joe Biden said, "If you're a hole in outer space and you're not sucking in light than you ain't black."
- Tony Baloney

Tony Baloney said...

Trump's going to win!!!
- Tony Baloney

John Miller said...


this'Tony Baloney' seems to have a high, I mean an extremely high IQ....
his 'comments' are absolutely of high quality..
please continue, thanks and


Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Here's one of my kids - Dam, he hits it out of the park. I'm so very proud of him. Check out his likes and followers, and ask yourself, WTF am I doing wrong? LOL
You'all should pick up sum a his shit, fo real, to all the dumb fks takin their info from da evil 6.

Tony Baloney said...

Dear John,

You are mistaken. Designating someone a hook nose because they use humor to deliver a message metaphorically does not make them stupid. Comedy is hard... etc and using it as a vehicle for truth is even harder, as we can see by your response. We're on the same side, but humor and it's ability to grab someone's attention goes right over your head. You didn't even stop to think about what you were reading. So, let me explain:

1) Breaking News - HUD Secretary Ben Carson tested positive for coronavirus. In a related story, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tested positive for Trump Derangement Syndrome.
- Tony Baloney
Explanation: The coronavirus does not exist (it's all in their heads), but Trump Derangement Syndrome does.

2) In other news, Larsa Pippen claims Kanye West ‘brainwashed’ the Kardashians against her... and when she was asked, "How do you know that?" Larsa said, "The Main Stream Media told me."
Explanation: The Main Stream Media brainwashes people.

3) Science News: The Closest Black Hole to Earth May Not Actually Be a Black Hole After All. When he heard this Joe Biden said, "If you're a hole in outer space and you're not sucking in light than you ain't black."
Explanation: A black hole's existence is not important, but Joe Biden saying "You ain't black" is because it shows that Biden is the racist, not Trump.

What you see above is free speech and you seem to want to limit it (That's kind of a Jewey thing to do). If people listened to you there would never have been a Bill Hicks.

- Tony Baloney

Tony Baloney said...

One More News Item for the Road: Today Justin Trudeau said that free speech has limits. In related news, devote communist, John Miller agrees with him.

- Tony Baloney

P.S.: I'm guessing there will be no need for an explanation on this one.

John Miller said...

oy veyy...

somebody is pissed off....because I dare to always name the slimy jews..


Tony Baloney said...

Dear John Millerberg,

You have the verbal repartee of an ashtray. I can see by your comments that you have a high IQ. You must have been the valedictorian of Special Ed.

- Tony Baloney

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Unknown, Tony, and John,

The most racist form of humans ever to exist are the Muzzies. I know, because hollywood told me so, and they are owned by the chi-coms, because Alex Jonestein told me so. It's not the jeauewz. Never says it's the jeauewz, or shine a light on the jeauewz, because you will be wasting your time to think or learn that it's the jeauewa, because it really isn't the jeauewz. Don't read the torah/old testament. All lies, and kikenelloes don't really believe in that evil shi* anyway. Hidin Biden won, and go fk yourself if you don't believe Anderson Pole Smok'n Cooper that Hidin Biden won and Trump and Trumptards lost. You are all homophobe hater anti semite, notsee, skinhead, hitler loving people if you believe anything you hear other than what the JMSM tells you. WTF!

Tony Baloney said...

VERY IMPORTANT: No matter what the future holds, who is responsible or what happens next because it always helps to remember that the communist John Miller started this war.

John Miller said...

Hello everybody,

it's not "Unknown" that those slimy jews are using different user names...WHY ??

I just tell those creeps : F**K off !!


Tony Baloney said...

Anonymous comment.

Tony Baloney said...

I saw that the blog says, "This blog does not allow anonymous comments," but this is not true. Don't believe me? See the comment above this one.
- Tony Baloney