November 23, 2020

Operation Scorpio 2020.11.21

Scorpio Show # 39 on
Guests: Giuseppe, Chris Weinert and Mike 'The Rebel Madman' Gaddy

Topics include:

1) Hello Slave
 2) Winter of Lockdowns
3) We Must destroy you in Order to Save You
4) The Death of Old Illusions

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Zeebra said...


54 min interview:

"Attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are exposing the election fraud and Lin Wood shares the facts about the Canadian-made DOMINION vote-counting machines and the Venezuelan-made SMARTMATIC vote-counting software as well as how he helped get Kyle Rittenhouse out of jail"


2m 17s clip:

BUFFALO NY: Business Owners Stand Up, Fight back and Kick out Sheriff & Health Dept!


If every biz owner would do this lockdowns would be over.
#FIGHTBACK #LockdownChaos @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @catturd2 @RealJamesWoods

scott said...
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scott said...

Trying with Joe Atwill to create a network of people that can provide logistics and support to people who do not want to be run down by the Military rollout of the mRNA beast vaccine. I set up the website below as a contact portal and Joe is posting it on Tim Kelly's Podomatic site.

More pressing than masks (which I honestly don’t really wear anyway) is the CA Curfew over 94% of the state. As you know well, a curfew is a military protocol NOT a medical protocol. This in conjunction with Gen. Perna saying days ago that upon the Emergency Use Authorization “all of America must receive the vaccine within 24 hours”! This is scheduled to take place around Christmas if you can believe the FDA. AND this is going to be administered by active duty military and National Guard. They may not use outright force on the first round but you can be sure that those who refuse the mRNA vaccine modification to their biology at a cellular level WILL have a gun to their heads soon after if they do not organize with like minded individuals and make it clear that this is an unlawful act of open aggression.

Scorpio said...

Scott - great points.
As you know well, a curfew is a military protocol NOT a medical protocol.
Very important distinction - spot on.

John Miller said...

.." create a network ." ?? more talking heads, more bla bla bla, but no action

WE NEED ACTIVISTS !! Patriotic Stormtroopers/Militias that CONTROLL our cities, our towns !

There was Georg Lincoln Rockwell in the 1960's, he was a great guy, a natural Leader.
Check Youtube videos.
He was holding public speeches, spoke at universities !!

But he made a mistake, he never should have used 'Nazi' Symbols and uniforms. The 1960 were much to early, people were still totally uninformed. There was no Internet !!

And &%$#@# jews had no problems to infiltrate his organization and assassinate G.L. Rockwell.
Hail Rockwell !

Harry McFudd said...

SCOTT: Pretty sure you shouldn't trust Joe Atwill. There was a post in here not too long ago that said he has some shady connections. Might want to investigate that before you give anyone's data.

Harry McFudd said...

This Mike Gaddy character is amazing. I want more from him. Wow! The second hour really gets cranked up.

John Miller said...

So much bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla .....
jabber jabber ...

No wonder those greasy slimy yidds (jews) are doing their ROFL, laughing their asses off...


John Miller said...

WOW....NOW...there comes 'Harry'!!
oy vey...


John Miller said...

Hi 'scott'

I just noticed your suggestion about " ..creating a network..' also over there at 'Rense' .....

Interesting, I mean, very interesting... 'Rense' may listen to you ...

The 'Hungarian Joow' George Soros surely would help you guys financially with a few Shekels...

Shallomm, everybody
and have a great Sunday

Zeebra said...

@scott - brilliant comment; thx for ur work trying to move the anti-JWO ball forward!

as to "a curfew is a military protocol NOT a medical protocol", Dr. Carrie Madej has reminded, USA is under FEMA governance now, which I guess Trump enacted back in March when he rolled out "TWO WEEKS TO FLATTEN THE CURVE" /rolleyes.

IF TRUE, funny how the pol's & fake news have blacked this out, & pretended there's been no such handover of governance; everything's normal except for the jooflu19 & our 'normal' civilian gov to enact yadayada FOR OUR SAFETY. But recall back in March, astute alt media observers were noting the sudden absence of the gold fringe around the flag(s) at pressers?

So this begs questions re the likes of Peggy Hall's & Pam Popper's appeals re state governors & their (meaningless) "mandates" & "orders" - like, does FEMA martial law quietly GIVE our joodeo-mason governors these extra, dictator-esque 'powers'??

KnownUnknown said...

I'm starting to think scorpio is Donald Trump Jr

Voltman said...

Scorpio, that was a very good introductory monologue you rattled off!

inthemix16 said...

@Scott..Wait. Heres something im not getting with your post. Help me with this. These people you are addressing. Arent they the same ones that weve been told the last 20 years to give a hug to, to thank for their service, cause they "protected our freedom"? Maybe a better use of energy would be to call out every single person who can be in contact to remind them about their "oath", ya know, the part about protecting from "enemies within"??? Maybe your energy might be best used , showing them on goog maps where Soros lives ??? Your pissin into a 70mph wind bro. IMHO Challenge their psych, remind them what their duty was when they signed up

John Miller said...


apropos "enemies within"..

"WE THE PEOPLE" NEED to organize a patriotic militia - see the constitution- that PROTECTS the citizen in every city/town from the "enemies within".
A militia that cannot be infiltrated by members of the "enemies within"!!!

For instance : We DO know who the ringleaders/string pullers of the Bolshevik Communist Antifa Red Rats are, we also do know who the "enemies within" are in politics, MEDIA, academia !!

The patriotic militias, Stormtroopers, would "take care" of these bastards !!

Thank you.

John Miller said...

Btw :

Should the "enemies within" dare to use OUR military, OUR soldiers would never, I repeat, NEVER attack the citizens and their militias.

I am ABSOLUTELY convinced of that !!

John Miller said...


a great show..

but, I cannot help myself...
I have that 'feeling' that this extreme fast talking guy, is it 'Chris', is a Joow.


and have a great day

scott said...

Did any of you look at the site I set up? A few of you slammed Joe and outright accused me of wanting to get money from Rense (THE JOOOS). One of you fools actually said that I meant "network" as in a TV station with talking heads. WHAT THE FUCK? If these responses are the best you got for someone trying to create boots on the ground organization then you deserve to get held down by General Perna and jabbed with the hydrogel nanotech. GOOD FUCKING GRAVY. Can you get out of your own way long enough to see what is real? Guess not. this is the site. It is designed to be a communication portal so we can get bodies, as many as possible, as quickly as possible, to organize locally as a front guard against DHS and the National Guard when Perna authorizes his 24 hour rollout of the mRNA cocktails.

Here is what I posted on the site:

The Last Shadow of Liberty
Unmask and Organize

Dark Winter or Life, Liberty and Happiness?
This website is meant to serve as a community center, where we can begin to overcome the unlawful abrogation by the insane Covid Cult of our Right to Assemble. This nascent totalitarian age of Dark Winters, Lockdowns, Engineered Economic Destruction, Manufactured Civil Unrest, Forced Vaccinations, and endless Mind Control must be met in its infancy with clarity of purpose and resisted with every resource of will that has not yet been robbed from us by the mendacious plutocracy. If we join together through open hearts, our common love of our natural lives will guide us. Alone we rage and die. Together we can do what is necessary and restore our birthrights. Click on the contact button to continue to unmask and organize.

We need to immediately organize against the Militarized Rollout of the weaponized mRNA vaccine. We intend to compile a contact list that can be shared between us that will ideally create the basis for local organization, networking between localities and provide support to those marginalized, isolated, or physically threatened by the “New Normal”. THIS IS NOT A VIRTUAL EXERCISE, but a mask free, non-socially distanced attempt to create a grassroots, boots on the ground effort.


I am posting the link to this site anywhere I can to try to get you out of your chair and into action. I will say again: THIS IS NOT A VIRTUAL EXERCISE.

You can get into action or keep sniping at each other over trivia from the comfort of your gaming chair. I dont give a shit anymore. Most of you deserve to get the jab right between your pimple ridden butt checks. The elites may not realize they don't need to use a toxic vaccine to create an Epsilon class of idiot slaves. They already have it already at hand, naturally evolved on its own.

Liam said...

Scott. yep! looked at the website, good work, well done.
Please consider;
Chainsawmillerman suggested...


Audio Book in three parts below (150 + pages) containing 21 chapters.

"You shall know the truth..........."

Not in you follow whoever or whatever.
The sun has not set on this information as it be older than a few millennia.

John Miller said...

What ? Me an Anti-Semite ?
oy vey...

Donald Day, Onward Christian Soldiers :

" Anti-Semitism is a contagious ailment and its sufferers generally contact this incurable malady by contact with the Jews themselves....
There is no fundamental difference between a Communist Bolshevik Jew, a Zionist Jew, an American, British, Polish, Lithuanian or any other variety of Jew.
They may quarrel furiously among themselves, as they do, but when they turn to face the gentiles there is the United Front."

Liam said...
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Scorpio said...

Our Jewtube channel just received a strike for spreading 'medical misinformation'. I am surprised that we are on the radar already. We are on probation until late February. One more strike and they take the channel down temporarily and any more strikes after that and the channel forever disappears. Fuck the bastards I say!

The timing of this is a bit strange. Just 1 day after I cornered big bad Jesse Ventura about masking on Fetzer's show. He fully supports the covid narrative and the need for masking because he 'trusts his mom' who helped defeat those evil Nazis as a nurse. I asked him if he'd support masking if it became permanent. He said "That's impossible!" (even though Fauci and several other big whigs have alluded to the possibility of Covid restrictions becoming permanent) - then he ended the interview! - lol

What a dirty fucking shill. Paul primed the pump earlier in the show and already had Ventura flustered. Check it out when Zappster posts it later.

Albert said...

Hi Dave Scorpio, or Giuseppe :-)

This is a Serious Question:

The 2020 "Joe Biden" has a NO-Earlobe RIGHT Ear ...

IS there ANY: Video-Footage etc from 2020 With Him HAVING an Earlobe RIGHT Ear ???

--> IF NOT: It is Quite POSSIBLE that He HAD: Surgery on THAT Ear Within-the-Last-Year ...

And just DIDN'T EXPLAIN, or Mention it.

IF there IS 2020 Footage: of a Joe Biden WITH an Earlobe RIGHT-Ear ...

THEN there Definitely IS: TWO "Bidens"!

IF we are GENUINELY interested in the TRUTH, despite "Hurting"-Jim-Fetzer's "Feelings" ...

(Jim IS an Honest and CARING-About-the-TRUTH Fellow, so He MAY even WELCOME: the TRUTH / Clarification: on EVEN the Biden-Body-Double Question!)

THIS MUST be HONESTLY-Discussed !!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

Scorpio said...

Albert - those are good questions. There seems to be other characteristics that differ between the two (if there really are two). It seems like the post election Biden is much more energetic with a stronger voice and a different cadence.

KnownUnknown said...

You people are morons