December 01, 2020

Operation Scorpio 2020.11.28

Scorpio Show # 40 on
Guests: Chris Weinert and Vicky Davis.

Topics include:

1) You Are The Enemy
          2) High Priests of the Cult of Covid
3) Violence is the Endgame
4) Groper Joe's Army of Women

Revolution.Radio Studio A

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zapoper said...

It's the cookie monster model! lol

So last night, I'm drinking a beer with Mario my neighbor of many years and like a good samaritan, I go outside to take a leek so that he doesn't have to clean all the piss splatter the next day. lol

Around 4am, I'm pissing in the bushes like I did all night but here comes the cavalry in a 4X4. The next thing I know, my head is spinning like Linda Blair in the exorcist because the cops are asking me who I am and why am I not wearing a mask like most criminals do? lol

It's in my pocket but last time I checked it was not mandatory on the sidewalk I said. He replied: "Well you're close to me".

I said: "Why is your partner not wearing a mask?" He then promptly put it on. lol

I then said: "You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to know that there is no pandemic ".

The next thing they did was to "order" me back to my rented room.

Is there a curfew that I'm not aware of? I said.

So I know better than to stretch it more than that with the cops up here so I start walking towards the room but I forgot my frozen chicken pie in the green "save the planet plastic rectangular prism". I turn around to get it and sure enough, the red cherries were waiting for me to commit a "faux pas". lol

If you want to know what tyranny looks like, you should hang around me for a week or so.

I was not even "allowed" to say good night to Mario. LOL

Then you have people like Brizer telling me not to ware a mask in the grocery store. ROFL. He doesn't know what's going on here in Sherbrooke Québec.

scottydog said...

I went to walmart today in florida, sans mask. I was the only person of a couple hundred not wearing a face diaper. Gotta be the television (I haven't watched since the 911 scam), and tomorrow I'm telling my ip to get stuffed. Adios.

Scorpio said...

Seeing all of the lemmings running towards the cliff wearing their slave masks is hard to take.
Full speed ahead!! It's a great ride until you reach the bottom! That first step is a doozy!

inthemix16 said...

And to think there is no mask mandate in FL correct ? Zap. All i can say is Bring back the Nordiques! Seems to me its pretty clear now why Seattle got one and Quebec City didnt get them back first eh?

Scorpio said...

BTW - in case you missed it - We are on probation with Jewtube for 'spreading medical misinformation' until Feb 23 2021 - lol, so our days are numbered over there. We will be setting up Bitchute and other channels in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

zapoper said...

I'm sorry but you have to be a bit retarded like vaccine injury retarded if you start a YT account to discuss those subjects these days.

Look at us! We just got banned from YT! ROFL.

Scorpio said...

I don't fucking care. It was fun while it lasted.
In case you missed it Zao, everything is pretty temporal now.
The internut as we know it won't be around much longer.

zapoper said...

Tell me something I don't know.

Like when the fuck are they gonna delete this fucking site already. LOL

This is getting old! ROFL

Scorpio said...

"I'm sorry but you have to be a bit retarded like vaccine injury retarded if you start a YT account to discuss those subjects these days."

Says the guy who runs a website that names the Jew - ROFL

inthemix16 said...

is that THE Chicago Brew commenting on the Rob Braxman YT livestream? Now that channel should be a must for all in this community.

Panzerfaust said...

YT removed a show on 9/11 by Fetzer and Olsen from my channel because it was "hate speech".
Welcome to the machine.

ruxpert said...

The Best Is Yet To Come ?

John Miller said...

Hello everybody....

"..The Best Is Yet To Come ?"

"Absolutely.." says my neighbor...

"When true American Patriots. Nationalists, "take care" of those Anti-Nazis, these Jew Bolshevik Communists and Antifa Red Rats, in politics, media, academia, that are destroying OUR Nation , OUR Fatherland and Future of OUR Children."

And: " My guns are loaded".. he says. !!
And so are mine.
I am absolutely on his side !!


Ross from Scotland said...

At 1hr 45 min this woman comments that Adolf Hitler wanted to rule over Europe using military tactics. You chime in and agree with her saying it is very interesting.
What the fuck! Are you some kind of misinformation agent.

John Miller said...

A commentator...." At 1hr 45 min this woman..."

This woman obviously sucks jew dicks!


John Miller said...

Hello Ross...

apropos "misinformation agent"...

I wouldn't be surprised if he too sucks jew dicks...

ruxpert said...

Somebody told me that Trump serves Jewish interests, and is in fact beholding-to/owned-by such interests?

It seems that perhaps the DemoRub is a trap?

ruxpert said...

anybody got any opinions about this?:


Albert said...

Fairytale: The World is full of Gullible people ... A Farmer wandered, and everywhere he saw Gullible People wearing-masks because of an imaginary Fake-"virus" ... All of the People were Losing-their-Homes to jew-bankers who Now "owned" them All, even though (((they))) had never worked a day in (((their))) lives! ... And the Police and Other "Authority"-Bullies Tormented everyone Terribly ... but No-One could do ANYTHING about it ... because to Defend-Themselves, or Stand-Upto or Fight-Back, in Any-way ... would be: Bad, and being "violent" ...... and No-One should Ever be Advocating for "violence"! ....... -- Thus a relative-handful of brazen-(((liars))) ... came to "Own" everything in the World, including All-People as (((their))) Slaves ... my my, indeed, by "watching"-(((TV))) ... they had All become soooo terribly-GULLIBLE !!! 😉 -- The END !!! 😮

ruxpert said...

Bernie loving Roger Waters advocating violent uprisings?

Karl Haynes:
The Patriot Act was Congress telling us that the Bill of Rights no longer protect us from them.

Dalio: The United States Is At A Tipping Point That Could Lead To Revolution Or Civil War

ruxpert said...

"Listen carefully... "
Steve Pieczenik Doubles Down: Trump's Sting Operation Against Deep State Election Fraud Going Well

Scorpio said...

Sorry but Steve Pieczenik is a bullshitting jew

ruxpert said...

Pieczenik just another 'Q' distraction op?

ruxpert said...

So what about Trump?

anybody got any opinions about this?:


ruxpert said...

I think that perhaps the core issue is that people don't Really give a shit beyond posing as if they do ... what's that currently being called?

inthemix16 said...

ruxpert. you had to ask that question? A few years ago Dr. P said in one of his YT vids, back when one could that "Iran needs regime change" He said regime i didnt. At that point he was exposed imho. Zerohedge=Steering committee for elite / Echo Chamber/Jr Drudge/ Judas Goat for traders . Im lost why people give credibility to a site that has in every post."According to CNN", "According to WSJ" and so on. Zionhedge just does stealth pushing of the Protocols. Nothing else. Back when it was a financial site soley to get white, educated males to part with their money it was decent. No trolls. No hasbara, just intelligent people. I lived to read a Longsoupline post. Shit was hilarious Now just rebranded commie news

ruxpert said...

'Love of Accountability' is a dung hill?

ruxpert said...

Does the noise / distraction disperse in light of clarity focus accountability?

or are we doomed to collude with the never ending distraction neutering?

The aide said that guys like me were 'in what we
call the reality-based community,' which he
defined as people who 'believe that solutions
emerge from your judicious study of discernible
reality.' [...] 'That's not the way the world
really works anymore,' he continued. 'We're an
empire now, and when we act, we create our own
reality. And while you're studying that
reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act
again, creating other new realities, which you can
study too, and that's how things will sort out.
We're history's actors...and you, all of you, will
be left to just study what we do'

Albert said...

I just Listened all-the-way-through the show for the SECOND Time!

-- I was ENJOYING the TWO: YT channels Giuseppe Vafanculo, and the Scorpio one ...

as I would GET the FULL including-TALKING-between-Breaks Show! -- And It was STREAMED so UP: IMMEDIATELY!
But, IF even Giuseppe's channel HAS a "Strike" STOPPING NEW-Uploads UNTIL-February (and probably "Extended" after THAT...)
We can consider that YT has: EFFECTIVELY DELETED the Channels !!! :-o

--> HAVE the BitChute "Jim Fetzer" Channel .....

PLEASE TELL ME: Any and ALL New BitChute etc Channels !!!
-- Especially WHERE I can "Live-Stream"-HEAR: the FULL-with-break-chat-Shows! :-)

Each Livestream Show would START with: "We are Livestreaming with Streamyard(?) on Facebook etc..."

PLEASE GIVE: ALL Links to THESE too! ;-)

THANKS Guys !!! :-) :-) :-)

John Miller said...

Hello you talking heads...

I have enough of 'listening' to bla bla bla.





inthemix16 said...

Cant disagree with you miller. But its human nature. Nobody will react until too late or they feel they have nothing to loose. ((they)) know that. I got a better one. Revise that to calling out the boyz weve been "supposed to thank for our freedoms" all these years. Its not our job. They took the oath. They signed up. But i cant deny that dude up in northern England they had on a few weeks ago talkin about super glue and its usefulness made me chuckle

Albert said...

HEY !!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

I SEE: A NEW "Rising TideMedia" YouTube Channel Streamed-Video from 7 Hours ago !!! :-)

But NO SAME Mirrored: "Giuseppe Vafanculo" YT Channel Upload!

> Are YOU Now in YT-"Jail" Giuseppe ?!? ;-)

ruxpert said...

President Trump Gives Address on Fraud Allegations
Speech: Donald Trump Makes an Unscheduled Pre-Recorded Speech on the Election - December 2, 2020

Erik Paul said...

Clint Richardson discussed "gain of function" among other important topics here:

I strongly urge you to interview Clint on your excellent show.

Albert said...

I just "Messengered" a Friend this:

I LIKE "UAP"s description of Our "Subconscious" KNOWING the TRUTH ... While Our "Conscious" is Quite Dumb/"Brainwashed"! 😮

-- The Stupid Indian-Woman Train-TYRANT yesterday was, of course!
(I have "come across" a LOT of Indian-ARSE-HOLES ... who "Exert" THEIR "Authority" as-Much as They CAN!)
TRYING to Exert as-Much "Authority" as She COULD, and it was Really Quite Pathetic, and Laughable ...
As SHE was Adjusting Her: USELESS, Health-DAMAGING "Mask" ... At Almost the PEAK of Summer ...
While NORMAL SANE Folks were just actually BREATHING-Normally !!! 😉

-- IF we WERE: Actually SEEING Thousands of Folks Dropping-DEAD Around us all with "Covid" .....
--> NO-ONE would be "Fooling-Around" with RETARDED "Masks" !!! 😮 😉

Actually-AWAKE Folks seem to all / each be ALTERNATING Between:

TRYING to "Politely" Inform and Rehabilitate the "Mask-Wearers" ........

And KNOWING: that THESE: "Virtue-Signally" Dumb-"Order-Followers" ... UNLESS STOPPED,

will indeed: DOOM us ALL, in THEIR Foolishness / Deliberate-"Head-in-the-Sand" "Ignorance" To:

(how could ANY of Our EVIL-((("masters"))) "Hold-BACK" in any way: from (((their))) Extremely-EVIL-and-DEADLY "Plans" ... SEEING LARGE-NUMBERS of "Mask-Wearers" SIGNALLY Their ACQUIESCENCE / Compliance / and WILLINGNESS to "Go-Along-With" ... WHATEVER ...)
..... and "MANDATORY": PERMANENTLY "LIFE"-Altering: DEADLY-"Vaccines" ... for ALL of US ... and NONE of (((them))) !!! 😮

Albert said...

WATCH THIS ... if you DARE !!!

50 photos that are too much for you to handle and change your life

or DON'T :-o -- I'm just "CRAZY" !!! ;-)

Albert said...
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Albert said...
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Albert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Albert said...

("Triggering" ???! ;-) ) Some "annoying" and TERRIFYING ideas ...


Mercy .... Grace is to be Given to the GRATEFUL ...

Strangely, to Our-CORE ... we KNOW that the OPPOSITE of Having a "Soul" ... is (Being Like) a "Robot" !!!

Many many folks around us have BECOME Like: "NPCs" / "Robots" ... Chinese are LIKE "Robots" ...

("Subsaharan-Black-Africans" ... are LIKE: Murderous-Cannibals !!! [And in-SMALL-Numbers: "Monkey-SEE---Monkey-DO"-Obedient-"Servants"!])

We KNOW: That: "Natural LAW" / "Common Law" is very SIMPLE, and that ANYONE, even a Child CAN Know and Understand it!:

DON'T: Murder, Steal, Commit-Adultery/Rape, Bear-False-Witness, etc... And, Of course LOVE / Obey / and SERVE "God" !!! and "God's" "Laws" and WILL ...

We have SEEN that: "Statute Law" / "Corporate Law" Bureaucrats "CREATE" Exponentially-EXPANDING: By-Laws / "Acts": Corporate-"Guidelines": for THEIR "Employees" ...
And by "Contracting"/(Implied/Inferred)-"Consent" "cleverly"-"Entice"/ENTRAP (Like "Free Cheese" in a Mouse-TRAP!): EVERYONE with: "Privileges"/"Rewards" and OBLIGATIONS / Punishments!

(Remember Before: My Descriptions of ("Bees and Birds"): FAMILY, and How MEN have Give-and-Take-FRIENDS, whereas WOMEN see-such: As "Reward-and-Punish"-"Contracting"!)

The EVIL "SOULLESS" Terrible World ... that "clever"-jews are Step by Heartless-Step: "cleverly"-MANIFESTING ...
("Cleverly" TURNING: The "Sheep/Cattle"-Like-"Goyim" ... INTO (((their))) "MINDLESS"-"Golem" ...)

Is where "Humans" ... will BECOME: more and MORE: Indistinguishable FROM "Machines" / "Robots" !!!

Albert said...

The Descriptions / Stories / Legends / "Fairytales" from-BEFORE: Actually (NOTHING is NEW under the Sun!) Touch-On: This Devilish / Demonic: "Robot" LOST-Souls ... TAKE-OVER!

TERRIFYINGLY Like: The Disney-Animation "Fantasia" ... WHEN the FOOLISH-((("apprentice"))) "CREATES" / Conjures-into-Being: Broomstick: Water-Carriers ... Which EXPONENTIALLY-GROW-in-Numbers: Especially WHEN:
One TRIES to: BRUTE-Force STOP Them !!! :-o

There are Many Folks (so-called "Identity" etc.) Who EXPLAIN that the FAKE-"jews" have Gotten: "Scriptures" ... and Have been: Step-by-Step:
"cleverly" (HATEFULLY) Twisting and INVERTING, and PROJECTING: (((THEIR))) GREAT-CRIMES Upon (((their))) VICTIMS! :-o
(Cute Puppies, are-NOT: "Contracting" / "Consenting" to ANY of the Terrible-"THINGS": Done-TO-Them in Chinese-"WET--Markets" !!!)

We ALL KNOW: the FAKE-jews' Description: Of How "God" MADE: Robot-Like-"Humans" / "Goyim" ...
In-the-FORM-of-"Humans", rather than Animals ... to SERVE as: Servants / SLAVES ... as it is NICER than being-Served by-ANIMALS!

We have ALSO Heard: How "God" MADE: Our Recent-"Human"-Creation (AFTER Previous Creations!): WITH-"Souls" ("Free Will"!) ... so that WE could: CHOOSE to Serve-and-LOVE Him !!! (ie: NOT: "Robot" Like!)

-- And that "God" was very HAPPY with OUR ("cute" in-His-Image: CHILD like) Creation, More-so than the PREVIOUS-Creation, and TOLD the "Fallen-Angel(s)" to SERVE "Mankind" !!! ...
-- And, How, EXACTLY Like a Jilted-(woman)-Lover ... the-"Adversary" HATES and DESPISES: Man-Kind ...
And By: "Tempting" and "Tricking": Innocent (Sheep) Child-like: Man-Kind ... "Ridiculing" ... and: "REDUCE-to-ABSURDITY": "PROVING" that: By-INFLEXIBLE-"RULES"---FORCE ...
-- Is "BETTER" than: VOLUNTARY: GRATEFUL-Reciprocal: "LOVE" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

Exactly-LIKE: "3-D-Printing" Where (Like: Platonic Forms in-the-Ether!) Designs are: "In-the-Cloud" and, as Robot-Manufacturing CAPACITY RAMPS-UP:

The Volume / Capabilities: To "Robot"-"POLICE" will RAPIDLY BECOME: OVERWHELMING (Like the Fantasia Depiction!) To "Manifest": a "living" (INFLEXIBLE!) "Robot"-like HELL-on-Earth! :-( :-o

🌝 🌚 🌞

THIS, is the "Spiritual"-BATTLE: Which ESPECIALLY: WHITE-"Christian"-Folks FACE !!!

(Between: Powers and Principalities ... NOT of THIS-World / NOT-of-the-(FEELING!)-"Flesh" !!! :-o )