November 20, 2020

Surprise Vaccine Attack - Roy Potterqa on Warp Speed


Riders On The Storm
How TRUMP stays in Office
Richie From Boston
It's The Calm Before The Storm
Stompin' Stormtroopers With Killer "Vaccines"
Brought To You By The Order of Order Followers
Roy Potterqa


 !!! Incoming !!!
General Bullshit
"His brain is squirmin' like a toad.
If you give this man a ride,
Sweet memory will die."

Here it is:

"Hey Trump supporters, explain this? He just said ‘ALL OF AMERICA’. This is happening under Trump's watch, and this was HIS ‘Operation Warpspeed.’"

The Real Face Behind General Bullshit's Mask

And The Real Face Behind The Deleterious Deleters

Stompin' Stormtroopers With Killer "Vaccines"
Roy Potterqa – YouTube Nov 18, 2020 

Please make copies of this video. 

Are You Serious?!

 If YouTube pulls the video above, Richie From Boston also features it in a recent video here (Not anymore...)

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Richie From Boston

White sepulcher house specters lying their asses off

If you think putting a mask on a deer is hard, try forcing that vaccine on me!

Into this house were born
Into this world were thrown
Like a dog without a bone,
An actor out on loan,
Riders on the storm

There's a killer on the road
His brain is squirmin' like a toad
Take a long holiday
Let your children play
If you give this man a ride,
Sweet memory will die
Killer on the road
 The Doors
"This was the last song Jim Morrison recorded. He went to France and died a few weeks later. The single was released in June 1971, shortly before Morrison's death."
This evolved out of a jam session when the band was messing around with "Ghost Riders In the Sky," a 1948 cowboy song by Stan Jones that was later recorded by Johnny Cash, Bing Crosby and many others. It was Jim Morrison's idea to alter the title to "Riders On The Storm."
 "The Doors brought in bass players Marc Benno and Jerry Scheff to play on the album. Scheff came up with the distinctive bass line after Manzarek played him what he had in mind on his keyboard. It took a while to figure out, since it was much harder to play on a bass than a keyboard." 

 Weeping Willow Will Follow


John Miller said...


Oy vey
I've been told NOBODY is reading that 'stuff', your efforts are obviously waste of time..
some may look at your picture collection...

The common people DONT read anymore, they are "smart phoning"...with each other...



Zeebra said...

also a new max & the peacocks vid posted overnight,

The COVID Scamdemic is Unraveling

Zeebra said...

Voltman, John Miller:

Just to say, Voltman's posts like this are confusing to unravel -- the preview titles which appear on the main Mami's page, are tricky to find the actual hyperlink for once you open the full "Read more >>" page. That's a mix of interesting pics & memes, mixed with the real links, usu merged together so it's hard to tell which link goes with which title!

But I love the content, once I figure out how to open the titles which interest me!

John Miller said...

Hello @ Zeebra

What about this 'title': "The International Jew" ??

An 'eyeopener' written by Henry Ford in 1920, a couple years after WW I !!

This is MUST READ !!


Zeebra said...

JMiller: yeah I read it (most of it lolz) - easy to find full/free text of,

Scorpio said...

Fun fact: A copy of The International Jew came in the glove compartment of every new Ford vehicle back in the 1930's.

hans said...

withney webb is a kikejuden limited hangout shill, look at her postings after the election (nothing about election fraud(

she is a leftie commie jew shill

any grizzommer should know that

you too voltman..

Zeebra said...

hans: BS re WWebb!

I recall a year or so ago, Amazing Polly (apparently tipping the bottle!) tweeted out some similar shite about "WW's a COMMIE!" and she had NOTHING to substantiate that smear with!

/thumbs down

hans said...

mkay (((zeebra(((

1 she is a jew

2 she lies

3 she only atacked the right with her stuff never the left....

thanks for outing yourself though

oy gevalt


Zeebra said...

1 BS
2 BS
3 BS

ur appearing here "out of nowhere" (((hans))) to make baseless smears against WW is what's called outing urself... #GlowInTheDarkNigger


Tar said...

I mean, women from the start are comprised, yes even that female black senator from twenty years ago. Obviously ww is a, female b, Jewish and c, leftist aka female

Tar said...

What kind of deranged like would dispute that

hans said...

zeebra you're a kike, thanks for outing yourself

(like a jew you also tried to copy and steal my lmao( LOL

4 brendon oconnel is right about her, she never covered tech transfre from us to israel (and from there to china and russia( nor does she covers the belt and road, she is limited hangout jewish shill

Brizer said...

@ Hans

Looking forward to when we are all in the gulag and you and Brendon are sitting next to Whitney and debating these issues. Fun times await. lol

hans said...

withney is giving out misinformation brizer, and is a limited hangout

(((she((( is not your friend

she won;t be in the gulag with you