November 21, 2020

The Perfect Triangle with Giuseppe Episode #20 2020.11.20

Amidst the Satanic gaslighting of the stolen election and the Scamdemic, Dr Judy Mikovits joins Giuseppe Vafanculo, David Scorpio and Chris Weinert to discuss what the hell is really going on!


zapoper said...

Did I hear Judy right? Is that mask letting oxygen pass through it?

I have a heart condition and oxygen is most important. Even for people that have no health problems. Duh.

I was in a burger place last night. That business opened it's doors back in 1897 and I can see that they will have to close down after a couple more lockdowns. This is a corporate takeover. Let's not kid our selves.

So I spent about 40 minutes standing in line like a sheep and at some point I said loudly in English: " This is the most stupid thing I have ever seen in my life !"

Apparently it did not trigger anyone. I did not get punched in the mouth or anything like that. lol.

I had difficulty breathing at some point and removed my mask for a few minutes. Again, no one got upset.

I could go on but I mainly want to know where to buy the masks that Judy mentioned. It will probably be super expensive considering translating USD to CAD plus the shipping but if it lets more oxygen in than the washable masks I been using then it is what I need.

par said...

Long one ahead!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ .. Dr Judy Mikovits is an insider just from that having her ”go (somewhat) against ”her own team” is a starter at the least..

Having that said: comes the long one!

..just for the record ..Dr Judy Mikovits is a "vaccines are safe is researched and implemented properly kind of player” ..not much of a person to want in ”ones own team” ..she'll might come to ”repent”* more ..who knows!

*meaning (come to wisdom of honourstanding creation and self evident reality)

..say that again is what I would like a wise observer to call tension to:

As a small sample from the whirld of nature/creation:
The insect kingdoms is split in half half being the tiny spectrum of a insect family specialized on parasitism (..a natures "cleaning and keep fit against resistance test machine")

..this family species is funnily the WASP section branded as "Parasite wasps" ..they also parasitize on plants mind you ..that is why this segment of the insect kingdom is more then half of all insect spieces there is! ..every other insect or spider* species and lots of herbal plant species have one or more parasite wasp pieces specialized on it!

..intricately intertwined in parasitism is nearly always a "tandem-virus" ..this virus is likely strongly connected to the behavioral pattern change that occurs in an "injected" victim..

..a wasp sting ..a parasite wasp sting and a vaccine shares the same "symptoms list" vaccines they have dumped a ton of "adjuvants"** meaning things that makes your immune system reacts and "you get red and swollen" just like after a "wasp sting"..

..the "science part" taken as "proof" of "effectiveness" of a "vaccine" (moron speak for "a parasite wasp sting that will alter your immune system into your own enemy from being previously your naturally created protection army!

**adjuvant interestingly has a base etymology connecting it as “a helper” this case it is the “helper to commit medical fraud”!


par said...


(..the long one goes on..)


..what a trick ..make you think "a killed off virus injected into the immune systems activation zone of your blood stream past all natural barriers" is a "GREAT-WAY-OF-BUILDING-YOU-A-DEFENSE-AGAINST-THIS-DANGEROUS-VIRUS-OUT-THERE"

..almost a cry of "ADVENTURE-IS-OUT-THERE!" and a cheerfully (glee behind your back) call to "become stupider than a stupidest"! top it off they place a ton of substances added (apart from the dna never possible to filter away from wherever they grew the virus material in adding a ton of "allergens" (foreign dna/rna/mt-rna/mt-dna material in addition to what is on the "content list" of the "vaccine" (bio-weaponry).. can't make this stuff up unless you are a real sicko that works for the demons of the most demented mind-viruses-archons there is! ..just ain't gonna happen! ..a sane man will never inject anything past natural barrier in consistent trials to "cure someone" ..his mind has eventually to conclude he is himself a devil-demon and it is "time to repent" and come down on earth and join the team of "creation" where every step of your life is a well calculated risk well worth it ..bcs a baby know it will die if it does not try the hard effort of learning to walk ..he will be "stuck in the baby wagon" forever and never in a million year will even ONE_INFANT chose to not try the risk of falling due to the hazards of practice learning to walk ..the rest of the life is the same ..made for morons to "eat from the devil's plate" if they are too lazy to risk to live a fulfilling life!

Fuck the stupid AI (controlled by the same demented demons that run the bio-weaponry-tech) ..fuck dumb morons that "want to buy safe and secured systems" ..the risk of living ain't worth it.. ..the risk of living is joy and real adventure.. ..til next risk to challenge to overcome!

If y’all ever get "Honourable Judy" to talk on these terms ..good luck ..she will be out the door before you know it!

..take on Patrick Jordan from as side kick to Dr Mikovits in a show and you'll have a party listening to Patrick while Judy will be gone by the door in seconds!

..Biology and Creation is a sour bitch that bites you every time you go off into lala-land!

Will Dr Mikovits ever repent ..hardly.. ..but let's hope she “come's out of the rabbit-hole”.. is a hell of a view out here in rality ..the shadows of the caves is yet not “deciphered” by this lady!


zapoper said...

I don't give a fuck, I just want a mask that I can breath through.

Liam said...

Wear a face shield instead if you must be a conforming 'child-of-the-province', or put your big-boy pants on and hold your position as a man and not support the lockdown by conducting commerce with your adversary.

zapoper said...

I didn't think about all that before commenting.

Thank you so much for the valuable information Liam.

zapoper said...

That's the link I was looking for:

At first glance it seems like they only sell their products in the US.

scott said...

Trying with Joe Atwill to create a network of people that can provide logistics and support to people who do not want to run down by the Military rollout of the mRNA beast vaccine. I set up the website below as a contact portal and Joe is posting it on Tim Kelly's Podomatic site.

More pressing than masks (which I honestly don’t really wear anyway) is the CA Curfew over 94% of the state. As you know well, a curfew is a military protocol NOT a medical protocol. This in conjunction with Gen. Perna saying days ago that upon the Emergency Use Authorization “all of America must receive the vaccine within 24 hours”! This is scheduled to take place around Christmas if you can believe the FDA. AND this is going to be administered by active duty military and National Guard. They may not use outright force on the first round but you can be sure that those who refuse the mRNA vaccine modification to their biology at a cellular level WILL have a gun to their heads soon after if they do not organize with like minded individuals and make it clear that this is an unlawful act of open aggression.

Brizer said...

@ Zap

Why do you want a mask to breath through? You have a mouth and a nose. They generally work just fine.

Fuck all masks!

If you get any fines for not breathing in oxygen just return all offers of contract to sender and reserve all rights. It's that fuckin simple!

Liam said...

@ par. Here, here, well stated
Dr Judy 4 or 5 times but never Dr Lorraine Day, Dr Nancy Banks, Dr Kauffman, Dr Tom Cowan. SNAFU sutuation, lol.