December 10, 2020

No Agenda Episode 1302 - "Mink Road" - 2020.12.10



inthemix16 said...

zap. Hope this finds you.... I do have a special post request. Hope you dont mind. Can you please, in your snippets section, maybe find a post out there and at least put something out there regarding Brandy Vaughn. I know Del Bigtree did a short dedication but the numbers are growing. There are ones well documented to. She was the one way back that awakened me to the dangers of V A double X as HighImpact says. Believe it or not it was on Zion Don Jones show with Mac a doo. She has a nine year old son that for the most part has no family now. He found her. I cant imagine.. She was THE pioneer. There is a YT vid out there where she documented how she feared for herself. Some tweets to i believe. Lets all make sure her fight was not in vain. I know there is no official cause of death but come on, everyone at this blog has a brain and can use simple logic. Ill take "Sending a message for 500 Alex"... I just think its the right thing here to acknowledge her or at least allow people to know who she was. RIP Brandy. Thanks for your sacrifice !! (feel free to use this post as your intro)

RickB said...

Hear, hear inthemix. I second your sentiments.

Kossoff said...

Yes keep her fight and name alive.I feel horrible for her young son.