December 14, 2020

Operation Scorpio 2020.12.12

Scorpio Show # 42 on
Guests: E. Michael Jones and Steve from the UK.

Topics include:

1) Groping Towards A New Paradigm
2) The Conspirator's Reality Filter
 3) Letting Go of Old Illusions
4) You Can't Polish A Turd

Revolution.Radio Studio A

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Scorpio said...

My archive account came back from the dead! - lol

inthemix16 said... lie. I literally started chuckin down a burrito when you coined the name "Kamala knee pads" Harris . I had lots to clean up on the floor. Priceless

zapoper said...

I'm a week late in answering your question about but since you mentioned the "resurrection" of your account, read this Scorpio:

About the show, I always enjoy E.Michael Jones talking about his religion but when UK Steve continued with his religious stuff, I started dozing off and tuned out. lol

Panzerfaust said...

This was a very VERY good show guys

KnownUnknown said...

What does the E stand for? Ejiot? Jones is another disgusting propagandist fool

John Miller said...


The Encyclopedia Britannica calls Dr. Martin Luther, "One of the most pivotal figures of Western Civilization as well as Christianity."

To many Historians "He is the second most Influential only after Jesus Christ "

But this Dr. Jones doesn't even mention Dr. M. Luther who wrote the eye opener "The Jews And Their Lies"


PS: WHO are YOU? A book writer and seller of books??

John Miller said...

Dr. Martin Luther denounced "the indulgence sellers. He criticized the papal policy of allowing people to cheaply buy the favors of God through these "indulgences"

A pope in 1476 began the practice of "having priests selling "indulgences" in order to absolve one of their sins and/or to help those in purgatory work their way up to enable them to enter the Gates of Heaven. "

The pope summoned Luther to Rome stating that he was," harmful and contrary to the teachings of the Church."
Luther refused to go and in Jan. 1521 he was excommunicated from the Church as a "heretic".

Luther went into hiding for a year because of threats on his life.
However, German public opinion had moved swiftly to Dr. Luther's side.

Chains said...

Still waiting for you to present something that remotely resembles a revelation Miller. You are a fucking goof. LOL try this fool!

KnownUnknown said...

Is there anyone on this planet that's a bigger loser than James Kelso? Maybe Hijacker

John Miller said...


I wanted to present to my grand children Mami's Doug Stanhope "Fuck the Jews", but I am NOT able to download this video.
What could be the reason ?

Thanks for infos


Scorpio said...

KU - Your camel toe is showing, bro. You bitch and moan more than any woman I've ever met - lololol

Panzerfaust said...

I made Kelso screech when the Neoconservatives were gunning for war with North Korea. I suggested Bolton first promise Kim he wouldn't repeat the Lybia example. Well guess what, a week later Bolton said he WOULD do that