December 09, 2020

The Brizer Show 2020.12.07

Brizer's guests: Gearoid O'Colmain And Harry Vox

Cornwall Stream


Albert said...

Link to ACH's FEATURED: 2020 Corona Christmas Album:


inthemix16 said...

Albert assuming you listened to the show yesterday , is it me or did he and Paul sound extremely neutered ? i admit it was background noise so i wasnt listening carefully but WTF ? Ironically posted commenting on a show that has Harry Voxx. Talk about a loose cannon. Wish more people would have him on but my guess is there are implications if one does.

Albert said...

GREAT Show Brizer !!! :-)

You certainly "Made-Up-For" the Missed: Last-week Show ...

With THIS Great-Show !!! :-)

Albert said...


I don't quite understand your question.

ACH has BEEN Quite-Scarred: of the UK's (jew-K's) Draconian: "HATE-Speech"-"Laws" for Some-TIME!

They are BOTH: STILL "Putting-Up the GOOD-Fight" though! :-)

Albert said...

5 Years ago ... I got (Fibre!) HOME-Internet for the FIRST Time! :-)

Within Months I Started to Know, and Understand the "jew-problem"/'question'! :-o

(I HAVEN'T "Watched" (((TV))) for 11+ Years -- and had PREVIOUSLY NOT: Watched for Around a DECADE!)

I THEN: FIRMLY-Resolved: that I would NOT "Watch" ANY (((Movies))) either! (6.5 years now)

--> I was somewhat Afraid that MY "Moods" might Suffer ... WITHOUT such "Entertainment"/"Diversion"!

BUT: Listening to Brizer's VERY Pleasant Shows, and Other: "AWAKE" Folks ...

And Watching (MUTED!) YouTube Folks Renovate / Build: Their Families' Homes Debt-Free ... etc.

Indeed Has My "Moods" Quite-stably-HAPPY !!!

In Addition, Like Brizer I DON'T EAT: "Meat"-(Pieces-of-Rotting-Corpses!) (for 40 Years now, but, Of course I LOVE: Butter, Milk, Yoghurt, Cream, Cheese, etc.) ...

And I HAVE: Amazing DREAMS each-Night: Where I SEE and to some-Extent "Experience" Tremendous-VERY-Different WORLDS!
(Usually there is NO: FEAR of DEATH at-All!)

Thus, I DO my Best to Tell Folks: NOT to "TAKE": ANY "Vaccines" etc.

BUT, at the Same-Time ... STAY HAPPY: That: ONLY for maybe 200 Years Now ("Tartaria" / "Mud-flood" / 1000-Years-Reign-of-Jesus ENDED only 200 or so Years ago) ... Have Things been Becoming a "Living"-HELL !!!

Jan-Lamprecht has a Similar sort of Observation: In that HE has SEEN: That WHEN: (((they))) FIRE the Competent-WHITES ...
What is LEFT ... Quickly BECOMES ... Well, MORE-than-a-NON-Functional-'MESS' !!! ;-)

ULTIMATELY / "Spiritually" ... GOODNESS and TRUTH / CREATION-True-POWER (The "Sun"/"Son" : and Ultimately God-the-FATHER) ... Have "Already"-WON ...
As EVIL, Ignorance, Lies / DESTRUCTION Corrosive-ROT ("Darkness" The "Moon") ... Have Already-LOST! ;-)

(Doing something FROM-LOVE Endures and GROWS ... Imposing Cruel Torture / Torment Upon-Others: Cannot ENDURE! -- PRESENT Debt-Based: Black-Magic-"Money" ... Where EVERYONE Miserably-"Works": To "Dig-Their-Own-GRAVES"! -- Is indeed: "Unsustainable")

THIS Present World of Good ("Sheep") and Evil ("Wolves" / "Parasites") -- so-called "Duality" -- is indeed a Short-Term: "Learning-Experience" ...
-- Where, Quite-LIKELY: The (Self)-"Sorting-OUT" of: The EVIL from ever Reaching: Transcendent-HEAVEN is of PARAMOUNT Importance! (NOT Temporary [even Terrible!]-PAIN!)

The HIGHER-Transcendent-Realm (of the Ether) is PURE-Goodness, and Without-Evil / Darkness ...

THAT is WHAT My THREE "Smiley-Faces" attempt to Depict (Moon : God-the-Father-Swastika-DARK-Sun : Sun):

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

*Quite-'Scared' ;-)

Gobbledygook said...

Louis Pasteur: The Jewish Connection

How the father of the fraudulent 'germ theory' was inspired by the Talmud.

Liam said...

Hey Albert, thought you may like this fable;

"I am reminded of a story of an evil man who was holding captive a little girl. He told her that he had put into a cloth bag a black stone and a white stone from the path. If she chose a white stone from the bag she could go free, however, if she chose a black stone she would remain with him. She put her hand into the bag, pulled out a stone, and promptly dropped in onto the path. It was lost among the other stones. She appeared regretful and then put her hand into the bag and pulled out a black stone. She said, “Since the black stone remains in the bag the stone I chose must have been the white.” Of course, he had put two black stones into the bag and yet, due to her cleverness, he was forced to free her. We must develop this cleverness if we are deal with tyrants."

Extract from 'Remembering Who You Are' by: Mary Elizabeth: Croft
Further to Graham Hart's great work on 'The Name Game'

Albert said...


Wow! Yes! What a Great and INSTRUCTIVE Story!

Yes! -- As Soon as One Detects that the "Game-is-Rigged" ...

ALL "Rules" are OFF ...
(and You Must Consider that the CHEATER has already Forfeited-the-Game!)

But We CAN Play by OUR-(OUR-"God's") Rules ...

I have Been Listening to some of "Jeff-C/Censored"'s Quite-Long: "Monday-Madness" and Friday-Bone-broth Livestreams ...

Jeff Said: How it is FAR Better for US to FOLLOW: Our-PRINCIPLES ... than PERSONALITIES (Especially as sooo many Presented by the (((MEDIA))) before us, are "Infiltrators"! -- It it soo "Easy" for (((them))) to "Compromise" [by: Bully, Bribe, Blackmail, Banish, Bury!] Anyone by THREATENING: To HARM Those that One CARES For!)

ACH in the Tuesday BEING-Interviewed Talk Said How (((they))) had FIRST "worked" Really Really HARD (We Especially SEE this in Ireland!): to REMOVE the "God"-CENTERED-MORALITY of "Christianity" as Our-ROCK ...
-- To Pave-the-Way / Build-the-Foundation: For (((their))) PRESENT "Crazy": "All-IN" / "All-OUT-Attack"!

I DO indeed "Agree" with the "Pagans" ... that SINCE (((they))) have-CHOSE to BE: OUR Most-DEADLY-ENEMIES ... That WE must Now: TRULY (NO-Holes-Barred)-Fight-to-WIN ...
-- And that Hitler was Too-GOOD to the jews, and Definitely that (As Harry-Vox Explains the Mid-West-(((Schofield/Hagee)))-ZIONIST-"Christians" are OUR "Un-witting"-DOOM !!! :-o

("Christianity" and Following: "God's"-RULES-(Which CANNOT be-"Defied"-without: Becoming-Evil/LOSING-Ones-MOST-Valuable-SOUL!), and Jesus'-KINDNESS-to-OUR-Races'-Lost-"Sheep" Path ...
-- Is, as the WISE Say: "NOT a 'Suicide-Pact'!" --- "LOVE"-Our-SELF-Chosen-(((enemies))), AS We-Mercilessly-STOP:
(((their))): (((them)))-or-US: EVIL: Dominating-IMPOSING-Robo-SLAVERY Upon US all! ...
And Permanently "REMOVE" (((them))) FROM Our-NATIONS, and (((their)))-Deadly-POISONOUS-Lies FROM Our-"Hearts"!)

But, of course, LIKE Your Very Instructive Tale: NOT BY-(((their))):
WE-have-Already-Lost / Darned-if-you-DO--Darned-if-you-DON'T: Rigged-"USURY"/"Digging-Our-OWN-Graves" ... Rigged-((("NWO"-"MASTERS"-of-the-Entire-World-of-"Goyim"-"Satanist"-"System"))) !!!

HERE is the ACH (December-7th) Tuesday Show LINK:

Albert said...

"A FOOLISH 'Consistency' is the Hobgoblin of small-Minds!"

"IF I Did THAT for YOU ... I would then HAVE to Do THAT for-EVERYONE then, Wouldn't I?!"
--> NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- "The 'Exception' PROVES the 'Rule'!"

We should ALWAYS -- at-LEAST-in-OUR-"Hearts" -- TREAT: Our-OWN-People/Folk with: KINDNESS, Forgiveness-(Especially-WHEN-They-Repent!), and LOVE!

And We Should ALWAYS "Be-Without-Doubt": In Very-STERNLY: STOPPING the EVIL which Our: SELF-Sworn-(((enemies))) Viciously/Cruelly/"Vengefully"/Mercilessly: Fully-Intend to "DO" to OUR-People!

Like with the Salesman: "Foot-in-the-Door" ... "Give (((them))) an 'inch'!" ... And: PORNOGRAPHY and Mothers-Murdering-Their-in-the-Womb-Children will be ((("Deemed"))):
"Constitutionally-Guaranteed-Free-SPEECH" ... And Simply Plainly: Stating-the-TRUTH ... ((("cleverly"))) Now ((("Deemed"))): To Be BRUTALLY-Punished/CRUSHED: "HATE-Speech"!

We CAN indeed, WHEN it IS in-Our-Peoples' BEST-Interest: CAREFULLY "Allow" (((them))): "Enough-'Rope' to HANG-(((themselves))), to Instructively-SHOW:
Our-KIND-HEARTED-Projecting-TRUST-Upon-EVEN-the-Unworthy: Child-Like Folks: The TRUE-EVIL which soo "cleverly" (((Lies)))-BEHIND-the-(((MASK) !!!

INDEED I Posit: That In the LAST Two-Centuries ... Possibly the MAIN-POINT: Of this Present-CRUEL-World (Which Could indeed Be Like [And indeed WAS]: A Garden-Paradise!):

IS to PREVENT even-ONE (((EVIL-Being))) from MASK-Like: "Acting"-"Friendly" ... and (((sneaking)))-into-HEAVEN (From Whence Such Tremendous-POWER can be USED to DO Terrible Terrible GREAT-Harm!)

(IF there HAS Already BEEN the Wonderful 1000-Year-REIGN-of-Jesus on Earth, Where Jesus, and The Risen-Incorruptible-Body-Many-Saints, WERE Physically-PRESENT: GOOD-Examples Personally-LEADING and Guiding the World ...
-- The "Adversaries"-POINT: That THIS is NOT a Sure-Fire-PROOF/TEST: Of WHO is Truly-WORTHY: Of Being Admitted-into-HEAVEN! :-o
-- Hence, with: "Big-Bang"-"Globe-Earth"-"Darwinian-Evolution" "No-God"/"No-Soul": The (((EVIL)))-World-Mafia-Kabal SEEM-to-TAKE-ALL ...
(((those))) (((who))) "Act-Like-Friends" and (((who))) oh sooo "cleverly"-"Wear-MASKS" ... are CAREFULLY-GIVEN: "Enough Leeway / 'Rope' to EXPOSE / REVEAL / "Hang" (((themselves)))!)

Yes! -- I can see: the "Pagan" Take: on ZIO-"Christianity" being a (DEADLY!) "clever"-CON: "Kindness-is-For-THOU / Mercilessness-For-(((us))) to-Practice!" Being a "Clever"-CRUEL-(((Lie)))-(DEADLY-to-OUR-People!)-"Carrot" FANTASY ...
("BE (((our))) Willing-DUPE-SLAVES in-THIS-World ... to "GAIN" the "Immortal-Reward" of-Freedom ... In Heaven!" -- NO! -- NOT a "Suicide-Pact"!, and TRUE-Followers of Jesus MUST use "Logos"/LOGIC/Learn-to-Think-for-Themselves/LISTEN-to-Their-"Hearts" and THUS "Follow"-Jesus!)

Albert said...

But I DO indeed SEE: That Within-OUR-"Hearts" is a Deep-"Child-like"-GOODNESS ... where WE ARE indeed "Already"-SAVED!
(YT-"Stargods"'s: "Unless One is 'Born-From-ABOVE' one CANNOT Enter the Kingdom of HEAVEN.")
-- And that: ONCE (((they))) are "Mercilessly"-"REMOVED": Our GENERATIONAL-Natural-KINDNESS:

Of Generously-Passing-DOWN: From Great-GrandFather to GrandFather to Father to Son to GrandSon to GreatGrandSon ... Natural For-OUR-Own-People GREAT-LOVE:
Will Quickly RESTORE "Sanity": To OUR World ... And Our-World will Once-Again: Step-by-Wonderful-Step ... SOON Bloom Abundantly with: Fruits, and Flowers, and Happy: Birds and Animals too! :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

inthemix16 said...

whos going to start making and selling those "110 and Never again " tshirts "? could go to supporting all those tubers that got yanked. Albert my little orphan annie ovaltine decoder ring didnt come in today. At least thats what the mailman told me when he came back with mom from the mower shed. Gotta be some microdot goin on there. lol keep it up thats classic....AFTER i burnt one

Albert said...

I Enjoyed this "Wisdom Circle" Show, and Found: "TheMechanic"s points and local-action stories very-En-Couraging! :-)

The Wisdom Circle 09 December 2020

inthemix16 said...

Agree! Mechanic is quite interesting determined dude, but so frustrating that i have to go back thru the show to find out where to find him. I know its on rev radio. Be asking too much for them to put a link how to find him?

inthemix16 said...

got it. missed it in title.thx.good show guys