December 05, 2020

The COVID19(84) Genocide of 2020 ~ Claire Edwards + Vernon Coleman & Max Igan

Claire Edwards
 The COVID Vaccine is Coming to Save Us... 
Really It Is
Max Igan
2020 Will Be Our Last Good Year Unless...
Vital Information about the Covid-19 Vaccine
Vernon Coleman 
Fake Manufactured Plot to Control the World
Gary D. Barnett
THE COVID19(84) GENOCIDE OF 2020 ~  
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 World Hell Organization


FARMA Camps Forever...



Angel Realm 27 Oct 2020
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Go to 15:33 for Claire's Excellent Grande Finale!
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THE COVID-19 GENOCIDE OF 2020 - CLAIRE EDWARDS. BA Hons, MA – worked for the United Nations as Editor and Trainer in Intercultural Writing from 1999 to 2017.


Satan Klaus Schlob & The Branch Covidians
The Three Stooges

 TheCrowhouse YouTube Archive on AltCensored:
2020 Will Be Our Last Good Year Unless... 
Vernon Coleman
Dr Vernon Coleman explains why he is exhausted, terrified and angry. He describes the deceits, the frauds and the awful future we face if we don't stand up to a cruel dictatorship. He also explains that there will be a third wave, a fourth wave and a fifth wave if we don't act. And he tells viewers exactly what simple action they can take to stop this now.

Vernon Coleman

Dr Vernon Coleman explains why it is impossible for patients to give informed consent to the vaccine, and he exposes what he believes is a huge unreported scandal involving the UK Government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Shocking Information About Face Muzzles You Aren't Supposed To Know

The Dollar Vigilante

  Obey Your New High Priest!

"When the bulk of this now uneducated, indoctrinated, and dumbed down society is dependent on the mainstream news, and is only fed the state narrative, is it any wonder that we are facing global slavery through a totalitarian system like technocratic communism? The propaganda is so monumental that to be exposed to it daily is psychological suicide considering any possibility of the retention of intellect. When one’s mind is dominated by continuous repetitive lies, the acceptance of those lies becomes almost impossible to avoid. As Edward Bernays said in his book “Propaganda:”
“If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.”
This is exactly what is happening. The masses are not only being controlled through false fear, but are demanding that any that are questioning this control must be called out and silenced. The mind control efforts by the state have been so powerful as to not only have won the acceptance and compliance of the herd, but also have caused them to become complicit agents of the state in its effort to command majority obedience through draconian decrees. This is an abomination, as all sovereignty of the individual and the people has been destroyed due to the division purposely instilled in this now proletarian society.
We were told that most everyone would be affected, and that millions upon millions would die. We were told this was the most devastating and fatal virus threatening mankind. We were told that human contact was dangerous, and that we should all avoid each other in favor of total isolation. We were told that working in order to sustain our families, our communities, and ourselves was detrimental to all. We were told to wear useless and deadly masks, and to avoid every pleasure of life. We were told that only global governance could save us from this scourge. We were told that surveillance and tracking of every aspect of our being was necessary to order to stop the spread of this state-fabricated threat. We were told that we could not travel, listen to live music, or even be in nature. With exceptions for the government favored powerful individuals and corporations, the rest of the world closed down in just a few months, and now we are being told that we must accept untested toxic poisons in our bodies in order to be given permission from our ‘masters’ to live.
This is an obvious takeover plot, and any that cannot understand this fact have not the capability to think, to understand logic, or to see with open eyes the most massive hypocrisy that has ever existed. Nothing is hidden any longer, as all aspects of this fraud are now completely out in the open. The only way for something of this magnitude to be able to go forward is for stupidity to be nearly universal. Consider this comment closely; because it is not made frivolously, as why would any intelligent society allow a governing minority to destroy all love, joy, and life in order to restructure the world for their own benefit at the expense of humanity? Why would any sane person, any sane community, or any sane country, act collectively as beasts of burden to a handful of evil, manipulating, and despicable criminals claiming to be saviors? What could possibly possess Americans to voluntarily acquiesce to such torturous madness? What incentive could possibly be sufficient for the people at large to become voluntary slaves to the state?
Listen to the political members of the occult ruling class that are attempting to steal your lives. Listen carefully, because they are telling you exactly what is coming, what they plan to do, and how they will take over the lives of billions while claiming special status for themselves. We are in the midst of the biggest propaganda campaign in history, and the most massive transition of mankind, and that transition is one from hell. Do not allow this “Great Reset” plot to continue to grow without total resistance by whatever means are necessary to stop it.  This is a plan for a communistic system based on technocratic control, with common people being relegated to the mundane aspects of basic existence, while the claimed ‘elites’ control the globe. It is time to stand up against this monster called the ‘State,’ and never relent until its back is broken, and its power destroyed.
State Propaganda at This Level Spells a Pre-planned and Fake Manufactured Plot to Control the World!"

Gary D. Barnett – Lew Dec 4, 2020


Sunflower Fields Forever

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