December 11, 2020

The Overt and Covert Intimidation of Brandy Vaughan

                             Going by this video from a few years ago the only conclusion one can come to is that Brandy was murdered.  R.I.P.


inthemix16 said...

Thanks Brizer !If i may take that post a bit farther, here is a bitchute post that shows how she put a 10 pt documentation, i believe on twitter her requests "if" Dec of 19. She knew it...

Tim Osman said...

She has 666/kill numerology with Freemasonry and local government. If anybody wants the detailed list, I'll post

Brandy Vaughan = 448 (primes)
LearnTheRisk = 448 (jewish)
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 448 (english ordinal)

Vaughan = 74 (english ordinal)
Masonic = 74 (english ordinal)
Killing = 74 (english ordinal)

Zeebra said...

Brandy had a gofundme acct as she requested of friends in case of her murder...

(((Gofundme DEMONS))) deleted it!

replacement donations acct:

(((FB DEMONS))) also deleted her former FB page, which a trusted friend had updated with a death notice

it appears Brandy's activism site is still up:

inthemix16 said...

True Zeebs. I was actually on it last night trying to get the link for a friend. It had a goal of 60k and it was at about 60k and a few hun over. . Wrote the email ,hit send, went back to refresh to see how active it was. GONE! I thought it was me.Take away 60k (probably much more) for a parentless child. Evil has no bottom. thanks for the info !

John Miller said...

WHAT about a father?
How come there is NO daddy for "my son" ? No MAN/husband that could take care of his wife ?

Zeebra said...

I find nearly nothing in the #FakeNews re her (murder)

but this in The Sun UK is pretty good, though it says nothing of her being gangstalked & going to lengths to warn everyone in case of her murder.

ANTI-VAXXER DEAD Brandy Vaughan dead – Anti-vaxxer activist who founded Learn the Risk is found dead by son, 9
Mollie Mansfield
9 Dec 2020, 16:07Updated: 10 Dec 2020, 6:32

Holly Woodrow said...

#432 address 432?

inthemix16 said...

The link i posted as first post addresses Sun UK i believe. good? not so sure about that. Backdoor hitpiece if we have the same people .Murder is only speculation or using deductive logic by the individual. There has been no official cause listed. Probably hard to find a coroner that would do it. Aint that right Andrew Breitbart fans? She did say she had sole custody. Cant remember if there was anything said about dad but both her parents have passed and maybe in laws are overseas, but dont quote me on it. Legit question about whereabouts of pops. At end of day does it matter? 9 year kid found his mom dead and little if any immediate family is around for what reasons im sure we will know . Sure you would have better things to worry if you had to go thru the rest of your life with that memory. Aint that right Miller? bustin yo booty bra lol ..Then yall just cant figure out why this whole thing happens. Doubt the Juizz would be worrying about that cause this is all happening because they stick together, cohesive, watch each others back while all us dumb goys her bickering about a sidestory. Sure it may come up huge someday, but for now, im just worried about that kid.Good you guys are skeptical but within the context would work better ??

John Miller said...

I am quite sure THAT happens to a lot of those lesser known "whistle blowers", journalists, people in the medical occupations. We just don't hear about it.
Car accidents....

No wonder this clique of &%$#@& Juizz are not worrying, are doing their ROFL... singing and dancing their " ..hagga... navila hagga.. navila bla bla bla"!
WHY ??
Because NOTHING is ever happening to them!

Goys have become too stupid to understand what's going on.

I've never heard of that lady. Sad story...poor boy.

Archie Titus said...

I never heard of her until this morning when Icke father and son had their weekly one hour conversation on Bitchute.

Just read what the Sun had to say, not very much if I'm honest.

I wonder if she is dead or sharing the same island with Epstein?

Perhaps it's a stunt to take some of the heat out of a few high profile anti-vaxxers?

Del Bigtree also had a tribute to her.

I hope she's still alive and feeling a little sorry for herself

inthemix16 said...

Great points Miller. Keep it up! You do bring lots to this board..Not so sure about that. Ever hear of Michael Hastings ? I can make a case that Prince and Michael Jackson were "whistleblowers". Its just they send their message in different ways.They are well known we just dont know about them.Car Accidents. ? Walker,Hastings come to mind. Dont any yall beat yourself up because you never heard of her. This broke on Info hoars back around 15. people are posting the originals on bitchute as we speak. Id actually call you smart you didnt follow Info. There has been so many people out in the alt media these days like David Dees, Brandy a few others i cant remember and i actually thought to myself. Are these people so smart as to actually fake their death? I never rule anything out so great you all brought it up This is more of a composite of her work in the past for those that dont really know of. dont think anything less of yourself if you didnt know.


Zeebra said...

@ inthemix - watched ur vid, nice!

I gather all 3 parts (2 infowars & the 12m home vid at the end telling of her harassment by pharma goons) were all circa 2015/2016?

only clue was during the 2nd infowars interview Brandy mentioned her boy was 4.5 years old; & current news of her [suiciding] says the boy's now 9yo. & I already checked the pub date of the vid Brizer posted, 7/31/15

inthemix16 said...

Zeebs. Credit to you spending the time to do some due diligence! That vid was the best i can do in short time that covered most in its entirety . That is what i concluded to. Somewhere around 2015 . Yes. He is around 10 . What i understand is the Gofund was taken down and i know her facefuck account was taken down a day later. Maybe one of yall, can give some insight. The timing. Is it that usual arrogance ? From what i see out there it seems it has galvanized many .. Is that called Streisand effect? (((They))) had to know that. Its troubling to me in that ive always thought (((they))) have to have something as if if (((they))) know there is some card in their hand where they know for certain we cant win. Its almost like the election where its, we dont care what you figure out, we know for certain we have this in the bag. You can see out there why get the troops pissed off even more?? I honestly cant answer that one