December 25, 2020

The Second Coming of Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told




The Greatest Story Never Told: Germany & Hitler
Living in Hitler's Germany - 1935-1945 
A Letter From Hans Schmidt
Adolf Hitler's Political Testament
Hitler Sonata in C Major
 Indian Reservation


The Second Coming of Adolf Hitler
 Yes! One of Many Paintings By Adolf Hitler!
  Hitler Art
Haunting Piano Sonata in C Major

[FULL 6.5 Hour Documentary]
by  Dennis Wise
What Should Have Been The Liberation of Paris from the Rothschild Banksters...

 Living in Hitler's Germany - 1935-1945 
A Letter From Hans Schmidt
Six Million For Truth

 Adolf Hitler and Neville Chamberlain - Sept-30-1938
"Adolf Hitler's numerous, and reasonable, offers of peace to the Allied powers are a matter of indisputable historical record. Establishment 'Court Historians' cannot deny the reality of these reasonable offers, so they choose to simply ignore them instead.
If the truth of Hitler's pleas for peace were to become widely known, it would stand the conventional narrative of World War II (and subsequent events) on its head. Consider the following true statements and events, and decide for yourself who the "aggressor" behind World War II really was.
 Hitler proposes peaceful solutions to the problem of the 'Polish Corridor'
After World War I, the victorious allies had carved up German territory and given part of Germany (Western Prussia) to the newly established nation of Poland. Eastern Prussia was left isolated; totally cut off from Germany. Tensions among Poles, Jews and minority Germans simmered in the area.
To resolve the problem, Hitler makes numerous sensible proposals; which include: demilitarization of the key port areas, public referendum, accepting Gyynia as a Polish port city on the Baltic Sea, 1 km wide rail & road passages to link Eastern Prussia to Germany, or to link Poland to the Baltic Sea. (here)
Finally, as attacks against Germans living in Poland escalate, Hitler proposes that the region be placed under International control. Every German proposal is ignored. We now know that, behind the scenes, US President Roosevelt had been pressuring Poland to not make any deals with Germany. (here) " - Mike King!Peace_dove.svg.png 


By Mike King


 Adolf Hitler's Political Testament
Paintings by Adolf Hitler: 40 Rarely Seen Artworks Painted by the Führer From the 1910s


Eisenhower Rhineland Death Camp

Eisenhower's Rhine-Meadows Death Camps - Documentary
They took the whole Aryan Nation
Locked them on that reservation
Took away their ways of life
Then watched them rot after days of strife

Aryan people, Aryan tribe
So proud to live, so proud to die
But maybe someday when they've learned,
Aryan Nation will return
Will Return!
Will Return!!
Will Return!!!


Albert said...

The (((blood-suckers))) MUST be "REMOVED" !!!

"Star-Gates"* -- for a BETTER-Future!

🌝 🌚 🌞

*Situated at sheer-cliff-edges.

RickB said...

Great post! Much thanks.

jerry said...

I owe Robert David Steele a huge apology. I now think he is an HONORABLE patriot worthy of our support: Scroll down to the interview he has with Joachim Hagopian. Children are TOTALLY INNOCENT ... anyone who will/would violate a child should be put to death!!! Here's how you can find out WHO these batards are!!! Biden, go straight to hell where you belong!!! God Bless the children and Goddamn the child abusers ... sick of excuses ... Goddamn 'em!!!

Voltman said...
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Voltman said...

To Rick B: Much Welcome!

To Albert: What does your Star-Gate look like?
Hopefully it doesn't look like Big Star Bill Gates of Hell!

"The (((blood-suckers))) MUST be "REMOVED" !!!"

How to Remove Blood-sucking Leeches

How to Get Rid of Blood-sucking Leeches in Ponds (Quick & Safe Treatments)

Adolf Voltman

Zeebra said...

word is, Jeff-Censored has passed on

like that message says, he worked so hard to keep his anonymity, hard to do any verifying

Zeebra said...

1m 35s clip from Camile - see the more info box

In Memory Of My Good Friend Jeff C
780 views•Dec 26, 2020
Please Stop The Ride
5.56K subscribers

"Jeff disappeared last Friday after complaining about a migraine at the end of his livestream. He had another livestream scheduled that he never showed up for, which was highly out of character for him. One of the things Jeff valued the most was his privacy and anonymity, so trying to find a man who has diligently worked not to be found made it difficult to figure out what happened. With some help, on Christmas Eve I was able to track down a longtime friend of Jeff's who immediately drove to his house, finding the lights on, car in the garage, and doors locked. The friend then called the police, and they entered Jeff's home, where they discovered he'd passed. There were no signs of foul play; Jeff's friend suspected his death was due to a preexisting medical condition related to his migraines.

This is a great loss. Jeff's work was prolific, and his efforts woke up so many people. I can't believe he's gone. It's absolutely heartbreaking.

It would be great if we could combine efforts in the near future to honor Jeff's life and work. We can discuss the details of this in the coming days."

A clip from our last show together.

Chains said...

Love him or hate him, he really did make a difference IMHO. I'm going to miss his excellent work. Goodbye Jeff C.

Amanda said...

Sorry to hear this news. Jeff C did amazing work on the hoaxes and psyops--he had a sharp eye and was entertaining to listen to. Back in the Obama days when they were doing staged shootings hoaxes every couple of weeks, he was one of the best to listen to. We have such a long battle ahead, I'm sad that he's no longer with us in the fight. RIP.

Harry McFudd said...

Yeah Jeff C was on my daily radar. He sounded like he couldn't have been much over 30. I loved when he would get so wound up he I'd have to turn my stereo down. I still suspect foul play. He tried to keep a low profile and that might have been a mistake.

That asshole Alex Jones and his bullhorn will probably live to be a 100. Billy Joel - Only the Good Die Young

R.I.P Jeff C