December 13, 2020

Understanding Communitarianism in Boise, Idaho with Lark in Texas


Casey from  North Idaho exposed interviews Lark in Texas

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John Miller said...

Great Information !
YES, organize a militia, We NEED "RESISTANCE"!!

Very important !! Everybody should watch this this video, search for :
"6 MILLION John Niems authorized version"

Without that greatest HOAX in human History, those lying creeps of psychopaths and megalomaniacs.. "We are God's Chosen Ones".. (!!), would NEVER have such power, worldwide !

Always Remember: These Jew parasites have been booted out of European countries more than a 100 times
Because of USURY, trickery and their rotten machinations behind closed doors !!

"WE THE PEOPLE" are 7.5 billion on this planet!

PS : "WE THE PEOPLE" certainly should then "take care" of (((their))) down to the bones corrupt lackeys, those TRAITORS, in politics, the media, academia, among salvation peddlers!