January 29, 2021

How People Treat Free Speech These Days - JP

"Should freedom of speech still be a thing? Of course not! You’ll learn that freedom of speech causes violence, and it needs to be censored because it’s highly dangerous. You also learn how depressed freedom of speech feels." - JP Sears


coincidenceskeptic said...

The link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56b4TTT609c takes me to an unavailable video of Thin Lizzy doing the only track I remember them doing - when I was 13 - The Boys Are Back in Town....clearly a band that inspired the Village People. Or, vice versa. Now...what was the actual video that was supposed to be linked, about? Fuck if I can remember. And, free speech dies - just like that. Without a whimper. Or, at least that is what they want us to believe. That no one cares because media says so. Media, the biggest purveyor and distributor of dangerous misinformation is not the Fourth Estate. It is a Fifth Column. Media are the terrorists. And, presenters of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories I have ever heard.

Voltman said...

I removed the Thin Lizzy link; it didn't belong here.

The link is now here:

The software would not play the video of Thin Lizzy that I uploaded. It would play another video on the page instead...

Go to The Goys Are Back in Town and click on The Boys Are Back in Town; you might be able to hear it.